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You know when you make something in Unity, it all works, then an hour before submission, you make the first build. You would think that we would know not to do that by now but here we are!

My team and I are planning on slowly adding features, pinball is much more involved than a weekend haha. Feel free to follow and hopefully all the issues will be resolved soon. Plus the future may hold a sandbox mode :O

Suuuper cool idea and fun to play, would be nice to play after a bit of level design!

After an absolutely excruciating yet fun hour and giving up on level 16, I have some feedback I would love to share.

The Good: 

- Beautiful aesthetic that matches the game perfectly

- Incredibly unique mechanic that can be layered

- Level design was very well done, introducing everything slowly

Could be improved:

- Holy slippery, please up the friction a bit

- The fun in the game comes from the main mechanic of moving through "dimensions." Having movement be visualized as a straight line takes focus away from the game. Having a curve that follows your path would be help this so that you always know where each jump is going to land you

- Adding to the discombobulation that comes from the rest, potentially desaturating the colors in the "non-active" dimensions could help to pull focus to which squares you have control over

I can not wait to see how this progresses with every update, great work thus far! :D

Thank you :D, we used unity!

Many things will be balanced after the jam period, thanks for playing!
Note: It is not meant to go fullscreen, it is part of the aesthetic of the game

We tried so hard to get screen wrapping to work well haha, There are 8 ghost ships in a grid outside the map that follow every move and appear when inside the screen but to get that asteroids wrapping feel while a crate is attached to you was not something we figured out. and yea...the green guys suck :( They were nerfed but the build finished 30 seconds after deadline

Space or Enter :)

Wooden crates are so versatile

Thank you so much!

Thank you!


Yea, we tried to reset everything on death but we ran out of time. And not including a reset button is a huge oversight haha

Thank you :D

Thank you! I cant wait to have real level designers make better levels haha

You submitted something, so thats all that matters. The next game will be better, and then the next one will be better :D Keep going!

Fantastic job then!

Alright after downloading it I loved the idea! The controls kiiiinda suck but that can always be changed. My suggestion is just a click and drag instead of the awkward click and scroll. But there was a lot going on to help know what colors I had selected with the reflections and it was overall a great experience!

Very calming and unique, great job!

All I can say is that this was absolutely incredible. Fantastic job

Very fun and very nice art, Well done! :D

Very cohesive art style and the sounds were great. Wonderful job!

For being a very simplified slender, it was surprisingly effective at being creepy, Great job!

It was an interesting game, I think the controls made it a bit tough but regardless, it was nice.

I do have to ask you if all the models are made during the jam because you are working alone, and as a Game artist myself, to make that character and animations is highly unlikely. But I could always be wrong and you may have a work flow that is highly efficient. But that is my thought process

Gotcha, in that case maybe a nice color palette would help. The shapes are nice and I do think they look nice

thank you!

I believe fonts are usually good to be premade because nobody expects you to make your own font

What a unique mechanic! geez, I loved this

One light source? nah, NO light sources muhahahaha! That was a good time, great entry

I think it is too difficult because relying on death to progress is so punishing it doesnt feel good. And there are SO many spikes

Holy hard haha, I would love to see this at a classic arcade

What incredible art! That was brilliant!

Very satisfying and quick game. Well done!

That was very fun :D I suggest looking into how to lock magnitude on a player controller to make the diagonal movement the same as the lateral movement. Very fun mechanics otherwise!

I will try downloading  it when I finish all the web games :D

Wowee was I a bit confused haha. I think it is just weird having these odd models stacking ontop of eachother without a clear mark of failure. I like that it told me what I could destroy but I wish it didnt need to be there. I think if everything wasnt just an outline I would enjoy it more. And if the object made more sense. It was very well made though, good job :D