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This goes in Release Announcements.

How you invested a year of your life building your game creation skill set.

I usually look at games that are even worse than mine.

You can go to youtube and search for "qzeq" or "digital homicide".

I think you need a few reviews for the system to figure out which games are related.

The best method would be using butler which allows incremental patching and access to any previous version from the app.

For instance you can look at my game here

The download reads "Version 17" which means there are 17 versions you can download through the app by selecting which version you want.

Yes, without that you get an error during compile.

As you can see, documentation is extremely sparse.

My very first game from 2020 had a linux build.

I learnt today that it wasn't working. Based on this I would assert that developing exclusively for linux is a bad decision.

Thanks for the heads up.

I used the option to build for linux and put the output into an archive. I have no idea what to do if that doesn't work.

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Draw yourself, drawing yourself, drawing a character from your game feeling very proud about your drawing skills.

The vast majority of games on the site is below 1 GB. Keeping your game below 1 GB can be hard at times, which is why butler allows you a size limit of 2 GB. If this still isn't enough you can ask support to increase your limit to 4 GB. 4 GB is a lot for an indie game.

The site is very generous to offer this much space without asking for anything in return.

The only people who appear to have an issue with the 4 GB size limit are making yet another Ren'Py prerendered 3D debauchery visual novel, taking no responsibility for the resulting file size and relying on others to solve that problem for them, most commonly megaupload.

So in a way, the upload limit is what keeps from becoming a den of degeneracy.

You need to ask each individual game developer for instructions.

I develop with the assumption that I will never recoup the investment and as such celebrate every single donation.

Most of the games on this site never recoup the initial investment, while a few lucky ones are very successful. You see all the successful ones due to survivor bias, but you do not see all the games that fail.

It's not BS. There is a size limit and if you are above it you cannot upload.

Your options in this case is to:

  • Ask support to increase your upload limit, which they may or may not do depending on criteria we do not know.
  • Use less space
  • Use a third party upload site

The file size limits are, as of last time I checked:

Standard web
1 GB
Butler2 GB
Standard Increase
4 GB
Non standard increase
5+ GB

The standard increase is given to anyone that asks for it, the criteria for the non standard increase is unknown but believed to be difficult and being granted one is a privilege that should not be taken for granted.


We are now proud to present the incredible Dunlap Dating Simulator.

Step right up and visit the fun fair with Dunlap? Can you impress him with your skills at whacking hamsters, racing your very own patasusa, drooling over Momoko, finding the ball or lucking out at pachinko? However, beware the cylinder with a radius of z and a height of a...

Mandatory link to

Mine is APL

Typically only the owner and people who have been given edit permissions on the project can edit the project.

That happens when there is no file tagged for your current operating system.

Looking at this guys profile I suspect he doesn't need 20 GB to upload his own game, but rather someone else's.

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Self hosted Perforce and Resilio Sync

Either use the report button or file a DMCA claim.

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You are 40 people. You must have someone who can figure out how to use butler. Failing that if you put 40 people on optimizing you should be able to reduce the size down below the default web upload limit.

Also with 40 people someone should have had the foresight to raise this issue well before the deadline.

Unreal does not add a 36 GB resource package to your game behind your back. That is all on the end user. The problem is not localized to Unreal Engine, any game with 36 GB worth of resources is going to take a lot of space no matter the engine used without proper optimization.

Getting below the default butler limit of 2 GB can be done, but it requires elbow grease. Perhaps employ the classical optimization method of "don't add a ridiculously large resource pack" and go for a more modest pack?

For the 1% or so of projects that doesn't fit below the 1 GB web upload limit there is always the option of begging support to increase your upload limit.

2 GB is the file size limit of butler in the context of the default upload limit without contacting support.

Getting your upload limit raised past 4GB is a privilege enjoyed by few, 32 GB by even fewer.

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Well then it is time to step out of your comfort zone. You are either going to learn butler or optimize your game, pick your poison.

Butler is really easy to use and recommended even if your game is small. It might be scary at first like all new things. However once I started using butler I realized just how good it is.

If your UE4 game takes several gigabytes that is on you, not the engine.

Game Size (MB)
Agni Kai Arena 372
Aisu Kuriimu Simulator 87
Boop the Snoot 114
Cake Defense 73
Cat Burglar 63
Death Reaper 105
Denpa Star! 105
Denpa Star: Light Speed! 108
Foxes and Cows 97
Freelance Monster Removal 545
Hamster Squad 180
Iruka Iru Ka 304
Kitsune no Kenshi 404
Kitsune no Kenshi 2 803
Openbound Online 113
Peculiar Fables: The Werebed 900
Privilege'o'matic 114
Run Together 107
Samurai Prototype UE4 190
Siri's Memory Flasher 37
The Candyman 74
The Endless Train 504


Can you make an example of using this AI to manipulate the state of the world in order to reach an arbitrary goal of the agent?

In theory it is possible. Just see the game "Cope Shodown" on

In practice it is not possible because blockchain does not add any value and as such no one bothers spending time to make their game less appealing.

The Endless Train is a short horror game where you explore a train on an endless journey.

For some mysterious reason you find yourself in a subway train on a journey without end. Collect the objects that lets you proceed further up the train in an effort to break the cycle.

However, not everyone aboard the train is content to let you derail their plans...

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The limit is 2 GB per file if you are using butler, which you really should be doing.

I'd be more worried about copyright and trademark infringement than running out of space. If your game is serious and genuinely needs more than 2 GB you will get it.

Unless you have already made a name for yourself I would not recommend going for paid games.

My impression is that the limit gets increased to 4 GB very easily, but further increases beyond that is a lot harder.

An undo button would be nice.

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Obrigado por jogar o nosso game! Isto é algo meio experimental que não funcionou

Just ban him from your comment section.

On phone so can't give detailed instructions on how to.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.