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Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and comment, can't express how much I appreciate the feedback!

Yeah the manual is really buggy (as is the joystick), I am terrible with physics. Those are on the list to improve for sure.

Really great feedback about the differences, I've been testing it for so long it has become probably too obvious for me and just rewatching the video I can see exactly what you mean. The yellow highlighted body parts in the end are supposed to show the mutations, but I think it's hard to tell side by side. I think one good first fix for this will be playing the replay ghost as a translucent different colored avatar directly in place of the old one so it's easier to tell what happened.

Also the performance is not great right now and that is definitely screwing up the video/gameplay...the recordings are based off the tick and if frames skip then it screws up everything. I think I just thought of a fix for that now actually...!!

Thanks for the kind words and again for the feedback. I'll be playing your submission later today!