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Yesterday at midnight UTC, I released the beta for my game Chuhou JoutaiChuhou Joutai is a danmaku game heavily influenced by the golden era of arcade games (primarily Namco's early game design principles), but is meant to be an entry-level game. Created as a parody of films in the screwball and buddy genres, this game promises humor between battles.

The full price for it when it launches on Steam will be $9.99, but you can get the beta for only 50% off. Getting the beta will also give you a 50% discount on Steam for the full version.* If you can't afford the beta, just go with the free demo!

* - We may only do this after the Steam page goes up.


It's okay if you're not great at it, but this is a fast-moving game that requires fast reflexes and lightning-fast turns. The way I do danmaku is "always keep your eyes focused on your character".

My game Chuhou Joutai has an old-school retro feel as well, influenced by 1980s arcade games. Just click my username if you want to get a glimpse of it.

Hey everyone. This is the Prophet Driller from Drillimation Systems. I would like to introduce you to my game, Chuhou Joutai. What is it? It's a danmaku title that's fun for beginners but is tough to master.

I was very fortunate to speak with Novy Unlimited, the company that helped promote Shovel Knight, about playtesting the game. I've also been responding to criticisms by updating the game to make the plot more easily understandable and make the tutorial a little shorter.

I wanted to give you a taste of what it was like in the late 1980s and early 1990s, where all it was just the Nintendo Entertainment System plugged into the TV in the living room, the controller, and you sitting on the couch. It should be noted that I have a fond interest in games from this era, for which I grew up playing mainly on Namco Museum compilations and Nintendo's Virtual Console. This is why there are absolutely no ads, microtransactions, or a need for Wi-Fi.

The plot of Chuhou Joutai is set in a period of civil war (hence the name) against the fictional terrorist organization SPASDOT (Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson), whose goal is to defeat the monarchy and turn the fictitious country of Kozan from a constitutional monarchy into a communist republic.

Development isn't complete yet, I'm only halfway there. You can help support Drillimation by visiting our website or perhaps visit any of their wikis.