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Alright nice, thanks a lot!

My game was accidentally deleted and there is now no file in my already-submitted project. May I have the opportunity to upload my game again? It says that uploads are disabled due to the voting period.

There's a game breaking bug, this is known and a fix is coming up.

Thanks! Our original idea for this jam was flappy bird but with a different gimmick, so you're spot on!

I don't usually play text-based games, but this was really nice! Huge potential if expanded.

I haven't seen this style before, it was nice to try something new. Keep at it!

A nice challenging platformer... pretty fun! The transistions are cool as well.

Physics based games are always fun! Good stuff!

I like it! Very nice.

Thanks for your comments! Those points that you bring up are very valid and things that we found we struggled with most in development, so I find your suggestions very helpful. Definitely will be keeping that in mind for further updates.

Thanks for the feedback! Just as an FYI, to use the yellow things you press space :)