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Moon dweller here.

Yes, but not much. Perhaps once a week.

~ Star

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Simplistic and short. Pretty good for something made in two days.

To me, this feels like an extension to CORE, it has that same industrial nightmare feel to it that I absolutely love.

I feel like this is more of an experiment then a game, since it can easily be beaten in under a minute. Not that it diminishes the quality, It's really just my stupid opinion.

I think this idea can/should be expanded upon in future releases. Perhaps make the monster slightly faster or the hallway longer with more turns. Maybe make the monster scream in pain and getting angrier with every object you throw at it.

I also find this to be oddly polished for the timeframe you were given. 

Not much else I can critique, all in all it's pretty entertaining and a good game if you have a few minutes to spare.

Look forward to future endeavors.


(edited to fix minor grammar issues LOL)

scary :)

You know what is funny, I swear I had a dream almost exactly like this game.

Didn't really like the chase scene, found it a bit difficult.

However, I loved the atmosphere. The rusty, red lighten building really gave me the chills.

Will come back to it so I can enjoy it again.

Look forward to future projects.

~ Star

Thank you so much :)

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I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you for your reply but there are no submissions in my queue 

What do I do if there are no songs in my queue. How do I rate submissions?

I really enjoyed this track. The nice calming beginning mixed with the chaotic middle before slowly ending in a somewhat mysterious note.

In my opinion, your composition really nailed it in terms of theme and audio quality.

Every sound I heard was crystal clear and just at the right volume so not to drown out the other instruments.

I can't really find anything to critique about the song beyond a few minor nitpicks.

Overall, a well produced song.

Good job :)

Currently, mine is FPS-Creator. Mostly because it's open source, so I can mess around with the source code.

I do know a few. There is FPSCreator Classic, Game Guru and FireFly for Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

You have to buy it.

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Pretty cool tool, it's just a shame that when I try to launch it; sometimes it crashes my entire P/C (I have a pretty decent P/C)

Blue Screen Of Death.... Fun

Funny enough, I was thinking the exact same thing LOL.

I think there was one called YANDERE.EXE but I'm not sure.

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LOL me too XD

But in all seriousness, this is a horror game so..............................................

(No, sorry)

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--100% Opinion based--

Hey there.

It's pretty solid for a first game, though I do have a few issues so lets sit down and have a cup of tea now shall we?

1. Some of the platforming was kind of odd (though that's not a bad thing). However, some sections looked a little rushed for my taste (i.e. Some platforms where just spammed across the stage, which I found to be lazy)

2.I can't see exactly where the platforms are. making it a little more frustrating to see where I am going.

3. Just a minor nitpick here, The way you put together the assets (I'm assuming you got them from the unity store since you made it in four days and have a full-time job) looks a little off. But that's just my opinion.

4. The camera movement makes me slightly sick for some odd reason (then again, I could just be tired LOL)

However, this is all to be expected with a first game.

Sorry for ripping this game a new one, I don't want to sound mean spirited because that's just rude lol. 

I would recommend fixing and polishing your games in the future but like I said for a first game, it's not bad. I mean, it's better then my first game XD. 

Unity is not really the best engine when it comes down to 2D so that may have something to do with then camera movement.

I hope to see more from you in the future, have a nice day :)


I'm gonna go with why the f### not.

It was... Meh.

About what I excepted from a game made in Gameguru.

Dialog was a bit cringy.

I get the feeling you just took a bunch of pre-made assets and threw them into a blender.

Gameplay was a bit clunky, I would recommend editing the scripts for guns and AI just a bit.

Also, the game smells of lazy. You didn't even replace the default background for the menu or icon. Not to mention floating ammo crates.

It's not a bad game... but it's not great either.

I do hope you improve though, try different art styles and find the one you like most. Start learning how to make better gameplay and scripts.

As much as I ripped this game a new one, I do hope you improve.

Enjoy the rest of your day :)


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Gameguru is a interesting engine. I actually own it but never really made anything with it (Far too basic for me)

Most games made on Gameguru are Asset Flips. Games that are completely made up of premade assets. They are usually made by younger, inexperienced developers or random nut jobs that want to make a quick buck. 

I've never actually seen a good game made on Gameguru (I.E original content, gameplay , e.t.c) though its not impossible. 

Gameguru is a very clunky engine. Even with a brand new p/c, it runs like s###. (12 gb of ram) though something could be wrong with my computer.

All in all, I'm not a huge fan of Gameguru games. But if you can make a decent game in it...

then I think you get a gold medal LOL.

Have a nice day :D


(This post is not meant to be negative)

Not gonna lie, I'm a bit jealous a 10 year old can make better games then me (XD)

I use Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for all my games. (Have been for six years)

I use C/C++ and Assembly when I try to make extensions for Fusion (See I said try, because I'm not all that good LOL XD)

Audacity and LMMS for Audio.

GIMP/ pixel art makers for art.

And a stupid, drugged up brain for ideas and work stuff :/

Hey there, thanks for the feedback, super helpful. I am currently working on a update to fix some things and add more content. Hope you stick around for it :3


thanks :3


Can the original creator sue me?

Even though you would never know what the original was before the distortion unless I told you.

Thanks :3


Absolutely nothing, because they are worthless...

Like my life LOL

Thank you for your response :)

It really does help me. I hope you have a nice day (or night) :3


Thank you very much for the criticism. I really do appreciate it.  Although I am a bit disappointed in myself :/

I'll keep this in mind while developing other projects.  I hope the rest of your day (well I guess night) is great :D



What, you expecting a big speech or something? :)

I think Sailent is my most proud creation so far since it took my the longest out of all my other creations (not including projects that I have abandoned) I hope all goes smooth :)


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. :D

I hope you have a nice day.


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I have noticed that my games have been of poor quality. But for some reason I can't tell why. 

Is it my engine? Or my poor understanding of Game-play?

Is it the graphics, sound, overall story?

Its kinda hard since some say there good and they don't really explain what does not work.

(Some people do though)

Thanks in advance :)


Wht u talkin bout i engrish good. U r bad smrt. I awsom gme dvlpr.

Nah, I enjoyed your criticism. Not sure why, maybe it has something to do with the "Zyroidkarbie will eat your balls" XD.

What I was trying to go for with the whole 'Fate System' was to add some level of replayability to the game and to add in more endings. As you can tell from the game, I never added that (Because I got lazy -_-).

Now that I look back at the game, it is pretty bland. I should have at least put in some more decorations (Non-Physical ones at that) and some more colour. 

As for Zyroidkarbie. I made it invisable since I wanted the player to use their ears to find it. I guess that really only works when the ####ing audio works properly :/

The physics look like something out of Goat Simulator among all things. Maybe the fact I made the 'Physics Engine' from scratch might have something to do with it. 

Like I said in my game. I will clean it up, polish it and maybe add some stuff (Checkpoints are one of them).

Anyway, glad you (sort of) enjoyed it :)

These games are still learning experiences for me, not that it makes the games any less s##t. So, hey. At least I learned something today :D

I hope the rest of your day is great :3


Shh no spoilers please :3

And yes, it was supposed to be a jumpscare :)

Hello ^^

You are supposed to use the keycard on the three computers around the map after the power goes back on.

I guess I forgot to hint at that and the syringe. I am really sorry about that :(

But thanks for the feedback, I will fix that in a later patch

I hope you have a nice day :D


Hello there :D

Here are a few of my suggestions. (And no Unity and Unreal will not be on here  due to my #### P/C not being able to run it so I have not tested them for a LONG time -_-)

My preferred engine is Clickteam Fusion with the XLua Extension and DLL Extension (Most extensions are free, including this one). Its one of those drag-and-drop engines though there are extensions that add Lua, Python and I think C#. It's not all that good with 3D though and its expensive as #### (100$ for Standard. 400$ for Professional) Not including the exports (You need to buy those too). Personally, I quite like it. It's decently fast and quite customization though don't expect to make 'AAA' graphics.  

There is also Construct(The first one), which is like Clickteam's Fusion but its free and it comes with Python as well. Plus, the source code has been released so if you don't like it, you can just mod it. By the way, Construct is not all that good with 3D either.

Ever heard of SCP-Containment Breach? Well, that is written in Blitz3D. Which is free and open source. Don't want 3D? BlitzMAX is pretty good. Though there are a ton of functions to learn, its programming is a lot of fun and can be used to make both 2D and 3D. Also I think its Multi-Platform so you could export to Windows, Mac and Linux. 

And for Text based games. Use Batch Compiler. Easy and kinda cool, though it only supports Windows.

So there you have it. A few engines I would (at least) try out. Most of these engines are either free or have a free trial.

and in case you want to know even more, check the link bellow.

I hope the rest of your day is nice :D



While I'm working on the more stable build of Zyroidkarbie, I feel as if there will be somethings I will miss like gameplay bugs or overall quality. If you feel like playing my bad, short unfinished garbage than please download from the link bellow. I would love to hear your criticism of my game. (Please note: Saying F### u ur gme is sht hahahaha, is not criticism. Just putting this out there)


Here are a two of my favorites.

- Postal 2: A black comedy first person shooter by Running With Scissors in 2003. Graphically, its awful even for 2003. Story is bad and gun play is atrocious. However, I find it to be unbelievably funny. Let me describe one of my favorite moments. So, you go to a church to be forgiven of your sins to a corrupted priest. Suddenly the Taliban bomb the church and start a mass homicide. As if that wasn't enough, if you look around you can a porn gamble machine (not really sure what they are called). Most missions are like this one so if its not your kind of humor than I don't recommend playing it. Although its pretty cheap at about 11 bucks Canadian when I got it. It has about 3 to 4 missions per day and with 5 days (monday to friday) there is a lot of content in the game. If you buy the steam version (not sure about the others) you also get the 2005 expansion pack with 2 more days of random stuff. Oh and of course there is a 6 dollar CAN DLC with 5 more days. I got a ton of fun out of playing it and even now I'm still finding things even though I've played it for over 200 hours 0_0

Just um... Don't let your parents see it. Trust me, they will freak out.

- TouHou Project ( 東方): A series of japanese bullet hells made by one guy. All art, music, code and publishing is done by the man named ZUN (Jun'ya Ota)                              I like them for there stupidly difficult challenges, the pretty patterns from the bosses and of course, the music. The games usually have six stages with one extra stage if beaten without continues (sometimes with other requirements as well) These games are about twenty minutes to an hour long and the loss of all lives means a complete restart if you wish to get the good ending. Yeah, this is one of those games that tells you your a little bi### for using continues (especially the old games, like TH2 where it called me and i quote 'Failure of a person' on my first run -_-). You can get these games for free from websites like (they come with an english patch in case you can't speak Japanese) And if you fear that this will anger the developer, don't worry about it. He is pretty chill about it, even saying he is happy with it since the translations allow more people to enjoy his games. Though if you do want to support him and buy him a beer, you can get physical copies from J-List or digital copies from steam. If you do want to try them, start with either number 13 (Ten Desires or Eastern Divine Spirit Mausoleum) or number 6 (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil or Eastern lands of the Scarlet Devil) just stay away from 15, its the most masochistic one of the series. Don't be like me who played as a second game 0_0.


Here is my latest 'game'

Constructive Criticism is more then welcomed.