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Soundtrack for Lone Rabbit's OST jam #4
Submitted by X2Sたr — 7 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Apotheosis is a made up horror game (And I just realized I spelt it wrong pretty much everywhere)

You are a runaway, being abused by your parents for pretty much you're entire life, you decide that it was time to take matters into you're own hands...

By joining a cult.

At first it seemed innocent enough, the leader, Carl Morshlin, was a well respected man of the community. Everyone knew him...

Or so they thought.
As it turns out, Carl is a bit of an [Censored]. Like many typical cult leaders, he is an arrogant, abusive man who treats his followers as cattle.

Over the past few weeks, Carl has become seemingly more nice towards you, perhaps a change of heart?

Nope, turns out you're on the top of his Human Sacrifice list.

Your job is to escape, and escape fast. The sacrificial ceremony is held in three days and the camp is heavily secured.

Can you make another Runaway?

I used Audacity for editing, I put a small description on how I made each song in their respectful videos, so go check that out if you are interested.

Here is a brief overview of where each song would be used.

I imagine this song would be well suited for a corridor heavy segment of the game, specifically offices and what not. I would have a few weird flesh demon things walking around the halls, making sure nobody gets in or out of the camp (I know I say camp but it really takes place in a church :/ )

Demonic Possession:
I would use this for a night scene, where a few followers become possessed, perhaps worshiping demons is a bad idea?
The possession also seems to transform the followers bodies into mangled, distorted creatures themselves. Oh, and they scream.

Please leave some constructive criticism as that is how I improve my 'Music' (if you can call it that) and a like (or dislike).

Now if you excuse me, I'm off to bed.

Message from the artist:
Horror OST for a Escape the room esc game



How does it fit the theme?
Read the description, I'm getting pretty tired (it's about 1:02AM)

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I immediately remembered your submission to the previous OST Comp Jam upon listening to these pieces. What can I say, you seem to have a real knack for creating these creepy horror ambiances.

Also did you make the cover images yourself? I'm curious as to how they were made. They really add to the tone of your music.


Thanks for your kind words :)

For the art I used art-breeder and set all notches to eleven. I then used GIMP to smooth out the image.

I like the way the AI distorts human faces, its uncanny.


Ah, I've never heard of art-breeder before. It seems pretty neat. Thanks for the info!


Hi! You've made a difference. I liked the idea and cover. I just want to say that i want a violin in this. I think it would be great :))) 


Ironically enough, I was going to compose a song with a violin, similar to Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima; but it never really flourished LOL.


Well, cool texture really creepy indeed but in terms of composition and stuff like that I can't really judge it, its the same thing all along the tracks. But you nailed the tone.


So creepy... 😮


Really dark atmo, gives SCP Foundation vibes. And I am totally am digging this.


I would not want to listen to this while walking home alone so great job!


The atmosphere here makes me think of what some of the more ambient Earthbound tracks would sound like, if they didn't have the console limitations! Definitely had me scared as soon as the first track came on. Good stuff!


we live in a society


Really odd and interesting textures! Like these a lot. Interesting little infos on how you made these tracks. It's always cool to hear how people experiment with sound. Great job!


Well that's definitely creepy. I could imagine this ambience being quite unnerving in a game. Nice work!


This is a weird one, but in a good way, it manages to convey that feeling of desperation and diabolical terror. Good job!


very creepy stuff. the tracks suit their descriptions well. for "Demonic Possession" i think it would be neat to add some of the screams or other faint vocal sounds. for "Society" some sparse ambient thuds, water dripping, or metal scratchy/screechy sounds would be cool. i also like psynut's recommendation of some faint background melodies :)


i really liked the sounds thst u used and hoe u used them. You created a really well creepy ambient. Also a big fan of creepy stuff so i loved it.


Definitely portrays some really creepy spaces. And you thought out you're theme well. I think you're right, it rides the line of music / effect. I hear some melodies way in the background, I think you could bring them out a little bit -- it might even be creepier for it.


Thanks for the critique, I kind of hid the melodies in the background because I thought people would hate it XD