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not entirely clear that you have to hold down the mouse button to shoot.  game is incredibly fast which is fun.  the game is very difficult but still it proves a game like shadow the hedgehog could have been fun in 2d.

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ragdoll models look great but there is no way this runs on iphone 5s in ios 11 since games need to 320 by 240 to run on ios 11. Unless you use some kind of custom scaler than I guess it would work. never mind the resolution is larger for desktop and runs great on iphone 5s. very impressive.

the games true ending is very clever. yeah the game could probably be a choose your own adventure book but the game has a charming art style and music.

well I managed to beat it. it was a little annoying switching characters but one of the characters special abilities was pretty handy and remembering to use it felt great. the game had a lot of aha moments. the best fetch quest game you can make without adding in action elements. I enjoyed it.

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bully uses profanity so game is nsfw. insult someone after youre insulted. how your treated depends on what insult you choose. school is explorable. runs great even on iphone 5s with battery saver.  most things in the game are interactable. there are some neat things to discover. you can also slide down banisters in the game. the game works well in mobile browsers.  only tested in ios. However, ive found chrome browser in android to be a great browser.

the game is not as in depth as some of the other games on here.   If you don't think the sliding mechanic is neat then this probably isn't the game for you.  The game does use it's own animation system built in game maker.  However this game does not have sound.  What makes the game stand apart is the game's efficiency and portability when running in mobile browsers.