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Posted in Release notes

Fixed the Quit button on Mac and Windows

Posted in Release notes

Latest desktop releases have a new background that fills the screen.

Created a new topic HyperBowl on YouTube

Old and new HyperBowl on the Fugu Games YouTube account.

Created a new topic Pinterest board

There is a Pinterest board for HyperBowl

Yeah, I think the Apple reviewers assigned to games fancy themselves game designers. Now I have the background fill the screen, but the reviewer still doesn't like having a 3D window over astatic background. The game was originally designed for a tall projection screen in arcades and changing the field of view of the 3D window that much for a widescreen TV isn't going to work without redesigning the game and content from scratch. Which actually they told me to do over the phone (after I appealed to their review board) when I submitted the same game to the Mac App Store because they said it was too much like the iOS version. But in that case I waited a few years and resubmitted and now they're OK with it.

Another data point: I just had an Apple TV game rejected by Apple because of "black bars on the side".

I tried out GIFfun on OSX to make one GIF from a movie. The Mac App Store ratings aren't great, but it worked fine for me. Blogged about it here.

Created a new topic Thanks to all purchasers
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I really appreciate all the purchases of HyperBowl here and elsewhere. Thanks a lot!

Posted in Release notes

Improved shadows on pins.

Additional shadows in the Snowpark lane.

Posted in Release notes

Adjusted lighting in the Snowpark lane.

Posted in Release notes

Game windows are now resizable on the Mac and Windows versions.

Created a new topic Release notes

Fixed the broken 7 key in the player name entry screen.

Back to a zip file now, so it can be launched from the itch.io app.

Created a new topic itch.io app compatible

You can launch the Mac or Windows version of HyperBowl directly from the itch.io app!

Created a new topic Windows version updated

...for the first time in a long time.

Created a new topic Sketchfab

The texture coordinates are off (flipped) but otherwise, the HyperBowl models look good in Sketchfab.

My first WebGL build on itch.io! A memory match game built from an old Unity sample that I've had running on mobile for a while:


Created a new topic Updated to Unity 5.5

I just updated the GitHub projects to Unity 5.5

itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic HyperBowl
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HyperBowl has been on itch.io for a while (as pay what you want), but now I'm making that my main game page. I've recently updated the iOS and OSX versions (on the Mac App Store and itch.io). Will update Windows next and try to get the web player working again.


Created a new topic HyperBowl for OSX

The Mac version is now a pkg installer, that installs into the Applications, just like on the Mac App Store.

Created a new topic Facebook page

The main forum for HyperBowl is on Facebook

This page is now accessible via http://hyperbowl.io/

Fixed physics issue where resetting the ball (after a roll) didn't reset velocity, so if it was falling before reset it might fall too fast and through the floor on reset.

All builds now updated to Unity 5.2.1

Latest build fixes fullscreen problems.