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Any short fun games to play and rate?

A topic by Variable created 15 days ago Views: 282 Replies: 37
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Hy Everyone!!!,

I need some FREE fun games to play (preferably Linux, but i can play WINDOWS games as well) and i will Rate them and possibly post their Gameplays on my Youtube Channel (It's a small channel at the moment but you can help me make it bigger), so kindly send me your games. To start off I'll show you my game i made for Wowiee jam 3.0


I'll play them as long as they are FUN!!

Hi are you able to try my game out please there is a browser build of the game the windows one is not upto date :)

Yeah, it looks fun. I'll definitely give it a try!

The game was Very Fun and engaging. However the player controller can be improved a bit (decrease the max speed a little and increase the deceleration speed a little).

You can try the two Touhou Project NES demakes I've made. They only take 20-30 minutes to complete in one run.

Thanks, I'll check it out

This is a game from a friend of mine here on Itch, but it's really creative and fun. You'll laugh a lot!

Yeah I'll check it out.

I would really appreciate if you could try if Foxes and Cows runs under wine.

Yeah I'll be sure to check it out.

It is really simple and short. I hope you will enjoy it.


Yeah, I'll be sure to check it out.


You could try my game Solar Blaster: Challenge Stage, it's a simple and fun space shooter where you have two minutes to destroy as many enemies as you can and get the high score. All you need are the arrow keys to move, Z to shoot and X to use a Super Bomb. It's free to download for Linux, Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi and you can also play it in your browser.

It's simple, classic arcade style fun!

I tried it and it was very engaging, the time limit for the level is a nice idea to encourage players to set new High Scores.

Thanks for playing the game and making the video! I hope you had fun playing Solar Blaster and I gave you a like and subscribe on youtube

Thanks so much!!!


if you like small horror games there are some cool short horrorgames i made!

Silence: 3-5mins

The Hallway: 5-10 mins

And the last one is: which is around 20-30 mins depending on the gameplay. (paid)

I hope you give them a small chance :D


Sure, I'll try them out.


The Playhouse today is free for Creators day!


Thanks so much, I'll check it out as well!!!

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Hey, I invite you to try Hole Punch, it's a physics based action game! And it's got a linux build!

It looks awesome!!, I'll definitely check it out!!!

CHECK OUT CARS AND BIDS WHICH IS MY NEW....... wait what?? I am not doug! So anyways you will love this!!!

HyperBowl is a bowling game with a 30-second time limit in which to roll and steer the ball, so a full game lasts about five minutes (was originally an arcade game, cost $2 at Dave and Busters)

hey, check out my game! Its challenging but fun!

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Thanks!!!, The Game is very fun...first i thought the cube will evolve by changing bullet speed but it's so much more!!!

In level 20 i noticed that the boomerang sound does not stop even when the game is paused (Plus hearing it's sound again and again kinda distracts the person)

thanks for playing!! And thanks for reporting that bug. 

Hi! Maybe you'll like Cityscape. The web version is free for today. Please leave a review and share if you like it!


The game was very simple but fun to play, never knew road crossing was this dangerous...

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I made for It has been a blast to get such good feedback and I am super happy with how it turned out. 7 days well spent! WebGL has a few things that don't work properly so Win is best. It was a great Jam and the next one is listed already. I can't speak highly enough of it. My fav Jam for sure. If you want to check it out then that would be great. I am working on an update as we speak so I will feed anything back into it.

Hey there! Would you like to try out a 2-level experience of World War 2? As an Italian on the Desert Front?

It's still an early build but stable enough for some epic fun, hopefully!

If you want something quick and fun, maybe check out Project Marble, a board game made for GMTK Jam 2021. Maybe also check out Newtraction if you have some spare time.

Hey there! Hack FPS 1.4 has just been released, adding a variety of features and fixing a load of bugs! In case you don't know, Hack FPS is a first-person shooter (obviously) where your only objective is to get to the end of the level by hacking enemies and taking their abilities. The game is free to play on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and features three game modes, 30 levels, and a map creator to make your own custom levels.

Play it here.

Learn more about the update here.


Thanks, I'll check it out!!

Hi there!

Can you play Android games ? If you can, I would truly enjoy to have a review on my last game: Crush Square Mobile.
It's a small game in which you just a have to survive without get crushed and make the best score you can.

I'm looking for some review to improve my game and make it better.

Thanks in advance !

The game was nice and the BGM was good too

Thanks ;)

The music was made with GarageBand !

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Either of my games are free and... fun? I hope :) Would love feedback :)