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弾幕/Barrage/Bullet Hell (東方/TouHou)

I also like Difficult Platforming games (I Wanna Kill The Kamillia 3) even if i cant beat it -_-

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(Gensokyo, The Moon)

Lets face it, Construct 2 is basically a rip-off of ClickTeam Fusion 2.

(Also thanks for taking my opinion with an open mind ^^)

My favorite game eh?

Well i would have to say the 東方 project ( I like most of them -_- )

My least favorite Engine would be Unity3D, Its performance sucks a$$ on my p/c and its been commonly associated with Asset Flips

I get why people like it but in all honesty i really dont like it

( note i have tried it for about four years so yeah ) 

I'll pre-order my copy now

Here are a few tools i know of


* Unity

* Unreal

* CRYengine

* Uhro3D ( or something like that )


* Quake Engine

* Source

* GoldSrc


* Cube2 Engine

* FPSCreator

* GameGuru

* Blitz3D

* BlitzMax

* Leadwerks

* Blender Engine ( for old versions of blender )

* ClickTeam Fusion 2.5

* Construct ( Free)  2 and 3 (paid)

* Buildbox

* Minetest (more of a game but still)

* 101 Game Engine

* CopperCube 6 ( or something like that)

* Danmakufu ( For Bullet Hells)

-DAWS ( Music Producers and audio editors)


* Fruity Loops studios 20

* MixCraft

* Majix

* Audacity

-Image Editors and Makers-

* Paint .NET


* Photoshop

* MS Paint -_-

* Plenty of online sprite creators


* SASM ( Assembler code )

* Notepad++ (various)

* MS Visual Studios

* Netbeans

* Eclipse

* Notepad (wait a sec)

* Dev-C++

* Code::Blocks

* JEdit

* Easy64K

* XCode

Hope this helps you out :)

~ Star

thanks ;)

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Oh hello there, I see you have managed to get on my moon, well since your here i might as well show off what I have been doing lately ^^

(All i need to do now is just build all the levels and bosses, i have all my assets [well almost all of them])

Introducing my second difficult platformer, Celestial: Legacy Of Lady Lunacy.

The game will have four worlds with a secret fifth world hidden in the game. Each world has six levels with the seventh being a boss level except for the mentioned fifth world which has only four levels, each with boss ^^)


Well i'll give you a brief version as i don't want to spoil it :)

You play as Aima, a young woman persistent on defeating Lady Lunacy after your grandfather told you the legend, however you first must defeat her four maids in order to gain the strength to defeat her.


World 1. Razor Leaf Forest ( Boss: Psychotic Hamiku) [World Color: Green] Finished? Yes.

World 2. Lightning Falls [Name may change] (Boss:  Venus) [World Color: Purple] Finished? No.

World 3. Diamond Lake [Name may change] (Boss: Maiden Amy) [World Color: Uncertain] Finished? No

World 4. Silver Moon Forest (Boss: Lady Lunacy) [World Color: Uncertain] Finished? No

World 5 (Bonus World). Hoshiku's Mansion (Boss: Hoshiku, ???????, ???????? and ???????) [World Color: Rainbow]  Finished? F#CK NO.

Here are a few snapshots of Razor Leaf Forest ^^

I would show more but i want to keep that a surprise ^^

Anyway me gonna work on is game :3


I had a feeling but wasn't sure hehe, thanks though ;)

Since 3 dimension graphics have been around for about twenty years, i feel like we should take it up a notch. I have seen some programmers try this, and i want to try my hand at it but i am not sure if A. its possible ( though i am sure it is ) B. The math required to do this ( i'm in high-school so not a very high level of education ) and C. Would it look more 'realistic' or something (note graphics are not my thing so looking real does not matter to me ), i am sort of rambling on so i guess i will stop here.


I like Dev-C++, its outdated sure but loading library's to the compiler is way easier then visual studios (then again it could be that i am just stupid -_-)

I tend to learn by re-writing programs from github and then tinkering with them (also i have a book on C++)

I got my quarters right here

(NOTE: this is a matter of opinion, if you don't agree with my tips then please don't act like a b#tch, if your going to flood the comments with retarded posts then f#ck off, i have better things to do then deal with idiots)

Hello there, It is I the dude that plays way too many anime themed video games, today i would like to share a few tips i have for challenging gameplay. First of all i need to explain that there is a difference between Challenging and (As i call it) D#ckish Gameplay. Lets take TouHou for an example,  Its pretty hard (Depending of difficulty) When you fight a boss, it follows a certain attack pattern until a certain moment, sure it may be hard but its fair as it wont d#ck you over with a "surprise". Now lets take I Wanna Be The Guy, Yes it is challenging BUT its also quite d#ckish. Like oh you cant jump on a spike but there is this one spike right there where you can go through. Simply put it, Follow the game rules.

Another one is if you die you reset the game, now this is fine if you have a few lives but i mean the first ever game i developed back in 2014 was hard as sh#t and if you died you had to reset the game, now i learned something from that game after developing it...

DON'T DO IT!!! (unless you want to be an A##hole)

Third, we have this simple rule i came up with. "If i can't figure out with either visuals or text, best not to do it." Lets say there is an attack where this happens, A row of lasers are moving downwards for 2 seconds, remove lasers for two seconds, continue moving lasers downwards from the position they where in when removed, remove, then reset. In my opinion the visual hints are either too small or not there at all, This attack pattern is fine, but the visual hints are just too small for anyone to notice until they either look it up or just come across it randomly (like me)


unless your doing it to piss of hackers and pirates, don't f#cking do it. 

I hope these tips might help some game developers to make challenging (not d#ckish) games, also if you have any tips i can use for my games that would be appreciated ^^

Criticism is more then welcome but general bullsh#t is not. (Criticism is not just saying f#ck you, ur games R sh#t idiots)


~ Star

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As long as your not PURELY using pre-made assets i think your okay, Jim Sterling made a few videos on it, probably should check it out

These might help you.

~ Star

^^ Glad you liked it, And thanks for the tips on improvement although some of those cant be fixed due to engine limitations (unless i can find a way around that 0-0 )

I'm glad you liked it ^^

Thank you so much, I never thought my game would be posted on Youtube. Thank you.

Also i can beat this in less then 11 minutes :3

I hope you enjoyed my game ^^

I am considering making a full length version with a better story and animated BGs, Platforms and way better music :)

I like Clickteam Fusion as i can make my games pretty fast, though i am starting to through some programming into the mix for things the engine cannot handle on its own :)

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I quite like the TouHou project, especially Legacy Of Lunatic Kingdom. So i decided "So you think TouHou has hard difficulty, hold my beer" though i greatly underestimated my skills :3                          I'm  posting this here so i can get some feedback on how to improve my games, this is my first game so it will obviously have problems. It's free so yeah <<Get it here :3

Structured criticism is more then welcome, general hating is not so welcome. Okay bye

~ Star

Looks really good man ( or girl i don't really know :/ )