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Hello folks, I am Hayo, 35 years old. I started making games in 1996. Way back I made games like the Fishhead series and Bernard & Hank, games that looked pretty good but had boring gameplay. Eventually I got a bit better at game design and such. I sort of quit in 2009 to focus on my fulltime teaching job and educational material development.  I partly quit that job now so I ave time for game development again. Just finished my first game in 9 years (Roving in the dark) and am in the process of finishing another one (Fishhead 4). I use Clickteam Fusion for games (started with Klik&Play) and Construct 2 for educational material.

Hi. "Roving in the dark" has a style similar to the games of the 80s. I like that games of that style do not disappear. It brings back memories of old times. You have done well.