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Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed playing.

We are still unsure whether this will be a one-time thing.

The UI looks so cool! The controls suited the gameplay as it added difficulty to the game.

I had no idea what to do other than destroy things and not use too much fuel.

Overall, I enjoyed the game.

The music and feel of the game mixed well together. I like the dialogues you could have amongst the people, and the small quests.

Music was a bit loud, and it was weird controlling the rotation of the player using AD, but that could just be me.

Overall, an entertaining experience.

I like the art and animations, they are smooth and give it a joyous feel to the game.

Gameplay was simple with a fun ending in the end.

Tee graphics and audio suited the game so well. The controls were good. Having to use physics to move around added to the challenge.

A nice immersive game.

The graphics were great and the controls felt good to use.  The puzzles were fun to go through.

The music fit the theme of the game, relaxing yet adventurous.

Took me a while to figure out how to suck in the clouds, but I managed to figure out the controls.

Overall, Nice looking game with some fun puzzles.

The model looks gorgeous. A shame you did not have time, but glad you learned a lot along the way.

Quite an addicting version of snake. The music suited the style of the game.

I noticed a bit of delay when trying to move.

I had fun running around and collecting items. The art was nice.

After crafting all the items, I had no idea what to do with them. The Water area did not seem to provide any new items to craft. Some music would have been nice to hear while running.

The art was nice and the gameplay was simple but fun to play. After a while it did get repetitive. 

I had no idea how many birds were left. The bombs seemed to only destroy buildings, but not damage enemies.

Overall, an entertaining game.

A very cool concept and executed well. It seems very polished.

The main menu art is beautiful. I like the stealth mechanic of the game, although the levels were easy to do, it was fun nonetheless. I also enjoyed the music.

The art while playing was too green as it blended with the background. It was hard to see where the obstacles were.

Overall, a fun game.

I don't know how to describe it. Something that combines the idea of traveling with danger.

I chose wrong...

Entertaining game to play. I think I was able to cheat by getting an abundant amount of food, although I don't really know how the food and fatigue actually affect your decision in the end.

The way the game mechanics are introduced is very well done. It was fun traversing each world.

Very relaxing and fun to play. The music helped give it that relaxing feeling.

Puns were everywhere! I really liked the gameplay where your bees are your rate of fire. Was a fun mechanic to kill the slimes. I enjoyed the final boss battle and the voice acting.

The movement felt a bit rough, especially when jumping. It would take a while to start running. 

Overall, a good game.

Fun and simple game. I had no idea what to do, though, other than find food and attract people.

Some music would have created an atmosphere that would be enthralling.

Overall, I like it.

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Pixel art in the game was beautiful. Main menu greeting gave the feeling of an adventure!

I liked the hexagon board where you have to select your route based on the resources you required. The music was well suited for the game.

A bit slow at times where you have to wait for some resources to appear but that might be the aim of the game. Some of the tribesmen kept getting stuck behind the wagons.

Overall, a a good game with splendid art and music.

Fun game to play. Really enjoyed the concept of trying to defend the caravan along its journey.

The art and audio of the game mix well together. Gameplay is fun although I had no idea how the objects I bought helped as my guys always died.

Controlling units was sometimes a problem as the click to move did not register. Combat felt like I had no say in it, but that could be the point.

Overall, an enjoyable game to play.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

We planned to have it be more of a challenge to solve to get past the animals, but we were running out of time.

Glad you enjoyed the experience.

I liked the concept of the game and how you have to defend an aircraft with he power of typing.

The sound effects were nice. Might have created a better atmosphere with some music.

Although after a while it did get repetitive having to type the words.

Overall, good game.

The idea of the game was fun and challenging. The vast desert made it hard to both find the items and get back to your hut. Felt more like a game of chance at times.

I could see the black void of the world at the edge.

Having music or effects would have added to the feeling of despair and anxiety

Decent game, overall

The graphics are soothing to eyes of the beholder, with the combination of the music it creates a relaxing game. 

My sheep kept getting killed.

I was not sure where to go while playing. It was also hard to move the shepherd while also herding the sheep. They would often be offscreen. 

Overall, good game.

Very creative! Enjoyed trying to attack to the the rhythm. Graphics and audio fit the style of the game.

Nice voice acting!

Glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it.

Did not know "Acoustic Kitty" was a thing! Really liked the art and the music.

Gameplay was fun and simple, although for some reason I kept getting launched outside of the level when trying to move or be set back a couple of steps.

Overall, a good game.

Interesting concept with playing both sides trying to achieve the same goal. Really liked the animal approach for representation USA and the USSR.

The gameplay felt monotonous after a while. Just click and press a button and wait. Did not understand the point of the third worker other than it sabotaging? 

Overall, decent game.

I tried playing it, but pressing buttons does not seem to do anything. Also, the button's text are not aligned in their boxes.

Thank you for playing!

Took all the time in the jam except two days to make. I decided to take a relaxed approach towards this jam which is why it is simple.

An enjoyable game. Had some trouble with the screen size. Some areas and buttons were not visible unless I played in fullscreen.

Really liked the wall jump mechanic, al though at times I was climbing a platform by accident.

Levels were basic although level 3 felt a bit long. Especially once you are near and die.

Overall, a decent game.

Enjoyed playing the game. Reminded me of those old pixel platformer games of the past.

Mechanics were well done for the type of game: simple yet effective.

Overall, good game

Thank you very much for playing, and thanks!

That is a good point about restarting immediately into the game. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for playing! Really glad you enjoyed playing it.

What do you mean by "some sort of SFX"? Have more SFX included when the nuke hits a wall or while it is in air? More variety? As at the moment there are only a few SFX in the game.

It does take some work trying to be precise with the paddle, that I agree.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Really enjoyed the concept of figuring out where the tunnel was.

The Main menu animation, buttons and overall feel of the game was very well done. The tutorial explained the rules of the game very well made. I liked how you could transition into the game after the tutorial.

The music was well made! I liked how it varied from the in-game and the tutorial. In-game music gave it a detective feel to it. As if I was a detective figuring out the case of the mysterious tunnel.

Having two different phases was a nice touch.

Some Remarks:

It might have been better to have the block's number displayed next to it in the map instead of clicking it. I feel this would help in quickly seeing where they are going, instead of having to memorize everything.

Maybe have some shortcut keys to: Investigate, watch list and arrest, to avoid having to drag the mouse back and forth from the map and onto the interaction panel.

This might have been me, but I felt that more tools for the detective would help a lot, as it is quite difficult  to gauge what exactly is happening with a lot of people moving about (like I said, could be just me). Something like restricting an area for a certain amount of time. Something that maybe could help me isolate a suspicious section of the city.

I don't know if it was intentional, but having icon textures when investigating might help gain a better idea of what they carry, instead of dragging your mouse. This would help save time as time is precious!

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the game. It was fun being a detective, even though I failed to find the tunnel.

Enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the card-game. The overall look and feel of the game felt polished, besides the buttons. Each puzzle forcing you to think in different ways with the mechanics of the game. Very well made.

A simple and fun game. Scored 101%, now that is radical. The music fits well with the art style. Controls felt a bit heavy, but was able to get used to it.

When reaching 101%, I did not know what to do. Was it meant to end?

Overall, a good game.

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Fun game. Really enjoyed the rythm aspect of the game, although it was a bit annoying getting stuck in between the rectangles.

Other than that, good game.

Unique gameplay. One that I am not used to, which shows as I was stuck in level 2.

Liked the eerie music.