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Thanks for playing, its all about clicking the anomalies, i dont remember the ending but pretty sure it has one.

Thanks for playing and posting!

whats wrong?

Thanks for playing

Thank you!

I dont know. I really dont know anything about MacOs. It might be an engine problem while exporting the game in macos. Ill try finding a way to fix the problem.

Thanks for posting! Thats not the real ending tho! Thats Just an alternative ending!!!

Its not in the same room as the other gems. Its before this room. To be exact its after the red platform and after the rotating wall. In the right side. Where there are some pillars blocking the way. In case u still cant find it fell free to post about it

Thanks for your kind words :)

Thanks for your kind words. :)

Thanks for playing. The game was indeed made like that. Theres a checkpoint in every stage. The basement is made to be Hard so the player consumes more time as the other stages arent Hard and have very little ways to die. 

So the besement part is the only part where the player has to be challenged. 

Thanks for posting!!!

Thanks for playing and posting! I would love to see full gameplay tho!!!

Thanks for playing and posting!! The game will receive some updates soon! :D

Thanks for recording and posting once again!

Haha thanks for playing and calling my game an anomaly hahaha (joke). Thanks for posting. The games will get major updates at the end of the series!

Thankss :D its a diffrent idea that the series will support with diffrent gameplay's

Short, Click based horror game!

Eeriness is now out! 

its a new idea based on the upcoming series "places you see in your nightmares"

You are in a office working your nightshift. Vanishing anomalies that appear.

Waiting your feedback!!


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The Playhouse (   is free for august! 


So as a developer, im challenging you reading this to beat the playhouse! (i want to see videos) 

People who have beaten the game with video proof will get their YouTube channels in game Page! 


Thank you!

Thanks for playing 😁

Thanks for playing! haha loved the ragequit at the end! a little bit more progress in the game would be perfect but thanks!

(btw the way you passed the log was a bug...)

Thanks for playing and posting :D


Many projects are in the way that are high quality! You will be able to play them really soon! Thanks for posting!!

Replaced the Cover image ...

Thanks for posting :D

Thanks for posting :D

Im sorry whats wrong?

Thanks for the comment :D

The Playhouse today is free for Creators day!

This year i made some small horror games.

you can take a look at them on my profile! 


they are all about 10mins of gameplay expect: The Playhouse

Im waiting to see your opinion!



if you like small horror games there are some cool short horrorgames i made!

Silence: 3-5mins

The Hallway: 5-10 mins

And the last one is: which is around 20-30 mins depending on the gameplay. (paid)

I hope you give them a small chance :D

Thanks for playing and posting :D

Thanks for playing and posting :D

Fell free! Thanks!

The game was made in a little time to showcase mostly the sound desing of coppercube.

a menu and some more details will be added to the game in later updates. i dont find a problem with the cursor id like a picture or something to see whats the problem. i also get no problem with interactions. Thanks for the comment

The bugs were fixed! Please give it another try!

So sorry for that! as i see you went our of borders and didnt really follow the game path. ill make an update right now fixing them. also i see that your crosshair is bugged. ill get that fixed right now too.