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My laptop got stolen  :(  but thankfully I backed an older version on drive so I'm not gonna start from scratch, I'm working on another project rn but I definitely will let you know once I have something playable.

I commented on ur website here btw

Thanks again for all the kind words it's really encouraging and the whole team loved it, it honestly felt much better than winning the jam hearing that you guys liked it, you're doing great work.

thank you so much guys, I made a more detailed comment on the podcasts page but in case u don't see it I want you to know that I really appreciate ur kind words and criticisms and will be releasing a better version soon

hahaha well too late now, still loved it. great work

this is amaaazing, the only game on itch i'm actually excited for

yeah i got that but they also teleport you ahead a bit

a very professional speedrun

thank you, im really happy you liked it

keyboard im cool with the wasd and arrows at the same time thing but every other button felt awkward

You wouldn't be so scared if you saw how they look like in the light hahaha, thanks for playing

those little things b really add up, great work

I can clearly see that, great job

Well those are great for sure,I guess I'm just not good lol

pressed space to jump, threw torch into the abyss instead. 10/10 too relatable

i thought the roughness was on purpose, really sold that 90s cybercool aesthetic

this is some sickeningly adorable art, look at his little mustache i love it. its really hard tho are the candles supposed to teleport u or is that a glitch ?

just saw u made the trapping game for mashup game jam, i loved that game definitely one of my favourites out of that jam, i made the sausage game in that one lol if you saw it

i didnt get far but i love this art, i'm definitely coming back to this one

is it weird that i really like this art style ? love the main hook of the game and how you used the theme but the controls just felt a bit too floaty to my taste idk why i just couldnt get used to how the player moved

this is too stressful for me lol, feels great to play tho i love the simple but clear artsyle, its even cooler that you incorporated it into the logo, you dont see that too often

why is this so damn satisfying, game feels great

read the description folks this guy isn't messing around, for an engine that has no lighting you sure managed well enough i was frustrated for like 5 straight mins before i figured out how it works but overall great game one of the best 2d entries so far

this would be perfect as a mobile game, will let you know if i rip it off later hahaha, love it

this is some of the best level design i've seen in a jam game, the aesthetics are very limboey and nice even though it could use a little polish it still stands out, i didnt finish it yet but i downloaded it cuz this game deserves its own time, great work

i really didnt know what to expect, im just happy this exists. despite it's subject matter this actually made me happy and dar i say, understood? great work i love the writing i love the music i just love this and i can't wait to see what you come up with

my god this is amazing, beautiful light effects and the player is so smooth to control i really wish it was longer dont get me wrong i loved the pacing i never felt stuck but it was over so quick, this idea was what we were trying to go for with memorizing where you need to go and then losing ur light but u did it so much better, great job man (and that ending made me think i unlocked a new game plus in color lol actually kept playing for a while longer) great job

i thought this would a simple game but damnnn that is one great control scheme, took me a while to get used to controlling two different things at the same time but then you barely feel its there. great little game and beautiful clear art, i just wish the action controls were a little less confusing

god this is way too good for a jam game, just wish it was longer

sure bro its 9397

i couldn't find you on discord im @alismmka

like that japanese unit yeah i watched a couple movies on it, nah i'm ok with any subject idk how to make a game out of it tho

hey man, i'd love to team up i have a couple ideas but would love a second opinion

first i thought cool you can make anything but then again you can make ANYTHING so i obviously just can't settle on one thing, anybody wanna chime in or team up?

Indeed, I was trying to capture the subtle melancholy that accompanies limited freedom as a metaphor for the human condition in purgatory 2

Yeesh, sorry for that. More characters would be great I really see a lot of potential in it

I believe it's a message that's worth spreading, I strive for a world where we're all inspired, motivated and touched by the great sausage in the sky. ok maybe minus the touching.

I can swear I rated this before so ignore this if I did, but I really really love the art in this game there's nice feedback to the shooting and the girls are just adorable I love the concept I just wish there was some kind of meaningful progression I understand it's a jam game but I was hooked and just wanted more, great job

thanks man, yeah whenever i use physics for anything shit gets really weird I guess the mass of the sausage affects  the player but I'm not sure I kept tweaking everything for hours just to get it to move in the first place, I wanted to have an attack button that dded forward force to the sausage but that broke everything so I had to keep like this but I'll hopefully fix these things once I learn more about physics in unity.

hahahaha I swear I was gonna name it chonky sausage at first, thanks for playing. I'm no artist really that's why I tried making it look as simple as possible but I'm really happy you liked it considering how your game looks it's very high praise