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Just a friendly reminder that your upload limit by default is 2 GB if you are using butler.

Usually you can leave a comment on the game page. If that isn't the case look around for a support e-mail.

Fine by me.

IIRC the owners of Pokemon aren't that happy about fan games.


There will likely be some copyright problems if they discover your game.

Ask the author of the program?

What happened to your youtube channel?

Or you can get the app which does this all for you,

That is unfortunate. Support should be able to sort you out if you email them.

But all your projects so far seems to be below the 2 GB limit, or even the 1 GB limit for web uploads.

Simple concept but I actually found myself enjoying the game.

Thanks for the input. Was very interesting.

*Walks past the gem in the classroom*
It's fine he'll get the one in the toilets.
*Walks past the gem in the toilets*
Well he's moving towards the lab, he can't miss that gem.
*Walks past the gem in the lab*

What sort of jobs?

Well I can tell I need to be a lot better at explaining the game, unfortunately I don't have a good tutorial framework in place.

Cute furry community game.

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Forgot to mention, in K2 leave SFW mode on. If you are unsure just don't show this game.

It feels odd to have no voice and subtitles in adult mode, and voice but no subtitles in kids mode.

The moving platform feels laggy. base.transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(base.transform.position, this.nextPos, this.speed * Time.deltaTime); looks solid though so maybe you are not basing your character correctly.

I submitted Foxes and Cows and Kitsune no Kenshi 2, I hope you like them.

Enemy level = Enemy hitpoints, a random number from 1 to 300.

By default each shot does 20 damage.

Definitely needs some sort of a rules page or explanation of what the rules are.

The animations on the rules page was a nice touch that really helped me understand how the game worked.

Depends on priority and workload. 9 days is looking like that case got stuck somewhere though.

Definitely needs more effort on size optimization, 1.6 GB for this is not sustainable.

Looks like it... And he even does it if the building is fully built.

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This looks extremely unpolished.

I'd hesitate to call this a game at this stage, you just walk around until you run out of time and die.

Unless you are doing this the red tape way with refinements, code reviews and testing, making food restore hunger and the water bottles restore water should take about 5 minutes tops. Based on my findings further down, you are not doing code reviews.

Maybe add in some transition effect so it doesn't instantly turn to night, make sure the player can get up the stairs without jumping and replace the cube enemies with something... Nothing wrong with using a template like UnityTemplateProjects::SimpleCameraController but it seems to have trouble with stairs...

Why do you call Random.Range(1f, 999f) without saving the result?

Why are you checking Woodsystem.theScore twice instead of using else?
Why is this in a hot loop instead of a delegate?
What is the performance implications of calling this.pickuptext.gameObject.SetActive potentially twice per frame?

(I got bored after BuildingCabin...)

Edit: I got bored so I had another look

Why do you have EnemyAi and EnemyAI? Which one is used?

Why does PickupFood::Update() increase Inventory.FoodScore instead of HungerSystem.theScore. Why is it called theScore and not something sensible like Food?

Why is there PickUpFood, PickUpWood but no PickUpWater? Why are these not parented to a generic Pickup class instead of being a copy paste of eachother? Why is the class that should be called PickUpWater called ThirstAdd?

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This error message is not very clear to end user.

I suggest that this error message be replaced with something similar to this:

"Unable to find a download suitable for <your operating system>"

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The advantages of using the app are:

  • Automatic updates
    • Only downloads what has changed, saving bandwidth
  • Ability to roll back to any previous version
  • Automatic download and extraction of files, it's simply more convenient to just click the download button than to click the download button, open the archive and then extracting.
  • Automatically filters out invalid options, giving the end user less invalid options means it is easier to download the correct file
  • You can define prerequisites for your program, further lowering download sizes

Bobl is a game for the NES. Don't tell me you are using the app on your NES.

Of course it won't work and neither should it.

Please grovel at support.

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If you scroll down our page you'll find the download to the free demo. Alternatively you can also check out beta v0.7 which I enabled that download for the rating period so people can see how buggy this game used to be.

There really needs to be a N/A option when rating, as this, being a book, has no sound.

How about a working download? Would really help.

No way, that's like 1 in 5^4 chance of that happening, did you get that lottery ticket?

If you can download and open other programs I'd say it's an issue with GMEdit.

Did you try a different game?

Always happy to get feedback about Foxes and Cows.

That's on the authors of the games to tag their files correctly.

It's very hard for the to automatically detect when an mmorpg, or any other project doesn't work. The best you can hope for is someone using the report button.