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Looks promising homage for Spectrum. Played it a bit until I lost all lives.
Are you planning to add music more fitting to AY-3-8910 sound chip?

Really liking the graphics so far. It gives a feeling of a polished game. Good luck!

It depends of the scope of the game.
For "bigger projects" I usually go with C#/.NET and Monogame. Smaller/jam games are done with TIC-80, since it can export games to Javascript/web format.
Low-level stuff is usually done with just notepad,  compiler and emulator.
Game Engines are usually just a Game Jam thing, but I'm thinking about trying Godot, since it's license allows complete freedom for development.

Graphic stuff is often done with Gimp and OpenMPT for audio (I suppose this is somewhat an outdated method, but I like it).

CGA mode is definitely a must thing for games mimicking DOS-aesthetics as it's easily distinguishable if compared to other game platforms. Also, because of the color limitations it was interesting to work with.

Took me a few tries, but managed to beat the last mission. I liked, that some of the mission names were related to areas in the nightclub. It helped to create ideas about the layout of the club. Flashing screen obviously emulated the lights at nightclubs ;)

Surprisingly "@" -character was an "enemy" here.  A lot of games of this kind usually have it as a playable character (NetHack, SpurguX etc).

Thanks for playing. I saw your post on Twitter earlier, which kind of encourages me to continue  this project :)

Looks like a fun game and a commentary about our society (:D).
Also, the game reminds me of an old PC game called "Mall Mania"

Probably something in Game Maker in 2006 or 2007.... or 2008, can't remember.  It was something about moving a bear around (which then got 3 sequels).
Most of those games were short and simple, only having a weekend of development time. For resources, I used evything that Game Maker offered (I really liked the explosion animation) and what I had collected from the internet. I suppose these games are in a CD somewhere... Waiting to be remade...

For other earlier games I used  a programming language/engine named "CoolBasic". Made couple games with it until I moved to more modern/advanced tools. It was a nice way to learn more programming, but as a game engine, it's kinda outdated. But you should try it anyways!

Nice presentation. The shadow/fade effect used for moveable objects made me wonder, if actual 3310 games had similar effect (should use google now).  I'm pretty sure those had, but remembered it after playing your game. So far this seems to be the only game (I remember/played) using this effect so good job there. Pretty nice homage to Space impact too.

Great and addicting game once you understand the concept and the use of each weapon.

Perhaps invert the number keys (2/8 for crusher and 4/6 for others) as the game would feel more natural to play on real 3310, since portrait view was used.

The teleport/falling mechanic was introducted in a great way which kinda reminded me of VVVVVV.
There was a few "leap of faith" moments here and there, but nothing too unfair, thanks to unlimited lives. The music and sounds were also nice to listen, but felt more of something you could hear from NES games.
Care to share some details about the playable character's head? Are they wearing a hat or something related to teleport/falling ability?

As a game, it requires a lot of memorizing which is fine for a short game like this.
If you are planning to continue developing this, add an enemy respawning feature to eliminate the possibility of dead ends. Also, there's no way to restart game other than refreshing the page(?)

The use of theme was there and I liked the jingle that played when you got turned into a ghost.
It's a pretty good start for a (possible) bigger game too!

Great game. Probably the best use of the theme too.

3310 version on Nokia's "Skydriver" I see :)
Fun game, but some things could be improved to make the it fit more into the restrictions of the jam, like removing the need of mouse control on menus.

Yeah, that is true. I decided to do this game for this jam particularly, use the theme or not.

As for the theme, I could have implemented something that happens when the timer runs out (=death) other than directly going to the game over screen. Maybe clearing the screen and allowing to continue game, if enough blocks would have been present on screen?
That way, the block swapping mechanic woundn't been necessary. I just got too "limited" to my current planning for the game, really.

Anyway, thanks for playing!

Maybe it's just me, but the opponent felt sometimes a bit too fast, even on the first round.
Content wise this could have been a built in game for 3310. Also a perfect fit as a calculator game. TI-83/84 version next, please : )

Simple and fun game. Managed to get 2287 points.
Positively suprised to see that an Android version existed. One of the few games on the jam that can be played on mobile :)

Ah, I see what you are going for with the sound effects. I didn't just notice that while playing, but I'll try again.

Really liking this sort of concept as it brings more attention to these games in a very nostalgic way!

The games in this collection look really promising and polished too for what they are trying to achieve.

An unique take on Bomberman style game. In fact I got first a bit confused about the game machanics since I was expecting to be playing a Bomberman clone.

I liked how each level was randomly generated even if you got game over. It added some replay value.
Are there any powerups, you could find behind the breakable walls? I tried to bomb most of them each time, but couldn't find anything. A detonator, extra try or more fire power would have been helpful.
Also, the game needs it's own theme, similar to NES Bomberman ingame tune.

Very challenging game, but a nice and accurate presentation.
I had some trouble trying to line my firing correctly with the asteroids. It seems that it's important to let asteroid come near you and then fire.

Never played the original, so this was a nice introduction to the game, at least for me.
However, it could have used some sound effects. Also the original game had more levels while this version has only one(?).
Found an easy way to defeat the opponent by making a angled shot under the lowest cactus ; )

Haven't played much of the games this type, but the attacking felt really confusing. Even when I felt that I pressed the button on correct time, nothing happened. Also, you can only attack if moving right making it even more confusing with the small game area and strict controls.
Perhaps I just need more practise.

The music was really cool, though. Maybe the sound effects were a bit unnecessary since all the focus is on the music and it's rhythm?

Probably the most accurate presentation of all jam games. Adding the smudge/ finger marks on the screen was a nice touch as well, making the immersion even more accurate.

Took me 24 birds to complete as I messed around trying if I could fly over the walls (you can't) and so on. As a game it could get boring, but showing the progress at the beginning should keep players motivated.

We had something similar in our school's sport day long time ago in early 00's, where we would throw old, unused phones to the mobile phone shaped target and get points based on the position where the thrown phone hit (for example, 8 points if you managed to throw to the button number 8 on the target). In fact, that would have made a great jam game.

Anyway. a Simple and fun game with accurate sound and control presentation.  Managed to make multiple scratches with a end score of 386. Kinda reminded of that old Yeti Sport game where you throw a penguin and see how far it flies, with a help from walrus(?) animals similar to the bombs here.

Nice game. I was first a bit confused what I was supposed to do, but then found that exploding multiple enemies at once was really satisfying.

However, consider adding additional action button besides SPACE, as pressing it always activates my browser's scroll bar. I could play the game on other browser or change options, but I'm saying this as something to consider.

Background music is an obvious note to times when our parents got angry for playing those "beepy ringtones" from our phones. (Or that was the first feeling I got from it). Also, the game loaded much faster compared to other games with similar size/amount of content, which is always a good thing.

Interesting concept. I liked the method how to eliminate enemy game pieces and how the dice number affects to the score. Enough extra lives was also given for a number change. Still, consider adding a number changing element without depending on dying as it would make easier to avoid dead ends and game over.

Some bugs were present during the gameplay as the game would freeze for a short while randomly and each time when enemy fires. On the level 3 (after the first teleport/bonus level) you could get a dead end with the shootable wall. My dice number was 2 and the wall had 1.

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Solid take on Nebulus style game. I liked how each game mechanic was introduced to the player.

Played it until I got stuck in a wall as a possessed character.

It was definitely a killer app for me, as I played Quicxo on my old Nokia 3220 phone much more than any other game.
If 3310 version would have existed, I believe it would have been similar to the Siemens version, which I never played nor can't find any information about it besides image of it on Sumea's old website

Addicting, enjoyable and soundwise accurate game. Also an inspiring game, really. I assume that this game uses actual 3D graphics, but you managed to make it look like something that could be achieved with real 3310 or hardware with similar limits (with some programming magic/optimizing of course).
It's just giving new ideas!

Well done.

Nice introduction to Lights out puzzle game.

I really liked the pixel art here. Maybe the farmer could have been more realistic to make him more fitting to the art style used for animals.

Fun game and an accurate presentation with the sound effects, main menu and gameover screens similar to the actual 3310 games. I also liked the implementation of numpad controls to make the game feel even more of the 3310 game!

The games speed could have increaced faster as the game felt a bit slow for too long. But maybe that's just my problem, though.

Still, a great game. Played it for a while until got caught. I might play it later again just to see if there's more content to find after certain number of points.
The title screen reminded me of Bubble Ghost : )

Nice game. The difficulty curve was well designed and the last levels felt really challenging. You should try to make a clone game/ remake of Jezzball, which this game reminds.

Moriettes vaan Suomi Finland
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!!

I remember seeing a video footage about this at Joensuu Science Park. Any updates/progress since demo?

Excluding Game Jams, I always work alone since game development is just a hobby for me and I have a lot of other work to do. So it's the best way for me!

The best part about working as solo is it gives you all the freedom with time restrictions, your projects design and development.
However, I think working alone works best for smaller projects, since it’s a quicker way to learn new game types, tools and hardware. It also familiarizes yourself how much workload you can handle for a single project.
Even if you are working alone, have other people around who are interested about your project to motivate yourself. Otherwise development can get lonely.