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That was quite fun =] Super graphic design and sound effect!

I am working  on the dialogue scripts.

Now I can:

- Start a conversation where the player talks first

- Start a conversation where the NPC talks first

And what I want is  to be able to change the sprite of the characters depending on the conversation. For some sentences they should smile, or be upset or be surprised... This one is not easy.

Hop solved! 

There are  2 different sorting layers. One that is behind the PNJ's, and one that is before it. I check the position of the player when I collide with PNJ's. If the player's position in y> to the PNJ's, then the player is behind it. 

It works fine but if 2 PNJ's  are too close to one another it doesn't work fine. So it's not perfect but it 's enough for now.

public SpriteRenderer Ren;
void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)
        if (other.CompareTag("PNJ") && other.transform.position.y > transform.position.y)
            Ren.sortingLayerName = "PlayerDevant";
            Ren.sortingLayerName = "PlayerBehind";

I'm having a little problem here. I never thought about that because I only worked on side scroller games until now.

How do I do so the camera know when character has to be behind or before objects? I work in unity.

The new setting of the story is a luxurious house. 

All the characters we'll be able to talk to are in this picture.

After a mobile game:

I'm working on a desktop 2D game based on dialogues!

My name is Eyon I'm 29 and I work on games for fun. Until now I only worked on action or strategy games but for this one I want to try  something else.


  •  To make it interesting! I don't know if the dialogues I write are good ^^'
  • I want to work on tiles and lights!

Okay bug fixed =]

Well the game is done ! After 3 to 4 months of work, I feel like I achieved what I wanted to do with this game. It didn"t really find its audience I feel, but I still got some useful feedbacks.

I gave up allowing the player to choose different characters.

I am working on a new build. It's been ages since I posted one but I'm back to work now!

I just have to fix a bug and I'm good.

I'm replacing the spearman by another character. The spearman was  simply a place holder.

Animating a new character!

Hop new character. It'll be a simple one. 1 HP, 1 damage every 2 seconds. I'll only use him in specific situations. For 80% of the Agents, he won't be much of a threat, The 20% rest of the time, he will be the move that puts you in check mate!

I am working on a big gameplay modification. 

  • The possibility to zoom in/out on the map
  • to move the camera  as we please to preview a level before a game
  • The possibility to click on a monster to display a card that contains their stats
  • And finally, the possibility to place items on the map

'Keep you updated!

The effects when he attacks look good!

Yeah a video would be nice =D

Yep it works fine with unity!

I have been working less on the game itself lately. I have  delayed working on marketing for a long time and I can feel the weight of this decision now!

If I don't find my core audience, I cannot have valuable feedback on what to change on the gameplay. So I'm spending more time on this now =]. It takes a lot of time because I'm a begginner, but it's important!

Welcome WormHole studios =] How many are you in your studio?

Hello Papeero, your game looks quite polish! I'll go and check it =]


Presentation of the roaster #1

Those creatures are women of rich families who died a bad way. They are reborn into those creatures that only seek to cause a maximum of chaos and destruction. Each one has a story, here are some of them:

  • A woman married a man and they were happy until the parents of the woman died. She inherited quite a lot of money. One day the husband signed papers and men in white came to take her to an asylum. She will spend the rest of her life behind bars and will die of old age.
  • A very beautiful woman lives in the city. She has many suitors. One of them who has been rejected decides one day to throw acid to her face. She survives but is marked for ever. Her beauty faded, she were ignored by her family and abandoned by her friends. She will live the rest of her life as a beggar in the neighbourhood she grew up in. She will die of cold during a cool night.
  • A woman who was accused of being a witch
  • A woman that was wrongly sent to prison...

They are thousands, and their numbers keeps growing.

I am working on implementing a new playable character!

Meet  OneEyeOpal:

Yeah super creations

Good idea of a game =].

I stopped at 12, doing 20  souls straight was a bit much for me. 

The main thing that bothered me was the size of the text. It was too small. I tried to play the game in full screen to make it bigger but couldn't.

It's cool that the dialogues are short, it'll be annoying to me to spend most of the game reading. It's a pity the souls are all the same colour, it gives me the feeling that it is the same soul that restarts each time.

I wonder what happens when we judge the 20 souls but the reward is not great enough to make me want to play longer.

I finally have a "next level screen" and a "death screen". Now when the main character dies we have a screen that says so before reloading the level. 

At the end of each level we also have a screen that said "success!" before going to the next level. Small things but  this was really missing.

Next step: more sound design.

It has been said a lot but really, start small =D. Personnaly I started working on video games around 24. I spent 3 years on my first game because it was way to ambicious. Now, I want to work on a new game every 4 or 6 months and I'm happy with that =]

Also, share your work , but you are on so you must have gotten that already. =]

Hello ,

Nice channel =]

I have this 2D game that could be fun, it's a platformer based on physics.

The  built 3.0 is up! You will find more animations and a musique in it =D.


 I really enjoyed this one because adding music really bring a soul to the game.

A also added death animations for the monsters (not all of them just yet) and a visual clue when you take damage.

Try it yourself, I'd like to know what you think of it

Man this is crazy good. Stopped at lvl4. Had some trouble with lvl7, got to do it like 10 times.

So cute =D

I wanted to improve this character for some time now

Can you give some restrictions so it is easier ? On what platform do you want to dev ? 2D or 3D?

What genre of game?

That's the perfect moment to release this game ^^' The music is cool!

Did you change the size of the game in Edit->Player->WebGL ?

Interesting project, good luck =]

Yeah gameMaker can be good to start.

Use a  tool where there is a lot of documentation and tutorials to get you started. So Unity or game maker are nice.

It also depends on the game you want to make. If it's a 2D RPG, user RPG maker. If it's a 3D fps, unity or unreal engine should do it.

New character. I may use them for the level 6 or 7. They should be pretty powerfull, a good mix between health, damage and attack speed.

XD interesting experience.

That brought me a smile =]

Guys which one is best?

The level design on this game is not the same as for other games I work on. With previous games I just opened a new scene and start throwing sprites here and there until I have the inspiration for a level. 

It was kinda  1st -> I get a feeling, then I make it challenging and nice to play.

With this game, I start with an excel file ^^'. It's the only way I can make a level work.  It's... new.

The good part is, when a level works in excel, it will work 100% in the game too. The bad part is that when I'm excited about creating a new level, I have to open excel now, not unity.