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The simple graphics and peaceful music made it an enjoyable game to play. It was easy to learn. If an enemy gets to the nexus it's pretty hard to recover, he just devoured mine and became a giant blob, pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

The art and effects are well done. The game is challenging but easy to understand. I was able to get a high score of 10. Thanks for sharing!

Music was enjoyable. It's very easy to die, very easy! I like the collapsing rooms. Thanks for sharing!

The graphics are cute. Good use of the theme! I liked the music and sound effects. The game is difficult but not impossible. Thanks for sharing!

The character is really cute. Him shrinking was a good idea. I thought at first to run through the enemies legs when tiny enough but only resulted in dying. There is potential here, keep it up! Thanks for sharing!

Really like the pixel art. The music is great along with the sound effects. The design is pretty good and progressively gets more difficult. Thanks for creating it!

Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of not just adding the numbers for them. If there was a timer to finish their turn then it could require them to do quick math!

Cute game. I liked playing as the house. Took some time to realize how the game worked but it wasn't too hard to win either way. The art is fun and the sound effects are great. Thanks for sharing!

The game offers a good challenge. Difficult with a trackpad, bullets just won't fire at times. The art turned out really nice and the sound effects sound great. Thanks for sharing!

I gave it another shot! So essentially we are both spelling a word. I need to choose the next letter in the word and get it bigger. It makes sense now!

Cool use of the theme. Thought it was an infinite runner. I chose to be as small as possible the entire time. Thanks for sharing!

Congrats on your first jam! It came out really great. The character is cute and the final boss was a funny addition. The audio sounded good too, nice. Great job!

Game has a nice difficulty curve. I reached level 16384 but wonder how big it gets. The art style is cute! I like the music and sound effects too. Thanks for sharing.

Easy to learn and collect points. Most of my deaths occurred from falling too fast. My high score is 126! Thanks for sharing!

Took me a bit to figure out to swipe to response. Afterwards, following the story was interesting. I liked the characters and story. Thanks for sharing the game!

Great game! Matching the shapes was not easy. The music was serene and made me want to keep playing. I like how the shapes and text are animated/scribbled. Thanks for sharing!

Cool game! This is one of the only 3d games I played so far and it looks great. The music and sound effects really bring me into the world. The platforming was a bit difficult with the first-person-camera. Thanks for sharing!

The game looks great and stylized. I like being able to pick my own songs. I wish I could make more than one mistake and had more feedback when pressing keys. Great job on the game though!

Simple take on the theme. The first level is pretty punishing if you fall. I expected the bigger enemies to take more hits. I like that the art is pretty custom.

I like the idea. The game is so fast paced that I could hardly keep up though. The pixel style is cute and I liked the music + sound effects.  The key placement is a bit awkward for me, using some keys on the right side of the key board would make it a bit easier. Thanks for sharing, good job!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree going through 100 cards takes quite a bit of time. I think that maybe there could be a certain score where a winner can be declared

The audio and sound effects came out really nice. I enjoyed the art. The game was difficult but fun to play. I'm bad at dodging bullets while small so I die pretty quick. Thanks for creating it!

Pixel graphics turned out really nice. I like the music used and sound effects. When I thought there was no challenge, I found that spamming the flame kills me! It was difficult to maintain the fire properly and platform at the same time. Great game, thanks for sharing!

I like the slider but it think only 3 sizes really matter in the game. The pixel art is nice. The sound effects and music add a lot to the game as well. Thanks for sharing!

The snowy music is very soothing. The puzzles get difficult but manageable. I like building the snowball and splitting it in half. The art is very nice. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! I would have liked to add multiplayer, I only thought about it for remote players but your suggestion could work for local multiplayer as well.

The lighting looks really nice in the game. The concept itself is simple and works well. Physics is a bit weird because the ball will stick to the wall. Great game and thanks for sharing!

Thanks for saying that! I really wanted there to be some strategy involved. Like trying to create small sum with many cards or large sum with few cards in order to trick the opponent.

Thank you! I'm glad you had a great time!

Appreciate the tutorial. The gameplay is straight-forward. The graphics are cute and I enjoy the music and sound effects.  The game was fun and the time limit created an extra challenge. Thanks for sharing!

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Fun and cute game. The level design is very good, especially the progression. The art is well done along with music and sound effects. I like that you can quickly retry and learn and experiment. I got stuck on the catapult level. Thanks for sharing!

Very cute art. The rules are difficult to keep stright and makes it a challenge. Would be nice with some amusement park audio or kids complaining. I enjoyed it a lot, thanks for sharing!

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The strategy was easy to understand but not always possible to have winning outcomes. The art was nice and I enjoyed the sound effects. I think the furthest I got was room 16. Would feel more complete with some music. The game did crash one time while purchasing the :|-<3 item. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the feedback. I agree, the computer is a bit limited. Looks like it will always try to play less cards than the human which makes it easy to win once you figure that out.

The art for this game is really nice even though being simple. The platforming was difficult to say the least, probably mostly because of the first-person camera. The music was pretty relaxing and helped against the rage. I was able to get the ball and die but didn't have to get it again thankfully. The camera control would not wrap, so some platforming was made harder than necessary. Thanks for sharing!

I'm not entirely sure what is happening but it looks cool. Either I am really good at this game or really bad. I can't tell. Thanks for sharing traversing the tunnel!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! Good point about the checkbox, it could easily be missed for sure. I'm happy you were able to figure out but how to play but I agree that the rules could definitely be revised.

Fun game, moving around was easy and intuitive. The music and sound effects are really nice. The art is well done and the characters are easy to identify. The evolution aspect is a little random but the different mechanics are fun. Some reason the first time required to double jump took me a lot of tries because sometimes the first jump I do is mid-air which prevents the second jump. Dashing took some time to figure out. I got to the drone and when I died it used the checkpoint right before which just instantly kills me over and over. I enjoyed the game a lot, thanks for sharing.

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The art is cute and the game is difficult. The limit on bullets added an extra challenge too. I like the sound effects, but music would help a lot. It would be cool to add more guns if you expand on the game. Thanks for sharing, great job!

Good take on theme. Would like a restart because I failed so many times. The art is pretty good. Thanks for sharing the game.