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Should be a version to download :) Hopefully that works :)

Yeah, I just tried, to upload as a windows file, but it took down the html version :P I'll figure it out eventually... lol Pretty new to this site. Cool you played it though, I think I had more fun making it, then it is actually fun... a few buddies of mine who worked with me at that job though it was hilarious :P
I'll figure it out though :)

Ha, maybe, I'm not 100% sure how to do that, but I'll give it a shot... :P 

I started using GameSalad like 10 years ago I made about 6 games for ipad and iphone all of which were trash for the most part, the game I spent the most time on was a game called Plocks, it was a block game where you tried to bounce a block onto a platform by breaking down the stack.  Otherwise I haven't done much to be honest, I entered some game jams, I came in 3nd place for my artwork/graphics in Ludum Dare about 5 years ago and one of my games won 2nd place in a GameSalad game jam, to this day that was the best game I ever made... which Samsung owns... it's dumb.

But otherwise just making games for fun now :) Going to enter a ton of game jams, I mostly work with Unity and Construct 3. My experience is mostly with artwork, pixel art, graphic design and traditional art. I hate coding for the most part which is why I use construct, but I am learning everyday. I sorta realized that it doesn't really matter what engine you use as long as you are having fun while creating your game, that is what really matters to me the most.

Hello :)

So this will be my first post about this cool game that I am working on. I've had the idea kicking around in my noggin for a while now and I am sloooowly attempting to get this first stage done and playable by (come up with some reasonable date) the end of the year :D I am developing the game in Construct 2 and learning as I go along. Originally I made game on Mac in Gamesalad, I know very little about coding so I have to use engines that are somewhat noob friendly.

I would really like to build out 3 more areas for the game a spooky hospital, a crypt and grave yard and some type of castle or haunted mansion.

I hope to  make 2 posts per week on progress

Below is me making the Ghost Express Elevator for the game, just a quick video of me drawing the pixel art in photoshop and then implementing that into construct 2.