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I liked the the premise of the game. It reminded be a bit of Mini Metro.

Unfortunately, the game froze for me.

I enjoyed the art and the upbeat music. It made it fun to run around as a rabbit.

The controls felt a bit heavy as I kept sliding around when I wanted to stop. I was not sure what the overall objective was other than collect things around you.

What a beautiful story. Brought a tear to my eye. I liked the art, gave it a relaxing feel to the game. The audio helped as well.

I enjoyed playing this game.

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked the cue concept.

That is unfortunate you experienced input lag. The game may be too heavy for some hardware.

Thank you for playing! Sorry about the crashes. Hopefully you were able to still enjoy the game. 

I liked the uncontrollable aspect. A rather unique take. The game was fun, having to go through lasers.

My only complain would be that the controls take a while to get used to. Especially when you want to be precise, it is very hard to do so.

Overall, a challenging game to play.

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The aesthetic of the game gave it a pleasant, yet amusing experience. Seeing the Mushrooms and their faces was fun. Having two modes is a nice addition. The random expansion of tiles did give the sense that your growth is somewhat uncontrollable. The UI was great. It felt smooth when clicking on a mushroom, as well as highlighting which tiles your mouse is currently hovering over. It was satisfying to interact with the game.

I had to devote some time into learning how to play the game as it was not very clear how the mechanics worked. I used Zen mode as a tutorial while reading the text provided in the itch page to figure out how to play. Not ideal, but it was doable. Once I understood, off to combat I went!

The combat was confusing at first. It took me a while to realize that I could use the poison mushrooms to attack.

For some reason a badger was stuck in the far left corner. I could not grow my mushroom.

The main drawback seems to be the lack of clarity concerning the game-play mechanics.

Once you know how to play, you get in the groove with the help of the upbeat music. But after a while it ended up turning into a "click + next turn" over and over until you win.

Overall, I enjoyed playing it after learning the rules. The upbeat music and the 3D models +  mushroom faces did give it this likable tone to the overall game.

I had a relaxing time playing this game. The 3d models did help give it a relaxing vibe.

I wasn't exactly sure how the goats and the hay worked so I just joined them together in the hopes that something happened.

I quite enjoyed trying to avoid having the stock crash. A simple, hard game. Very creative!

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Congratulations in completing your first jam game, it being an RTS as well and doing it on your own!

The RTS elements worked rather well. The message was helpful to know how to play.  The background did give it this mystifying atmosphere to the game. I really liked the idea of the cells defending the body from unwanted cells.

After defeating the enemies, I was not sure what I had to do until I zoomed out and saw the enemy base. While zoomed out it was difficult to select a single unit as I had to drag to select just one unit which was difficult as the units were tiny.

The enemies did not feel that much of a challenge, as I just sent my brawlers and destroyer cells. Although the Enemy base was tough, that is for sure.

I was not exactly sure how the Worker cells actually worked. Do they just exist and create resources?

Overall, a simple RTS game. 

A fun and simple game to play. I liked the twist of tetris in this one. The physics gave it a layer of challenge to the game, as it could make placements unpredictable at times.

The high score was a nice touch, and kept me going after a while.

It would have been nice if the main menu and background had some art. Something to add some charm to it.

Overall, I enjoyed playing it.

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Thank you for playing the game! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it despite the struggle of herding bunnies.

About the left-right:

When you jump while moving: if you stop moving towards your initial direction, you still keep going forward. This makes it hard to be precise on where you land as you have to press "left-right" in order to position yourself in the desired spot.

Thank you for playing and the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere and the music.

The beginning did not have much guidance on what to do. We mostly let the player explore on their own. We should have added a bit more guidance to avoid such frustrations you had.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

Glad the abundant of blood bags in the beginning helped. Thank you for playing, and glad you had fun!

Thank you for playing and the feedback! 

Such a silly game, I love it! Short and simple experience. 

The gate textures were a bit weird as they moved when I got closer.

The introduction of the game-mechanics was great as I knew exactly what to look for. I enjoyed having a blaze rod to ignite squares. The audio and music added an eerie atmosphere to the game. Controls for the player felt responsive. The checkpoint systems was a nice touch.

Although it is a puzzle game, I had no idea where I had to go or what to do after a while. Felt it was too dark to understand how it is all connected.

Overall, a good and stylized puzzle platformer.

The platforming was good. The art gave it a simplistic style.

The movement from left-right felt a bit hard to be precise. Often causing me to die. Some audio would have been nice to listen to as I killed the minions. Giving some objective or making it clear that you need to collect some items to advance would have been helpful. I thought I was stuck in the second level. The game is unforgiving, if you die you restart.

Overall, a nice game.

The art and audio gave it a dreary atmosphere that I loved. The controls felt responsive.

I had not idea what to do in the beginning. I accidentally placed the gas can into the darkness so I could not get it back. Perhaps some indication on what I can click would be nice. 

Overall, I really liked the atmosphere of the game.

The sound effects and story were good. Made it feel a bit like a horror game. The art style also added a nice charm to the game. Good controls.

The camera was a bit nauseating if I move from various directions rapidly. I liked the reloading mechanic, but it made it hard to fight more than one enemy at a time. It is too slow and the enemies are fast that by the time I finish reloading I am dead. It does add a bit of strategy, though.

Overall, a fun and difficult game.

I liked the idea and the story. It was indeed frustrating! The art and audio seemed to fit the tone of the game. The level design was well made as I felt there was enough of a challenge to go through.

In the lab stage, it seemed impossible to pass the moving block as you would end up getting killed simply by standing still. Having to respawn on the first area from transitioning was great until you end up spawning right below some spikes. The controls felt a bit tough to use as I did not feel I had complete control of the player.

Overall, the platforming was decent but can use some work.

Fun puzzle game! Trying to arrange the blocks to have the ball reach the goal was entertaining. It made me think "How can I cheese it?". An activity I enjoy doing in these kind of games. The art and music suited the aesthetic of the game very well. 

The controls were good, but I encountered a bug where some blocks would follow you after you left-click even though you are not dragging them. This was annoying, but I managed to find a solution by just right-clicking the object many times.

Overall, a fun puzzle game.

The art style and transition between rooms was great. The game seemed to have potential. Really curious as to where it would have been taken. I liked the Wizard hat as a house.

I enjoyed the story of the game. The controls felt smooth, but I noticed I walk faster when going diagonally. The art was nice to look at. It gave it a charm to it. The fart was a funny addition.

The introduction was superb!

I had problems with wall collision as well as some rooms not being lit when I entered. The backtracking to get gears felt tedious as I could only carry one item.

Overall, nice game.

The goal of the game was simple, but the unique mechanics made it fun to achieve. I enjoyed the art and voice acting of the game. It added to the feel of the game.

It took me a while to understand what I had to do, but good thing I could play around and figure it out on my own. After uniting the Earth, I had no idea what to do, so I assumed it was over.

Overall, a solid game.

The art and was very well done and the animations were smooth. I liked the story element of the game, and having cutscenes. As well as how you managed to make the music fit to the ongoing events in the game. 

The combat was fun at first, but felt repetitive after a while. I felt something more could have been done with the combat. 

Overall, a nice looking game with a captivating story.

I liked the concept of controlling a robot while having to also control the camera. It was unique. The map to choose locations was cool. As well as the art style. Having an animated face be talking to you was cool.

The game did feel a bit slow as the robot did not move too fast. Especially when it was destroying machines. 

It was a fun and simple game. Well done. Having different fish that give different point was a nice mechanic.

The game had a nice artstyle to it. I liked how you had to switch between weapons to give to the hero. 

The challenge seem to be to find the correct weapon before it was too late. It also got a bit repetitive after a while.

Overall, I enjoyed helping the hero.

The art was fantastic, I really liked looking at it. The game was simple but conveyed the theme well.

It did get repetitive after a while, but I enjoyed the last enemy. 

Overall, a pleasing game to look at and simple.

I got flooded with bunnies that I could barely catch a mushroom! I really enjoyed the introduction and how it felt like an arcade. Nice effect.

I did accidently restarted the game when I pressed pause. I guess my brain did not register that star t meant restart.

Overall, a challenging game.

I had fun bashing my way through offices. Although it did get a bit repetitive after a while. I was not sure whether the levels were procedurally generated or they indeed was an end.

Overall, a good game. I like it.

I like how the mechanics were introduced with the menu. The concept of having to maintain my minions alive through devouring the place was fun.

Although I had not idea what I was doing other than making them go to places. Some of the mining sites were off screen for some reason. Which meant I could not send to to eat. Also, I was not sure what each mining site did. If they gave water or food. Maybe a label for each site would have helped.

In Linux it crashes when I press start.

Such a cool concept. Being able to see the hero's journey while you are concocting new items for him to use was great. 

Although, at times I had to wait as the new recipes did not pop up fast enough.

Cool game to be playing as the robber. The FPS camera felt great and responsive.

It was hard to use cover as you got instantly shot. I found out that as long as you stay still, they may not shoot you.

I enjoyed the cure artwork. The mechanic of giving effects to the enemies and the character was fun. Having to think fast on your feet to choose the the spell that gave you the most advantage was also fun.

I was not sure what the goal was so I just kept playing until I died.