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This looks fun! Can't wait to play it.

Bug fixes always screw a release date over :)

Oh wow, I released this game a month ago... where has all the time gone?! Lol

Thanks! You can also say the name as "Cubix" for short if you want to :)

:) More info coming soon!

Thanks! It's just concept art, but I'm glad you like it!

Sorry I'm a bit late (I've been working on my own game) but congratulations! It's always a bit scary to release a new game (at least for me), but I hope you do great with it!

Oh wow, thanks for the support! I hope whatever you're working on also goes great.

First of all, have you checked on itch to see if it's uploaded? I know there's been a problem for a while where it doesn't change from "working" to "uploaded." Also, I programmed this like 2 years ago and haven't updated it since, so I probably should just rebuild it from the ground up.

Also, sorry for taking a long time to respond to you - I've been hard at work on a new video game!

Thanks! Yeah, I'm working on a secret, more ambitious project that I'll definitelyneed testing on.

I'm also thinking about starting a Youtube channel where I highlight the game's development, but I'm not sure about that one yet.

Anyway, I wish you luck again and hope to have many more good encounters.

Sure! Sorry I haven't already, I must've just skimmed over that part in the rules.

Thanks! However, you shouldn't downplay just how helpful someone reviewing your game is for its creator. It gives them not just help on what they should do next for their game, but also motivation. Nothing is better than me checking itch and someone gave a good review for my game. I can never give enough thanks to you for being the first person to review my game. Good luck with your next games, you deserve it!

No problem, I should be thanking you!

Thanks! Since you've helped so much with making Direct Ascent by reviewing it, when it costs money I'll give you a free download key!

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Over a year of admittedly rather slow development is thrown together in release 1.0 of Direct Ascent! Dodge asteroids, space junk and more in this rocket-based vertical endless runner!

In the next week or so, the game will be put up on Google Play, the game's website will be updated, and a few other things will happen like giving the trailer although it'll probably be done a bit later.

Anyway, enjoy playing this game and consider giving some feedback along the way. Since this update won't be the last update for Direct Ascent, good feedback will for sure make a better game!

Well, anyway I'll stop ranting and let you download the game because also in a week or so, the game will start costing money to download ($5)! Enjoy dodging and I'll post again in the my game's devlog soon enough!



Sorry for you starting in level 5 - here's a version where that doesn't start you on level 5 as I was testing the boss fight then and accidentally left it in the release of the game! You don't need to make a new video about it (you can if you want, but no pressure), but here's a proper version of the game:


Usually, black holes will suck you in towards them. However, in Monday's snapshot, the new area that was supposed to have black holes in it might just have replaced them with cardboard spinny billboards. This snapshot aims to change said cardboard spinny billboards into real, authentic black holes that actually pull you in and cool stuff like that.



  • Black holes now pull you in and do cool spinny stuff to you to make it hard to get away from them without taking damage
  • They also do double damage
  • Some neutron stuff is fixed, and I'll probably make some changes over the next few snapshots
  • You are invincible for around two and a half seconds when you get damaged or regenerate health (by filling up your wrench with money) - this allows for animations to finish, for you to not get damaged immediately after you get to full health, and so that a neutron star falling on top of you in the right way is not sometimes instant death
  • The points required to meet your high score in the game over screen now show properly, yay subtraction works its almost like its supposed to
  • Minor (and major) tweaks that I've just forgotten
  • Quite a few bug fixes


Aaaaand that's about it. Enjoy buying new keyboards as you get smashed by black holes and proceed to smash your own keyboard!

Game link:

Itch profile:


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Thanks! I'm getting so close to 1.0... I can almost smell it.

Life was also very busy for me during the early development (October-Mid March) of Direct Ascent, so I can understand completely.

Hey, Groovy! How are your current projects going? Also, if you need anybody to do any testing for your games, I'm here to help!

Isn't it ironic that your "play my game" screenshot has text that says "go do some stuff instead of playing this game?" :)

It's been quite a bit since I've posted a screenshot, so I'll make all of the missed ones up by posting a gif! This gif is of a new snapshot that I'm releasing tomorrow (you should try it out I'm adding black holes to the game so obviously it's amazing link down below)



Game link:

Profile link:

Website link:

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Yes... sadly

Ok ok the final boss fight will be a dragon

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i added it lol

Ever since I first started Direct Ascent development late last October, all of my versions have started with a 0: 0.1.0, 0.2.0, 0.3.0, etc.

10 months later, and I can finally do something I have never done before: start a version number with a one.

That's right, the first snapshot for the full release, 1.0, of Direct Ascent is out! This snapshot (and the next one) will work on the new area, Cosmic Calamity. It is a much slower-paced level than the other four areas, but once it's finished, it'll take some precision to get past it.

Also, so that I can get your feedback on all the new features I'm adding to Cosmic Calamity, you start at Cosmic Calamity. You won't start at it after I'm done developing all the features.

New features:

  • Cosmic Calamity! (But I've already talked about it so let's move on to its actual features:
    • Hot, hot stars fall at you, hoping to burn you to a crisp
    • However, a much bigger threat to you is the neutron stars. The blazing blue light radiated from them is enough to deal two hearts to your ship, and the cooler pulsars will deal one heart. However, the collision for the pulsars is pretty messed up, so I have some work cut out for me there.
    • Black holes - currently they just look cool and do one heart of damage, but in the next snapshot they will suck you in and either deal two hearts of damage or be instant death. I'm still trying to decide if I should do something that's harder (instant death) because this is the later game where it's supposed to be hard, or have it deal two hearts of damage because it sucks you in anyway, and that's gonna be hard enough to evade. Leave your suggestion in the comments section below.
  • And now on to the other new features (of which there's only a few that I can remember)!
    • Diamond Astro Dollars - they are much rarer than normal Astro Dollars and are the equivalent of four normal Astro Dollars. However, they don't fill up your health restore wrench more than normal Astro Dollars; I should definately fix that.
    • Added an ability indicator that shows how long it is before your ability recharges.
    • The version checker on the title screen has gotten a upgrade - it now says the newest version instead of just saying that there's an update available.

New changes:

  • Money is more likely to fall when you're on one heart
  • A Diamond Astro Dollar has a 1/10 chance to replace a normal Astro Dollar when it spawns
  • Minor tweaks
  • Bug fixes

Aaaand there's more! But you'll have to play it yourself to find the other features out. Give your suggestions in the comments section and the discussion board, and I'll see you on probably Friday with a snapshot finishing Cosmic Calamity!


Game link:

Itch profile:



Current Cosmic Calamity gameplay footage:



Thank you for your reply. Your request number is #098269


Hi! I released a really big and major update for my game, Direct Ascent about a week ago. Would you consider playing it? Thanks! :)

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but until now, that has not been true for Direct Ascent, my vertical endless runner with rockets - an entire cemetery of phones having been created for the people who tried out Direct Ascent on their phones only do discover they turned their phone into an air fryer. For anyone who had that happen to them, oops is all I could say.

UNTIL NOW! Last week, after releasing version 0.6.0, I made the decision to grit my teeth and remove the menace that is GetComponent One week later, and that goal has been successful.

Also, I did some more optimizations (see ya, Resources.Load!), changes (go away, old Unity input system!), bug fixes (Russian computer has fast rocket, American computer has normal rocket) and more!

Version 1.0 is next! Expect a lot more snapshots and progress updates as this update is going to have a lot of content.

Well, enjoy the update, enjoy an upcoming 1.0 roadmap, and make sure to put your feature discussions in the discussion board - it really helps when I'm not the only one deciding features for my game!


Link to Direct Ascent:

Link to my profile:

Link to my website:

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I have never broken so many mice in five minutes. 10/10

Cool! I look forward to playing it.

Hello! I just released a major update for my game, Direct Ascent. Would you consider playing and reviewing it? Thanks!

(I've been waiting to post a "play my game" again for when a new monthly post was created, but since the mods seem to not be doing what they said they would do, I'm posting here. Mods, if you're reading this, please do what you said you would do and create a "play my game" for August - not May!)