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Cybernetic MutationView project page

Horror song for Lone Rabbit's OST Composing Jam 5
Submitted by X2Sたr — 9 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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Correlation to theme#1232.6682.737

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I used Audacity.
I simply converted multiple system files to audio form and distorted each and every bit into this 'song'.

If I were to use it in a game, I would probably play it where the player is trying to escape through a high tech city.

All civilians have been mutated thanks to a computer virus that has re-written the code for many popular cybernetic utilities, mutating the host into a nauseating creatures that, while still have the ability to think and make their own decisions; are forced to do whatever the virus tells them to do.


Two Worlds
Picture theme

How does it fit the theme?
I feel like it fits the theme of two worlds, the song is about our world being merged with the virtual one.

Image theme works in my opinion because the image becomes a red mess every now and then, almost like a corruption.

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This track gave me anxiety LMAO it reminds me of a tech version of the Deepnest theme from Hollow Knight. Definitely unnerving and full impression points from me! I think you could occasionally drop out some of the higher freqs with a low pass filter to help make it slightly easier to listen to for long periods. Trying to add to your theme, I could also think of that as the civilians temporarily gaining a little more autonomy than usual


This is harrowing. I can very easily imagine this in a sci-fi survival horror game. You effectively created an intense, disturbing atmosphere that's scary even without a game.

The high-pitched noises can be grating after awhile, though. I understand wanting to make the player uncomfortable, but this would probably give me a headache, and make me shut the game off for the wrong reason. Maybe lowering their pitch, or using EQ to soften those high frequencies would help.

I also think I need a second, contrasting track to hear how this correlates to the theme.

Nonetheless, this is super creepy, so great work!


This is a very creative way of creating an ambient track. I would not call it music. Sounds awful, but in a good way! Very creepy indeed. Reminds me of Resident Evil.


That's very disturbing, but in the good sense; it fits perfectly your description of something being corrupted (I felt it that way) . It reminds me a lot of the game Observer

Great job!


This is probably one of the most unorthodox submissions I have heard in this jam. You've really managed to create a truly harsh, dystopian, almost uncomfortable ambiance with this track. 

I want to be clear that I mean that as a positive as I think it very vividly portrays the description you have given. I could definitely imagine this track in some sort of sci-fi, body-horror setting.


Thank you so much :)


You're welcome!


I'm really digging this atmosphere! It is completely unique from everything else I've heard in this jam and I love it

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I'm glad you liked it :)


I'd imagine that this plays during a game over screen in the world you've created. Creepy!