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I see, I tested the loop with the song and there is a small cut, you gotta fix the crossfade to make it seem like a perfect loop. I did it on my own to see and even with a good crossfade we know when the music is looping, try and fix the moment where you want to loop. The mix is peaking from time to time gotta watch your volume control too.

Super cool take, I love the bass pulse pattern you made the entire album changing a bit everytime, nice use of reverb, the mix is really great I have nothing to say (because I did on many submission). Well done !

Oh awesome build ups in both tracks, sounds like a mix of trailer and I don't know actually its pretty unique, I love the brass melody and the synth arp. Many Paths To Thread is my favorite, definitely nailed the hope feeling. Well done ! 

Thank you, yes indeed I got inspired a bit by some cinematic tracks !

Oh thank you, what a nice and sweet comment !

Thank you ! Glad you noticed the mix, it took a moment and still not satisfied but that's the life of everybody else hehe !

Thank you very much !

Oh interesting I have never listened to Risk of Rain, I'm gonna look at it ASAP, thanks !

Thank you !!!

Pretty unique piece with some non orthodox texture used. Lots of baroque trills has been used. The mix in itself is all right could be a bit wider more paning especially on the percussions to increase the dynamics could really help give a little punch. Good job !

Damn, that is one hell of a shop theme, I never expected something like this at all. I don't know your approach for the Battle Theme its kinda seems like a battle theme but at the same time its a bit gentle. Anyway good job !

Okay, sounds great, composition has some potential, nice texture. The mix, the panning is a good idea but maybe not for the whole song, having the piano staccato on the left the whole time its getting a bit tedious. NO BASS, just add some low frequency somewhere in the middle of the song and that would pull up some awesome dynamics and change the feeling a bit especially if you only have one track for the game. Chord progression, well done but try to open some of your chords instead of doing stacked triad chords,  open up a little bit like root note, fifth and third you'll see the song will have more space and magically sound a bit better. Good job !

Haaaaa no color on your track and worst of all, you don't even name your track !!! How do you organize yourself ?! On a serious note pretty nice retro album, I can picture easily the fantasy RPG style, I really like the tone of Through The Forest, Good job !

Awesome orchestration well done, can really feel the fantasy I cannot believe you don't have that much people rating this, the composition in itself is great too. Underrated imo.

Interesting take, everything is pretty unique, i can feel the "cyber" vibe and imagine something like a puzzle game as its pretty mysterious in general with some original ideas. The mix though, you gotta cut some mid-high frequency, sometimes there is so much its almost peaking and creating some distortion its not super pleasant for long term listening. The confrontation of time and space is my favourite except for what I said about the mix. Good job though.

This is pretty unique, I liked the overall ambiance, nice dynamics. The mix is really weird for some reason I feel like everything is mono straight in the center but the reverb and spatialisation is stereo, feels really special. good job

Cool ideas and ambiance, liked everything except the obvious pluck strings, the sound in itself super bright close mic and loud also the melody used felt a little off compared to the background music. Otherwise quality is good, nice arrangement. Good job.

Nice small piece, The Adventurer is sweet but need some work, after 30 secs I was tired of the C and F note alternating I wanted you to move somewhere, sounds really like a song for kids, enjoyable but not for long. Other tracks though, nice arrangement, super simple but felt great, simple yet effective. Swamp Frogs is my favorite I could really picture it.

Sweet piece but really really quiet, its around -25 db, you can crank that up and add some textures around it, needs a little bit of meat imo. Composition is fine though

Nicely executed, good arrangement, awesome dynamics and composition. Only complain, piano velocity is super loud its almost doing some distortion, you'll have to tone it down a notch imo. Other than that, well done !

Surprising, first track started already pretty epic I was expecting something completely different than you dropped the retro vibe, a surprise to be sure but a pleasant one. Second track also gives a complete different vibe exactly like you described, watch out when you drop the diminish chord, its a good idea but you can change the voicing to its spaced better and not stacked in a full cluster chord. Other than that good job !

What a sweet piece of music you got there, awesome ambiance and texture for something so minimalistic. The only thing to watch is the piano programming, it feels like its programmed and not played, adding some well placed sustain pedal (yes you can program it in the daw) can improve a lot, also try to humanize the quantize so it doesn't feel too robotic. Other than that great job !

Super epic, perfect for trailer music, nice mix well balanced. Good arrangment, nicely done, good job !

Nice soundscape and texture, sweet orchestrations, nice use of the harp, but it feels like its an AMAZING start of something even more beautiful I was expecting some crazy strings arrangement going into something super melo dramatic, maybe i'm seeing too far but I think this has great potential. Nicely done !

Not my cup of tea but its pretty unique, mix sounds all right the only thing I would like more is variation, once you start the piece, its literally the same thing all over, some change would make it more alive a fun to listen to.

Decent track ! First song pretty minimalistic but worked well, watch out for the bass line using third interval on the low-end it sounds pretty bad and creates a bad dissonance. Second track was pretty cool too, some nice ideas and original intro and outro. Good job !

Pretty chill piece, i didn't feel the moments of danger at all, but the peace absolutely. 

The beginning was nice but felt like it could develop into a different track from what you did. The piece in itself is pretty good just repetitive, chill. I would like another variation but with a theme, small melody or something, back tracking could be great but its hard to judge the composition if its the same for 4 mins. 

Thank you, great comment !

Original take, the trial... nice build up I was waiting for so long until you changed the pace, I was so happy you finally did. nice job.

Very very retro, super well done, nice composition too its not only great retro quality but the songs themselves are well built. Good job !

Nice take ! The theme is super cool, the only thing I would change is the piano punches that feel too intense since its like playing chords on lower end with the base drum at the same times its clashing a bit. On the run is a nice idea although after 2 min I wanted something more, go elsewhere but you kept doing the same thing a little variation would be nice. Some tracks I don't know if that was your source of inspiration but I feel like the movie Dune was something you incorporated. Good job !

Intro is one of the best I've heard, super original I love the reverb used and the melodic sound, there is a couple of annoying frequency to cut especially in the high-mid range. Main track had some amazing moments of grace I really liked, I would have loved to hear some of the intro kind of vibe a little bit more into it, but overall its a really nice piece, really well done its a shame you don't have that much rating, its super underrated.

Really interesting tone and nice transitions throughout the whole album. Awesome drum programming, with lots of mouvement well executed. Composition is good, quality is good too. Good job.

Interesting take, there is some unique drum paterns in The Scrappers, I would love a bit more dynamics and change the more we go in the song drum wise. Very retro like I really enjoyed it, nice composition and arrangement. Btw you put two youtube link of The Sadness, I had to search Green city on your channel.

Really interesting take, a lot of different dynamics everywhere, I was never bored. Good orchestration, sometimes the percussions are a bit too loud compared to the mix but other than that it fits really nicely. Well done !

Ooh long time no see ! Nice track, super cool percussions details and nice dynamics throught the piece, very retro too, I enjoyed everything !

You got the emotions right for runner and chaser, very retro. I like chaser the best, its wider in terms of mix, I like the chords. Runner I,m getting annoyed by the high synth sound after some point, I would've like some timbre change to mix it up a bit. Good job !

For someone struggling with orchestral its really not bad at all, i'm impressed its sound pretty well, the composition in itself is great, good ideas the only thing to watch would be the low strings staccato doing chords or at least third interval, the lower you get the worst it will sound so try to not do that, you could interact low bass note with viola or violin chords that would make more sense. Good job !