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If you mean your name appearing in the credits - then yes - all Kickstarter backers will be mentioned. ^^

Ayeee! Thanks! ^^

Thanks! Unfortunately demos have to end somewhere. But hey, we'r working on thw full game now ^^

Thanks for sharing this with us. We'll check it!

We intend to add it here, too!

Check the files now :D!

Check soon, very soon! :D

We're making the CRT filter optionable. Check for update soon!

Hiya, this is problem of unaothrized apps for MACOS. People are reporting that each Mac may need other way to open Oddventure. Hopefully will upload the Mac version to Steam, too so this should remove the problem of MacOS being picky...

Now it's official! We're going live on Kickstarter at 6th of May! Also we've partnered with Pineapple Works in order to provide you SWITCH version at Oddventure's release! I'm so excited. We were mentioned by Nintendo Life today. That's what I call a good friday!

Unfortunatelly it's most likely the case :(

The CRT filter will be optional, ribbit-ribbit! We released the game just before the summer holidays so we had to wait with Kickstarter. Now we think of starting the campaign next month, after the elections (because 35% of our followers are from US).

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Over the Garden wall is a marvellous show and it was an inspiration, indeed! If you tried to save the dwarf at the end of the demo Bonzo even calls Slippy "George Washington" which is Over The Garden Wall's reference. ^^ Thanks for kind words!
Also: Kickstarter just gave info that it will be avialable in my country so I'm waiting for info :)

Would be cool! Consider posting a photo here :D

Thanks! We were working for about a year on the demo. Plus I was working about a year on a lore, characters, story, etc. :)

Hi! Some of our LATAM fans wanted to help us with translations. I will be asking them soon :) Thanks for the kind words! I hope you will be able to enjoy it in your native language ^^

Thanks! The game was made with GODOT.

Not yet. I think it'll be up in August. I can't run campaign from my country so it takes some time to make it possible. ^^ Also we want to make a good one!

You need go back to Jack Grimm. But listen carefully to Bonzo, as you may be interested in saving the dwarf asap ;)

Hiya. Unfortunately when I borrowed Mac for tests it didn't happen for me. Also noone reported me this so far. How many times have you tried to get through this part?

Thanks! I saw that the stream is going on, but unfortunately I couldn't join. So I watched it today on Twitch ;D Glad you liked the demo!

Yeah, the full version will be avialble on Steam :)

Try one of those methods. I've asked my friend to check it and it helped, too. Unfortunately Macs won't easily open apps from outside of their official shop.

Thanks! Looking forward to see p2! :D

Me too! :D

Hiya! We're making this as 3 ppl core team + composer.

Thanks :) Hop you enjoyed the demo!

He have heard about it ;)

Yeah, he's THE SLIPPY. :D

Thanks. Comments like this one mean world to us! :D

Thanks for playing! I watched both of your vidoes :D If you liked the game you can help by giving us a rate!

Thanks! Hope you will like the rest of it. The demo is about 1h15min up to 2h long (if you decide to check every corner and interact with everything) ^^

Thanks. I hope you won't be dissapointed with future CONSUMABLES! :D

I'm glad you liked it! Do you remember some of them by any chance? Like scenes where you have noticed them. It would help a lot! :D

"EVENTUALLY" XD love your comments

Good one :D It made me laugh few times. ^^ Also: Oh no. you eneded video just few minutes before the ending... xD

Thanks! Mother series were inspiration ^^ If you liked the game you can help by giving it a rate!

Thanks! It seems that few people had this issue. And we're currently checking this out!

Thanks :D I just watched the whole video! I'm glad you liked my odd sense of humor. :D