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The death animation of the new soldier !

The video is done! =D Now I'm gonna focus on the sound design and continue the work on the graphics

Now I'm working on the next gameplay vidéo !

Actually I decided it was best to work on the graphics! =) Now I'm looking into particles and trail renderers

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I'm working on level 7 !

Level Seven

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Hi everybody, I'm Eyon. I'm 25 and I recently graduated from a video game school. I'm currently working on a 2D game by myself for fun.

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Hello everyone! So I'm working on a game for several months during my spare time. I'm out of school since September, I got my bachelor in digital arts. It is not my first game, but it's the first time I go that far in the development.
I work on this game alone.

Concept of the game:
So there is a war between two sides that last forever and the main character is the chosen one that can end it. The main character knows that he is playing a video game so his goal is just to enjoy it, but the more he plays the more the NPC's he talks to seem real. He will have the choice between play the story mode of the game or find secrets levels and try to figure out why the characters seem so real and who made this game.

Screenshots :

level 1

View of level 6

Some destructions on level 2