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Code is actually 0430, not 0420.

It is misleading to watch YouTube playthroughs because the door unlocks the moment the code hits "0430," thus appearing to be 0420. However, this is something I will adjust visually in the revamped version to avoid further misunderstandings.

For future references, please see my official walkthroughs instead: Click Here

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A reminder that this is UniDot Studio's page. Morfosi is a game by UniDot Studio and is thus a collaboration project. 

Please refrain from making inconsiderate jokes or leaving comments as if you are directly speaking to me to respect the involvement of other creators. Thanks a lot

Unfortunately fan translation is forbidden at the moment. Please read my IP policy for more information:

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Hi L, thank you so much for your kind offer! However, I am unfortunately no longer looking for translators at this moment. I will let everyone know if the situation changes. Thanks a lot! - dino

Hi dclifeplayer, I have reuploaded the zip file so feel free to try again and let me know if it works this time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello, thank you for your support! I double-checked the zip file on my end and it was working for me, so I'm not sure what's going on. Feel free to email me at with the email you used to purchase the soundtracks, and we can resolve the issue there.

Jaiden, thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm very glad I was able to know you, and I also want to use this chance to thank you for all the support you have offered me along the way. I wish you the very best of luck with your development on Legends of Astravia!

See above.

Hi - That's just the prototype of this game. I have very good reasons why I don't wish to make that version available to download (and no, it is not related to the language), so please understand and respect my decision. If I do ever upload it, I need to first go back and change certain things, but right now I am quite exhausted from developing this game alone. Hope this clears things up!

Hi - Yes you may.

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That is really cool(?) but is not supposed to happen. What does the traceback file say? You could also try deleting the Taylor_1_2_1 folder in %APPDATA%/RenPy and then redownload the game, assuming you're on Windows and have the most recent version. Let me know if it helps.

Try running the game as an administrator. Let me know if it works.

Thank you for asking! For the time being, I'd like to focus on finishing the game first. Though it might not seem like it, localizations require a huge amount of effort on my end as well. I am making exceptions for certain languages due to high demand, but I'd like to handle localizations after the game is completed.

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Hello there - I was actually already working with a Turkish translator and a Turkish version will be available in the next update. Thank you so much for your kind offer though!

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Hi - He is bending down. And thank you for your support!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi - It is titled "Deeranic."

Hi Cass -

Thanks a lot for your kind offer! I'm unfortunately no longer looking for new translators at this moment, but I'll keep your offer in mind and for sure let you know if things change. 

Thank you so much!


Hi daetaman -

Thank you for your comment.

As much as I'd like to answer your question - that is not a question for me to answer, since I am not the one translating. I let the translators handle it fully on their own. They are people who are translating the game purely out of the goodness of their heart, so I'd like them to take as much time as they need. I hope this makes sense.

Thank you and I look forward to your videos!


Perfect! Thank you so much. Would you mind posting your email again so we can talk more over there?

Hi Bridget -

Thank you so much for letting me know! I was not aware of that. You're absolutely right - that is indeed critical. If such is the case, would you be interested in fixing the translation errors in Therapy w/ Dr. Albert Krueger?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Bridget - 

Thanks a lot for reaching out to me! The truth is, someone else has already reached out to me to translate Vincent into Korean, and I'm no longer looking for new translators for the other two games at this moment, since I already have a handful of localizations to integrate. However, I will keep your kind offer in mind and will for sure let you know if things change! Thanks a lot!

Hi - Feel free to email me at .

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I'm not entirely sure what's going on. Did you try what zhaoruby97 suggested? Changing the Renpy graphic acceleration option?

Hi - I would need you to elaborate on what you mean by "turned off." If you mean that the game still runs but you cannot choose any of the math cards, then you need to run the game as an administrator. If you mean the game force quits, then I would need you to tell me what the traceback file says.

Hi - No unfortunately it does not work on iPad.

Hi - It sounds to me that you might be confusing storage with memory. They are not the same thing.

By "these types of games," are you referring to other games made with Ren'Py? Itch has so many games made with different engines by different developers. Try running as an administrator or downloading the Game Jam version. Let me know if it helps.

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Hi. I would need you to be more specific than that. Are you on Windows or macOS? What do you mean you can't open it? Please give as many details as possible.

Hi! Unfortunately I don't think my game works on Chromebooks. My apologies!

Hi. As opposed to Therapy w/ Dr. Albert Krueger, the music in this game is a combination of self-composed music & online resources (free & paid). Therefore I don't have the right to re-distribute them.

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No worries! Did you try re-downloading the game after deleting the save files?  If you did, then at this point I have zero clue what to do either. I am sorry.

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It unlocks automatically when you put in the correct answer. Here's the walkthrough if you need it:

Hey there! I'm assuming you mean you can't click on any of the cards? If this is the case, try running the game as an administrator. Let me know if this works.

Hi - Yes, good catch! This game is inspired from Death Mark (I also mentioned that in the about screen). It is my favorite VN, and the game that got me into VN devs. This game wouldn't have existed without it. Thank you so much for giving my game a try, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You will only be able to load starting from the second playthrough.

Hey there! Thanks a lot for your kind offer and I really appreciate it. However, I already had someone reach out to me to translate the game into Portuguese. Thank you though!

You're too kind! I'm glad you enjoyed my game. I should be the one thanking Shade for translating the game into Korean, and all of you for giving it a try!

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Hi, no this is not normal. It should only ask for the language once. Then it sounds like my suspicion could be correct and there's something wrong with your save files, so you would need to find the folder I mentioned before. Hit the Windows button and type "%APPDATA%", that should lead you to that folder. Then proceed to click "renpy" and delete the "Taylor_1_1_0" folder in it. For the commercial, that is normal. And just a correction, Taylor is not a girl; they're non-binary and they use they/them pronouns. Hope this helps!

Edit: I re-read your comment and I noticed that I misunderstood the commercial part. Could you elaborate on what exactly did Taylor watch? At this point, I think something might have went wrong when you were downloading the game.

That is really weird. No one else has come to me with the same issue, so I can't say for sure. If you'd like, you could try going to %APPDATA%/renpy then delete the Taylor_1_1_0 folder inside it, then delete the game and redownload it. Let me know if this works.