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Go to View Profile in the top right menu, then select Community Profile and click on the Following stat, or just going to should work

That's interesting, I didn't know about Outpan. I see they have in-app purchases, too. I try to have all my stuff on, but for my bowling game I have the web version only on gamejolt, partly because I also want to support gamejolt, and partly because on I feel the webplayer dominates the game page and it's harder to see that there are also downloads. I think GameJolt has or had an ad revenue share option, but I'm not sure the status of that, I don't check it very often and I haven't had a payout from there in ages.

I think some tweaking of the existing game pages would hellp monetization. For example, I make more from the App Store and Steam versions of my game, so it might be helpful to have the badges displayed closer to the top of the game page (and currently there is just a Steam link but no badge). Also, if it was convenient to pay-what-you-want after playing a game, rather than only before downloading it, then maybe there would be more user contributions.

  1. Select HTML/browser a your game type
  2. Upload the browser version of your game (see and mark it as the one to be played in the browser
  3. Upload the builds for other platforms separately and select the platform for each

In your game page, click on View all posts, then  Edit game community, there are uptions for voting, including disabling it.

Hi, it would help to have more details, e.g. what platform are you building for (Windows, WebGL...) and whether the problem is exhibited running locally on your computer or only after uploading to ("put into here" sounds like that's what's happening).

If your game is running fine in the Unity Editor but not in any build, one quick thing to check is that you've got all the required scenes selected in your build settings

In addition to twine and ren'py for narrative games, there's also ink which I played with a little bit and, related, I just noticed this

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I wrote three levels of dialogue for a game, which was a lot of fun, but just happened because I was in essentially a low-level producer role, the lead game designer left, and the studio head was unhappy with the dialogue and wanted it rewritten three hours before submitting the build to the publisher.

So that sounds like just blind luck, but aside from collaborating on indie projects here, if you want to get into professional game writing, similar to game design, it helps to start out in a game studio any way you can, e.g. many start out in QA then work their way into game design or producer positions. And game writing has its own requirements, constraints and conventions (the person responsible recording the voices wanted me to list the dialogue in a spreadsheet in a certain way), so you can learn a lot from just seeing a real project develop.

I also recommend this book from a friend of mine (he was a producer at a publisher of a game I worked on)

HyperBowl community · Created a new topic Web reviews
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Here's an old review that's still around

You can also disable ratings/reviews for your game, which may seem like overkill, but it seems to me on they're not very visible anyway and I'd rather people post on my discussion boards.

Maybe this is something entirely different, but you can create topic tags, by selecting Edit Game, then in the More menu at far right, select Discussion Board. For example, I created a bug report and feature request tag just now (so I haven't really tried them out), and this is how it looks when posting a new topic.

HyperBowl is a bowling game with a 30-second time limit in which to roll and steer the ball, so a full game lasts about five minutes (was originally an arcade game, cost $2 at Dave and Busters)

The flutter project (used to build the Android version) is on GitHub.

My most popular game here has about 5000 downloads and 30 payments. I'm sure there are a lot of factors that affect the ratio, but generally I wouldn't expect most downloads to result in payments (otherwise it woud make more sense to just charge a fixed price for it), I'd focus on spreading the word and getting more downloads.

As the others have noted, you don't need a copyright statement to establish your copyright. There are numerous explanations on the web and in books (I like the Nolo series), but everyone should be familiar with the US Patent Office site (which is where to go to search and register trademarks, too)

but it's not a bad idea to make clear this is your work and you retain rights to it. For that reason, I think the copyright statement should have a legal entity name, whether it's your registered company name or your name, as mentioned here

As for credits, this is less important, but I think if you have a credit list or credit screen, you should also use your real name, as those lists end up in sites like mobygames and you want both some consistency (if I go on mobygames and enter my name, hopefully everything I worked on will show up), and also unambiguous attribution if some dispute occurs. That might seem like a remote danger, but I have received numerous complaints about the original credits for a game I did a licensed remake of, and those credits were from twenty years ago! So I am all in favor of credit standardization like they have in Hollywood and as proposed by the IGDA (although they haven't updated their proposed guidelines since 2014).

Yeah, I wasn't clear on whether we're talking about game or profile pages, also. Certainly we don't want to see people try to manipulate search results to get more views, but I'd love to see developers promote each other's work (even though I don't do enough of that myself), credit other games as inspiration, etc.

I don't know about policy here, but I don't see a problem with talking about your favorite games on your profile page (I would certainly be happy if anyone mentioned mine!), and also the ability to display your collections on your profile seems suited to that.

Downloads were few on Google Play, and I only got one review which was annoying (actually used the word "annoying", then I replied with the word "annoying" and then they downrated it from three stars to one star), and I don't really like supporting apps on Google Play (among other reasons, lots of spam to the developer email address).

So once again, the Android version will only be published here.

Fugu Maze community · Created a new topic App Store reviews

Good point. On the iOS version, I was prompted to speed up the playback from native Cantonese speakers who complained it sounded weird, but like you say, they/re not the target market! So I was shooting to have normal speed at the halfway mark (but have the default around the 25% mark for learners), but actually it does sound a bit fast to me there, and this post indicates it needs to be adjusted by .8

That's strange, for me it sounds pretty slow with the slider that far left, doesn't really sound normal until around the 25% mark.

I still don't see it working in the emulator, seems confused about the permissions, but good to know it's basically working now on real devices. I'll have to clean up that error display: it should translate all those cryptic error messages into something understandable. I'll look at the speed slider. Thanks for the bug reports!

I tried out the Android Manifest fix (adding the queries section) in the emulator and it still doesn't quite work, displays an 'error - permission true' message (which doesn't really look like an error), but I uploaded the build here and to Google Play (the update should show up in a few hours), also added a shortcut to Settings in the top left menu. In the meantime, this is a good excuse for me to shop around for a newer Android device...

Thanks for the info, good to know it's specific to Android 11. I tried it out on an emulator in Android Studio running Android 11 and saw the same permissions request,your%20app%20is%20granted%20a%20temporary%20one-time%20permission.

and in the emulator the speech-to-text failed with a debug message saying the device has no speech recognizer, which at first I assumed was because it was an emulator, but I found a related thread for the speech-to-text plugin I'm using with some possible fixes.

I just tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (running Android version 9) and it works (though could be a bit more polished, like that timeout error message), also checked in Settings->Apps to see what the permissions looked like. Maybe there's an issue with later versions of Android, I'll let you know.

OK, I just

I fixed the email. I must have forgotten to set it up after moving to a new registrar. I was wondering why I wasn't getting the spam I usually get from publishing on Google Play! (Apple doesn't require apps to have support emails publicly listed, but Google does).

Thanks for reaching out (and also downloading the app!). I'll check it out. The Android version is not quite as polished and tested as the iOS version (on iOS, the speech recognition feature is part of the "Dim Sum Pro" in-app purchase, but I'm less confident it works everywhere on Android).

All the other store link options produce badges, it's only Steam that doesn't, so it's an understandable expectation, not your mistake. Took me a while to figure it out, too.