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wait does that mean you really like the game or out of a scale of kevin. kevin is not equal to 10.

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tried to play it on android kh3 level of graphics android uses two fingers for right click in fact many touchpads on laptops ive had cant right click and left click at the same time. still very impressive.

the fun of starfox 64 in a top down shooter fantastic graphics really enjoyed playing in the browser on android

this game is fantastic i played this in firefox for android using a bluetooth keyboard but i had to disable browser autofocus in firefox settings by typing abot config works great played sort the court as well

This game is incredibly fun to play on android. The squirrels are dangerous in this game though

A lot of fun. If playing on mobile click the flipper you want to use using two fingers for right click doesn't work really enjoyed this

Mejor controlled de cellular. Es muy divertido. amo ataquando las aliens con Las bombas. Best controls on mobile.  Is very fun. I love attacking the aliens with bombs. Level/nivel 5

Just played this on android. Best browser game I've played on android.

Im not entirely sure. A game I really enjoyed making was a modification of this old 1945 final strike game for game maker that no longer gets included with game maker anymore. I used it to make a rudolph the red noised raindeer game where you could ram planes and by setting the created bullet position to -1. you could create a cool bullet gun glitch. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately that computer died of overheating years ago.

oh well. there was a brief instance in the beginning where the random ai briefly seemed to know what it was doing. rats

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game maker is great for teaching problem solving. you can code games in game maker extremely easily and any 2d game can be made in game maker provided you look online to figure out how to solve a particular problem. with game maker especially the old versions of game maker code can be power inefficient however because game maker makes doing everything in it extremely easy. Even easier than say something like dreams for ps4.  You can make efficient solutions that don't waste a lot of power despite game maker being a very high level language depending on how much drag and drop you use.  Starting in game maker made me frustrated with other programming languages mainly because doing simple things in other programming languages could take days while simply doing things in game maker takes hours. However depending on what your doing you can spend a lot of time doing tedious things in game maker. Ive made a lot of game maker games that use lots of objects and global variables so they can be more memory intensive than they need to be. However theyve always been power efficient. the only metric I really judge my games on is if the game uses low wattage in a utility like intel xtreme tuning utility or throttlestop.  I doubt anyone will follow these instructions but just in case you don't need to do that. intel extreme tuning utility and throttlestop are both overclocking software but they also measure power consumption. 

*if you just want to measure wattage for performance and are just starting out programming in game maker like when I was in middle school or something you can use core temp.  Ive heard of other ways of measuring code efficiency but it all inevitably comes down to the power consumption although if you use too much ram you prevent some mobile devices from being able to play your game.* 

what it comes down to really is do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond. In game maker its easy to do a lot of things but youre constantly having to do creative workarounds for things that aren't possible in the language while other programming languages allow you to do much more but make it much harder. 

well most people don't take any stock in using randomness in machine learning. however although im not sure about this if you generate a random seed at the beginning. the computer generates a predestined series of random numbers at run time as long as it has enough memory to remember all the numbers.

randomize numbers 1 3 5 7 12 21 28 39 47 52

all those numbers will be run through regardless of changing conditions

randomize every second

random number 1

randomize every second

random number 3

you could argue that it doesn't make a difference whether random generation happens at the beginning or constantly because the method for random generation is the same. however I believe randomizing only once can never factor in changing conditions if the algorithm isn't designed to constantly change the seed.

I was actually thinking of donating to some games that use machine learning in their games as a way of buying games that are fun but also could potentially improve society beyond just being fun. I couldn't find any that are based in letting the computer make random decisions. 

information learned from machine learning is saved to the harddrive and is swappable between computers. many would argue that the computer is just the files you download to the harddrive. I would argue its the processor itself. I believe that computers only do the instructions theyre told to do. however I still think its an open question whether a computer can learn the way people with memory loss learn. for example when people have alztheimers they can still talk  and maybe even remember some old skills but theyve still lost their memory. essentially by repeating a task enough the robot could get an understanding of how to do it without thinking about it assuming that the program is still in memory and that the computer hasn't been shut off. after that the computer has lost everything. again I don't know where this memory would be stored and I'm also contradicting myself because this requires that the robot is doing things that it isnt explictly being told to do. I don't think anyone really knows what a computer is aware of when a person uses it. I know it has no control over the operating system. computers aren't sentient. they can't initiate anything. that doesn't mean there isn't something alive in there. computers have gotten to the point where some of them have either surpassed our intelligence or gotten close and even if they hadn't we can write programs that simplify human language so that a robot wouldn't have to exert all its brain power to make use of it.

are you saying your not constantly randomizing the seed for the random cars

what are the parameters you used for the random learning robot.  is it predestined to be random or is it simply given a random set of choices that it's flipping through.

this was a fun game.  I like how different enemies were affected by your weapon differently. I would have given this a good rating but unfortunately this game is closed to ratings.

not entirely clear that you have to hold down the mouse button to shoot.  game is incredibly fast which is fun.  the game is very difficult but still it proves a game like shadow the hedgehog could have been fun in 2d.

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ragdoll models look great but there is no way this runs on iphone 5s in ios 11 since games need to 320 by 240 to run on ios 11. Unless you use some kind of custom scaler than I guess it would work. never mind the resolution is larger for desktop and runs great on iphone 5s. very impressive.

the games true ending is very clever. yeah the game could probably be a choose your own adventure book but the game has a charming art style and music.

well I managed to beat it. it was a little annoying switching characters but one of the characters special abilities was pretty handy and remembering to use it felt great. the game had a lot of aha moments. the best fetch quest game you can make without adding in action elements. I enjoyed it.

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bully uses profanity so game is nsfw. insult someone after youre insulted. how your treated depends on what insult you choose. school is explorable. runs great even on iphone 5s with battery saver.  most things in the game are interactable. there are some neat things to discover. you can also slide down banisters in the game. the game works well in mobile browsers.  only tested in ios. However, ive found chrome browser in android to be a great browser.

the game is not as in depth as some of the other games on here.   If you don't think the sliding mechanic is neat then this probably isn't the game for you.  The game does use it's own animation system built in game maker.  However this game does not have sound.  What makes the game stand apart is the game's efficiency and portability when running in mobile browsers.