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I think i was able to pinpoint this bug and fix it, but i´m not sure if this helps you in your playthrough, though. I´m very sorry, right now it feels like i´m never gonna weed out all the bugs and little flaws.

Thanks for the bug report. I was planning on making an after jam version anyways, so these bugs will be tackled then. And yes, the devourer is a bit strong, maybe I'll have to balance that out a bit. Or maybe more equipment with status protection.

No, that was definitely not the supposed end. I couldn't play test the whole game, just parts of it. Gonna have a look into that. Maybe, if I can find all the bugs, I'm gonna post a final version or something.

I'm sorry, but saying that an indie developer should have the strength to hire more people and make more stuff themselves is a bit unfair. I, for one, have a full time job, a family, and not a lot of free time. Still I want to make games, still I have story ideas that I want to make into games. What's wrong in using assets that are free to use? Where's the problem on giving the right credit? Most people don't realize that even big companies use assets from other sources from time to time. But we little developers should be able to live without?

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Both games have an end, the first games end can just be reached a bit earlier. I know the jam rules, but I don't recommend playing both versions, since they aren't that different for the most part. The updated version "just" has the missing stuff in the end game, two more dungeons and a side quest at the beginning. More stuff was planned, but at some point I had to decide how much more time I was willing to put into something that was just supposed to be a short jam game.

Hello there. It´s been some time since i bought this, so this is the first time i´ve really tried using it. Most of it is really self explanatory, but i´ve run into some problems. I´m trying to make an outside tile set. There´s A1, A2, A5a and A5b. But is there no A3 and A4? Without walls and buildings it´s a bit difficult making something. I´m pretty sure i´m just missing something obvious, but right now i´m a bit stumped.

Thanks for playing! Collision detection has been changed a little, maybe it is a bit less frustrating now.

Thanks, i have a game that was started for another jam, but i couldn´t finish it in  time. Since then it was pretty much on ice, but this would be a motivation to finish it.

Do i understand it right that the game does not need to adhere to the theme to be submitted?

Since I'm only making games as a hobby it is normal for me to jump from project to project, so I may not be very helpful on that end. But from a consumer point of view I have to say this (and please, don't be offended).: if you want to make a good impression you're going to be more careful with your game descriptions. It's not right grammatically and some words are wrong, too. English isn't my first language and even I can see that. For me as a consumer it might not be a problem, but if you want to get a job that way it could be a big obstacle.

Fallen  Legend

Making a choose your own adventure game like that is a pretty cool idea. So easy, but effective. 

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The idea with the gb camera is pure gold, nice  work!

I don´t want to hijack this thread, but i´ve got a related problem. I bought the bundle and my account tells me i´ve bought it, but every game  and software  tells me i still have to buy it if i click on it. Please don´t tell me i HAVE to go over the bundle link and install everything from there, it´s like.. 57  pages? I went through that and put everything i want to play in a collection, but then it tells me to buy it again..

Rooftops Settlement Simulator - Demo - Sim Jam entry

Project "Settlement"

Terry Balim and the Secret of the  Lake(formerly B.L.U.B.B.)

If you´re looking for genre-specific engines, there are also Adventure Game Studio and Visionaire Studio for Point and Click Adventure games. Personally, i was never able to get the hang of AGS. But i´m using Visionaire Studio right now, which works out better for me, so far.


My first game would have been Crazy Warehouse, but since it´s only one Level i don´t know if it really counts. The game that i consider as my first is Mr.Potato in Potatoland. It has a beginning, four levels and an  end and such it was the first time i really finished something  game design related.


I really like the overall aesthetic. It feels like a real game from the past. Unfortunately i wasn´t able to start a battle, the game doesn´t recognize my controller, though i know it is working.

While i see where you´re coming from, i think it would be difficult to just have, like, everybody being involved. The more people from even more places working together might sound nice but i guess from a logistically standpoint it would be a catastrophe.

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Cursed Forest

Rooftops - Part 1

I finished my new bitsy game Rooftops-part 1. I'm going to put it into more parts because I want to tell a continuing story that would be too long otherwise.  

Rooftops - Part 1

Thanks for playing my game! Too bad you played the old version and had to endure that bug, too.

As of now, the bug should be fixed.

As of now, the bug should be fixed.

Thanks for playing my game, especially for finishing it even after encountering that pesky bug. I guess that is the downside of only having one test player. I have an idea where the bug might be, but i sadly can´t pinpoint it. The overall difficulty itself was intentional though, old arcade games didn´t take you by the hand, either, after all.

Thanks for playing my game, especially for finishing it even after encountering that pesky bug. I guess that is the downside of only having one test player. I have an idea where the bug might be, but i sadly can´t pinpoint it. The overall difficulty itself was intentional though, old arcade games didn´t take you by the hand, either, after all.

Mr. Potato in Potatoland

First of all, thanks for the help. I was able to insert a script now, but unfortunately i´m already stuck with the next one. This time i tried using the script to change avatars in different rooms. But i just don´t know how to set it up. Where do i draw my additional avatars? I mean, i can´t do it in the bitsy editor, since there is only one avatar there. Where do i draw them so i can call on them in the script? Do i just draw them as sprites? Any help would be great.

Oh, ok, thanks for the info. Maybe i´m going to try that, but i´m not very sure how/where to begin.

Playing this really brought me back to the world of Links awakenig. A great little gem you´ve made there.

Hello, i wanted to use borksy to enhance my game a little. I finished my game, copied the game data and posted it inside the game data field in the borksy editor. Then i choose which hacks to activate and finally clicked on download file. But the finished file doesn´t work properly. It shows the title screen and after pressing a button nothing happens. And unfortunately i have no idea what i might be doing wrong. Has anyone had similiar problems?

The snail is so minimalistic but it suits it so well. And i love the music.

Thank you for the comment! I guess next time i´m trying to not make it so linear.