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I am submitting Alchemist because in the game maps are randomly generated (so, it makes something). Also, the player can craft special gems and then improve them with enhancements.
In a future update there will be a map editor coming, too.

There is also a boss slime enemy that can lay eggs. The eggs can hatch, so that slime also makes something :)

And I have some gameplay video, where I try to play it on hard difficulty but lose quickly :)

Thanks :)

This is not exactly a sequel but the spiritual successor for KingDoom:

Story and the world is different but the game style is the same.

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A text adventure game written on IBM-XT. You could move and pick up objects in it but it was never finished.

  • 1.188
    -New map with different waypoints setup added
    -Specials now can be upgraded for gold
    -A notification lets you know how many special gems have all ingredients after each wave 
    -Sky Blue Topaz now really does splash stun
  • 1.187
    -Fixed start button disappearing after undo problem
    -Start button repositioned so that it is not in the way when placing gems

  • 1.186

    -Game speed option added
    -Gem placement position offset fixed (now gem is placed exactly where the cursor points)
    -Dead bodies disappear after wave is finished to have a clear maze when placing gems
    -Path now updates after placing a gem
    -Start button is now available all the time so that you are not forced to place all gems just to start the next wave

  • v1.184
    - Grid added while placing gem/rock.
    - Undo button for undoing accidental gem placements
    - Difficulty lowered a LOT

Funny story :)

WarMage community · Created a new topic WarMage?

My game is called WarMage too :)


Would you be interested in making a bundle with me?




Would you be interested in making a bundle with me?




Would you be interested in making a bundle with me?



I suppose you do not have children, but imagine that you have one. Would you be happy seeing them play or just see this? Is there no moderation here?

Would you like to make a bundle together?

My game is:

If yes contact me at belanovak at

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Bundle cooperation

Hello! I like MewBase (at least the screenshots :)) so I would like to do a bundle with you.

My game is WarMage:

Let me know if you are interested.

Another disadvantage is that most people will think that you "stole" Wesnoth when they see the assets. :) I know this from experience :)

You can use Battle for Wesnoth art for free if you make your project open-source. Just an idea.

Hello! I prefer email: nb at

My twitter user is WarMageDev

Powercity 9000 community » General · Created a new topic Bundle?

Lets make a bundle with our games in it.

My game is this:

Regions of Ruin community · Created a new topic Bundle


I would like to make a bundle with you. My game is:

Let me know if you are interested!

Hello! I like Vilmonic and would like to make a bundle with you.

WarMage is my game:

WarMage community · Created a new topic Updates

I added new tutorial-like missions. Just start campaign and you will begin at the first mission. When done, start with "Campaign" button again and you will see the second, and so on...

I made that game in the video "modular 2D sci-fi" yes. But if you are asking about Cosmoteer, then no I did not make that.

Yes adding fighters would be cool :)

I really like Cosmoteer. :) Nice game and good work on the module system.

If I were you I would add trading and the option to board an enemy ship. (The crew could do combat inside the ship.)

I did try to develop something similar:

But the engine I was using was not that good (JGame) so I abandoned that project.

Hello would you be interested in making a bundle with our games in it? I am the dev of WarMage.

WarMage community · Created a new topic Suggestions - ideas

I want to have a thread dedicated to this topic to encourage comments with suggestions/ideas about game balance, mechanics and new features. So feel free to write here if you think you have a cool idea about how to go on with development.

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I do not use twitter much. Email?

And cardboardkeep is interested too so we may get that game into the bundle too. I will email him.

Hello! I wanted this bundle to be fantasy-themed. I think perhaps you could make a separate bundle with me and another one with KingOfPing. And yes, please try to make the bundle perhaps that way it will work.

Check it again it it is a co-op bundle and it says it is waiting for your confirmation.

Cool, I created the bundle :) Let me know if you would like to modify something in it :) I made it to expire in August so we keep the option to raise prices later if necessary.


Would you be interested in making a bundle with your game and my game in it?

In space there should be some kind of alien life-form.

Play my game WarMage:

WarMage Official Trailer

It is available on

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Check out the newly released fantasy strategy game WarMage on

or watch the trailer:

Summon your army, build and expand your kingdom then fight against orcs, bandits, lizardmen and draconians.

Be careful because each enemy has different skills and abilities and to win you have to know their weaknesses.

Your heroes are different too so their team composition is the key to victory.

In WarMage sometimes you may encounter enemies who will require a new approach. Having a single team is not enough, you will find many heroes useful in different ways.

Some units can be deployed behind the enemy, some can summon monsters in combat, and some will cast a spell that makes others faster.

Expanding your kindom is important because you can use the gained land to build farms. Grain can be used to feed your troops and the excess can be sold.

The lower level heroes can be placed in the Training Halls to gain experience or can be placed in the mines to gain gold even when you are offline.

If you find a tough opponent you may build a Watchtower and attack it with ballistas from afar to weaken it before the attack.

Try the text adventure and send a single adventurer to the underground tunnels.

Collect XP and epic items from there while you are away from the computer.

In the dungeons the adventure will depend on your hero's abilities. For example if you see in the journal that the hero always fails at climbing walls you can replace him with someone with more Dexterity. If you see that he always gets killed in battle you may replace him with someone with better equipment and higher level.


  • Various heroes and creatures with unique skills
  • Quick auto combat battles where formation is the key to victory
  • Adventure mini-game where you can collect equipment and use it at the battles
  • Battle against an AI player who will build, fight, and equip artifacts just like you
  • Build walls and settlements to contain the spread of enemy area
  • Planned features

  • Hot-seat and online coop and pvp multiplayer game modes
  • Endless mode where your army will fight through hundreds of enemies
  • Improved resource management, crafting
  • Note:

  • At the creation of WarMage I used assets from the open-source game Battle for Wesnoth legally and with permission.
  • WarMage is already available on Android.
  • Nice game! I created a game that is called WarMage too :) I hope that is OK for you.