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Roving in the Dark

A topic by Hayo created Jul 19, 2018 Views: 379 Replies: 5
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Roving in the Dark has been released today!

Roving in the Dark is a cave exploration platformer set in 1996. You play as a bearded caver (known as "Local Spelunker") who is tasked with rescuing ill-equipped treasure-seekers while finding treasure, hidden there by a medieval thief, for the local museum. 

Roving in the Dark

I remember reading about this a year ago, congratulations on completing it! Did you remember to ping leafo about the release? 

Thanks! I did remember, but I can't figure out how to ping someone. Which means I should spend more time here.

Version 1.1 of Roving in the Dark has been released. Added are:

- Textboxes. Characters talk to you now
- Some unfair parts of the game were mellowed down
- Some minor bug fixes
- Menu music by Jonas Isaksson


Hey, thanks for sharing the release. I featured you on the homepage.

Thanks a lot!

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