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This is amazing! I loved the original arcade game when I was a kid and it's stunning to see it recreated so well in Pico 8. It's really incredible how well you've been able to capture the look and feel of the arcade game.

I really like this, it's very close to the original arcade and is really well put together. Scramble is one of my favourite old arcade games and you've done a great job with this version. Great graphics and sound effects and it plays brilliantly.

I've now made a few modifications to the movement and turn order code and uploaded a new version of the game to the page.  This should fix the glitch but if it does happen again let me know! Also let me know if you do manage to beat the game too!

Thanks for letting me know about the glitch, I'll have a look and see if I can find what might be causing it. At the moment I'm not sure if this is something specific to HTML5 or a flaw in the turn update sequence in the game logic. I don't have Discord, but any comments about the game whether good or bad are welcome on any of my pages here!

Excellent game! Really simple to play and also addictive. You've done a fantastic job of recreating the original in Pico-8!

Tales From The Labyrinth

This is looking really slick! The special effects are superb, I especially like the ability at 0.48 in the video where you freeze all the enemy bullets and turn them into pickups!

Really glad to see this getting fully funded and I'm excited to see how the finished game turns out. The Pico-8 original was really fun and this new EX version is looking even better! 

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I'd like to add my game Tales From The Labyrinth to the free special supporter collection:

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Thanks so much for all your kind words about the game! I really do appreciate it, I worked really hard on Tales From The Labyrinth and tried to make it as good as I can, so to hear that you're really enjoying it is great to see. 

I'm really glad you liked the original Petit Computer version too, I don't mind at all about you modifying it, I used to do that with Petit Computer games too, and still do it today with Pico-8 games as well! By modifying the code you learn a lot about how games work and it's fun to see if you can change it to make the game better. Part of why I wanted to make this new version of TFTL was because I thought the game balance in the original PTC version was really unfair, the original ended up being a lot harder than I intended and I wanted there to be a re-balanced version available that was still a challenge but also where the player stood more of a chance of progressing.

Part of the re-balancing was changing to a simpler method for calculating damage, and changing the fighting system so that all attacks now hit, as the amount of times you would miss in the PTC version was often infuriating. Also, as you point out you can no longer get the Hero Sword and Shield early in the game, but this also means that the enemies are balanced according to the level you are and equipment you have available at each stage. 

I'd like to hear what you think about the enemies, whether they are too hard/too easy/too annoying or anything else, and any other thoughts on the game as well. Posting here or in the comments on the game's page is fine, let me know if you can get to the end too! 

Thanks again for all your comments about the game, I'm really pleased that you are enjoying it so much (thanks for the 5 star rating on the game page too!) and if you do decide to recommend it to any of your friends that would be great as well!

Hope you continue to have fun in your journeys in to the Labyrinth!

This is one of the best retro-themed arcade games I've seen on, really love the 80's feel to it. I was surprised at first that you can't jump, but after a few attempts I got used to it and I like how the levels are designed around not being able to jump. A 2-player mode would be good, but even without it this is a really well made and fun game. Great arcade-style presentation in the title screen too!

I've had a lot of fun with this, it's so simple but really addictive and you always think you can do a bit better next time around, like in all good rogue likes. The theme is original, love the idea of being a bear in the woods! I think the idea that the bear prefers stalks to flowers is really clever, it makes for some interesting strategy in deciding where to go next.

I only just discovered this, great job on recreating the board game! It works really well and is a lot of fun to play. The character sprites are nice as well. I hope more people find this game because I think it's one of the best board/strategy games I've seen on Pico-8.

This is a really fun version of the classic Qix game, I used to really enjoy it on the GameBoy so it's great to see it come back on the Pico-8. The fuses move really fast in this so you have to be on the lookout the whole time, which makes it really tense and fun! The presentation of the title screen is really great too.

It's fun trying to work out how to get through each room and how to avoid all the enemies, you really have to pay attention to the scenery to see if there are any spots you can hide in. It's more tricky than it looks and it's satisfying if you can get through a room without losing any lives. Sometimes when you die you reappear in a completely different spot to where you might expect, it seems like it would place you at the entrance to the room that you came in by, but it often places you somewhere in the middle, even if you hadn't reached that far. But that's not a big deal and doesn't spoil the game at all. I really like the use of colour in the scenery and the title screen looks great too. Really cool game!

I've had a few tries at this now and I really like Trasmoz so far, the graphics are really well done, and make good use of the Spectrum's limitations. I grew up playing Spectrum games so I really love to see people making new games for it. I haven't got very far in to Trasmoz yet, only the first few stages but I like the concept and I think it's got it's own unique feel that sets it apart from a lot of other games made with AGD. The music is nicely atmospheric too. I think Spectrum fans back in the 80's would have loved this game if it had been around back then!

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This is great, you've really captured the feel and playability of the arcade original. Nice rendition of the arcade music too! It really does play like Bubble Bobble which is amazing to see on Pico-8!

I really enjoyed this, I think my favourite part of it is all the different particle effects and explosions. I like how alive the enemies are with their animations and the sound design is great too, some really nice arcade-style sound effects in there! I really like Gradius and R-Type so this game is great for me. I think the difficulty is about right too, I haven't got to the end yet but I can get pretty far. Really looking forward to seeing how Galactic Wars EX turns out, best of luck and hope you have fun making it!

This is the most impressive thing I've ever seen done in Pico-8, really amazing and I would never have expected this level of 3D rendering to have even been possible with it. I think if the steering can be tightened up a bit that would make it better, but regardless of that this is truly stunning. I'd love to see similar low-poly rendered Pico-8 versions of Daytona USA and Sega Rally too! 

My last run ended with me being killed by an imp on floor 3! This is really well made and I've had a lot of fun seeing how far I can get. Thanks for making Curse of the Lich King, it's obvious that you've put a lot of effort in to it and it shows. I know how hard it is to make a roguelike game, so I really appreciate how much work has gone in to this!

Tales From The Labyrinth is a simple to play yet challenging roguelike adventure that you can play for free through your web browser. 

A quest to conquer a legendary labyrinth and claim its hidden treasure leads an unknown wanderer to venture to a deadly land where every step leads only to more danger.

Advance through the stages fighting monsters, collecting valuable items and avoiding deadly traps.  Make your way through all 30 stages and defeat the boss on the final floor to clear the game. 

Tales From The Labyrinth features easy to use controls along with over 30 types of monster and more than 70 different items. 

I hope you all enjoy the game!