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No thank you for always making them good! Keep it up :)

This was so stressful! Poor green guys ç_ç good game, I think it conveyed the theme in a great way. My high score is 7445.

Thank you so much for the very kind words. I am happy that you found it challenging but fair, that's what I was going for.

That was quirky and hilarious. Loved that. Solid entry, keep up the good work!

Very fun game and great first work. Congratulations! It has a good and fun simple design with nice visuals. If anything, I'd suggest some audio feedback on collisions when you have the shield as well.

Well done!

It's pretty fun, although I COMPLETELY suck at it. The orc cry is just pure gold. Love it!

Nice entry! I got 140 as my high score.

Keep up the good work Warkus, I'm loving your PSX art style games.

I truly love your creativity and character design! Super nice animations and very nice little game.

You're really nailing the retro style! It was fun to play, well done!

Super cute! Another very creative and inspiring piece.

Thanks for sharing! I'll dive into it and see what I can apply to my game.

You just need a slider going from -24 to 0 value wise (you can use a different range, I like that one which was used in the tutorial I followed). Then you connect the value_changed signal to a script running this code:

func _on_VolumeSlider_value_changed(value):
    if value == -24:
        AudioServer.set_bus_mute(AudioServer.get_bus_index("Master"), true)
        AudioServer.set_bus_mute(AudioServer.get_bus_index("Master"), false)
        AudioServer.set_bus_volume_db(AudioServer.get_bus_index("Master"), value)

You need to tweak the buses if you want to use different ones for music and sound effects. This will affect the master volume. Enjoy!

Hello Sayanel! Thanks for trying it and your suggestions. Right now spines which hit produe a small particle and enemies briefly flash white (mostly visible on ghosts as they have some HP, whereas bats have 1 or 2 I think). Maybe I should make the particles bigger or add some sound (which I was a bit afraid of doing  due to the sheer volume of bullets). Do you think player also needs more feedback on top of sound and screenshake?

Super cool game! I liked the pixel art a whole lot (especially the little characters) and the overall presentation was very good. Sound design was on point too. I rage quit after two runs in which I got downgrades that made it very difficult to shoot (a whirl thing making it very hard to aim and an icy thing which made bullets take a running start, often crashing on the wall behind me in tight quarters).

Nice job, great entry!

Hello dunkelgrau! Thanks you for tryin the demo and commenting. The setting is weird indeed. The original idea was to fight a Demonology book who summoned minions on the way. The cactus wizard was just an old idea sleeping in my sketches. I thought it could make for a fun character in an '80s style cute 'em up, using different configurations of spines as bullets.

I agree it's not super clear how to start the game, sorry it wasted your time. I'm still working on this prototype and I hope to turn into a short full game.

Pretty fun and good looking digital board game. I enjoyed my time with it and it's a very solid entry.

Very well done!

Hello angelab! Thanks for playing and the kind words! If you want I can share my volume control thingy with you, it's pretty simple and you can just copy/paste it in projects. I only used it twice, but I should get a habit of including it in all my jam games I think.

It's embarassing I called it Needlemancer but the actual name for them is spines... ^^

Infuriatingly fun game. Please add a "nuke them all" button. I completed in 6:42, with my hands soaked in dust after a slaughter. It was very cute and polished, most people already pointed out the font issue.

Great job!

Very cool and atmospheric! I enjoyed the visuals and sound a lot. I suck horribly at nailing boards. HORRIBLY.

Thank you so much! It was a first attempt and it takes me a long time, but I am enjoying pixel art, although I am no artist.

Hi PixelMetalWolf! Thank you so much. Unfortunately there is no level design in the current demo, it's just randomly spawning dudes in order to have something to shoot at/dodge while testing. I didn't actually complete a proper game (I am very slow), but i still wanted to share what I managed to create. I will try and update this into a meaningful game.

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Nice to see you pushing out more games! I looove the cover art and character design on this one sooo much. Nice music and art! I had lots of fun clearing the game. It is super tough in the beginning, but it was cool to learn the system, dash through the level, pick up powerups and kite enemies into bibliotecary death traps.

Very good game!

Pretty nice experience! I liked the pixel art a lot and the overall map layout. Maybe some shortcuts would have been nice, but that's just nitpicking! The only weird thing I noticed was in the fire cave: is the player supposed to be able to walk everywhere? I also liked the soundtrack, although the damage sound effect could maybe be a bit less loud.

Overall a very good job, well done! Nice feeling of exploration, I got 30 tiny books in about 16 mins I think? I died once in the fire cave, not sure how, but I think I wasn't supposed to walk on the light part of the map.

I got stuck as an amazon driven by supreme lust in my quest for the book by smashing head against the forcefield in the library. Congratulations, what an impressive entry on so many levels, incredible work for this time frame. Will play it more in the future in order to solve it. The dice/pool mechanic was pretty cool.

Amazing job!

Great production value, the game has a nice and coherent flair and its design is simple enough yet challenging and interesting. Lots of nice touches and details. People already stated a few balance issues, but that's an easy fix with some iterations and I personally think it is the hardest thing to get right in jam, as it is the most time consuming.

Very well done!

Hello LoricGarde! Thanks for taking the time to give it a try and for your feedback. I am glad you liked the art, it's my first attempt at pixel art and it was my main focus in this project. I agree it does not add anything to the old '80s shooter formula gameplay wise. Hopefully with more time I'll be able to make a decent shooter out of it and add more compelling characters.

Hi lapspider45, thank you for playing. I am happy you liked the visuals, with some more effort I will try to make a well paced shooter out of this. The balancing part will be the most difficult and time-consuming I think.

Hello Golden! Thanks for taking the time to play around with my project and for the kind words. I am glad you liked the visuals, as it was where I put most of my effort and it was my first attempt at pixel art. Hopefully I'll be able to make a fun little shooter out of it, with time.

The hitbox is indeed a little smaller than the sprite, as it is custom with 2D shooters although you are right in assessing that it's not clear where it actually is (mostly the face area). I might probably just make it the whole cactus. Thanks for the feedback!

There's definitely a luck element involved, especially concerning what information is revealed (which is n° 1 priority should I develop this design more), which may make some runs highly relying on chance. Sometimes you can play around not knowing by having an all rounder with a good morale bonus, but rosters don't always allow for that.

Right now it's a bit rough on that aspect, it was my first 48h jam and I needed something quick and dirty. It came out pretty dirty!

Thank you so much for playing and providing feedback!

Outstanding entry as usual. I loved the visuals and sound. I raged at sticking crystals in. Great job!

This was super fun! Too bad you couldn't manage to add sounds, but I totally understand the deadline struggle. Nice simple concept and funny presentation, very well done!

This game is fun! I liked the characters' design and the mechanic is very neat. The player character feels a bit slow, but I guess that also helps with precision. Well done!

This game was soo weird and I loved it. I died at first, but then I stepped up my Goeeys ballistics game and I tore the beast apart! Nice job!

I got overrun by frogs T_T

Pretty impressive strategy game, congrats on achieving this in such a short timeframe!

Insane production value for a 48h jam, and pretty fun puzzle game on top of it.

I am incredibly impressed, good job!

We all died as buds T_T

The game looks adorable and has a very cool concept, but as mentioned the controls are a bit wonky. I noticed that my jump inputs only worked if I barely pressed the corresponding key (like for a single frame). Any longer press would deny the jump.

There a few minor visual bugs (I hope you'll take this as useful):

  • one of the squirrel-on-ostrich idle frames features what seems to be a piece of beak from another frame on the left;
  • when you jump as a character-on-another-character while running, the character is both shown riding and jumping detached . Similarly, if you pick up someone while running, it won't show up until the running animation switches to something else;

Very impressive work for 48h, nice concept, pretty art and music. Well done!

Very cool and challenging game! Level 3 got me raging already!

Can't get under 45:02. I am pretty sure I can do something about the last water part by failing on purpose in order to get a better tempo.

Timer needs to start on first step, not on load. There's a small bug, sometimes when one fails on moving platforms over water, those platforms stop moving. If it happens on the edge where there's no room for my huge foot, game is in an unwinnable state.

This is so fun OMG!