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Roving in the Dark

A topic by Hayo created Aug 20, 2017 Views: 335 Replies: 3
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This is a game I have been working on for 7 years, now it is nearly done.

The game is based on a hobby I abandoned a couple of years ago, which is caving. In this game you play a bearded caver who is supposed to rescue trapped, ill- equipped treasure-seekers while finding the actual treasure for the local museum. The focus is on the interaction with the cave system itself, meaning you are most likely to be killed by the cave itself. Think of slipping and falling into holes, getting hit by stones, getting supercooled, running out of batteries or being pushed by French cavers. The game consists of 4 big cave systems and an overworld. 

The graphics were done in a very low colour palette in a very low resolution. It does not have music, but 8-bit environment and ambient sounds. Coding-wise this is the first time in years I am actually taking the time to learn new things, such as storing more than 3 numbers for the save file, embedded detectors, hanging from ledges, slope detection and random falling of stones.


Looks really great, excited for the release. Ping me when it's up and I'd be glad to put it on the homepage.

Thanks, I will!

This looks like a lot of fun, I'm also excited for the release! I like the different movement options in the video, and the graphics are charming. 

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