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Traverse the wild and flirt with cute buggy ladies.
Submitted by Teitoku Lowliet (@Weeb_Dev)
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The hitboxes were a bit hard to find, sometimes you think you can pass between 2 bugs and.. nope.

I didn't also get why you would trigger a game over at a queen for a certain answer, like, both are cute (the answers ^^) but one is wrong...

Need a little fix on the parallax effect :)


Nice game, and original on the theme interpretation. I liked the different types of enemies but would've liked that to have been more fine-tuned, with the bees changing position it could've given the player more time to move, and it often blocked off a safe path for the player causing them to lose health unwillingly. Same with the termites, they were slow which often left the player no safe way to go. Sorry about the music but I have to uphold the rules. Good job!


Nice game! I liked the concept. Would have loved some music, though.


A fun small game. Forget the harem stuff, queen bee is bae!

I have some grips with the art thou, i feel that there are a lot of artstyles clashing with each other, particularly the players and mobs with the background. I would add outlines to the background to match the characters style. Also the way the floor "moves" faster than the mobs looks weird, would slow the background speed a bit.

Really liked the mix between visual novel and runner, but the punishment for taking the wrong answer is too harsh, and repeating the levels is frustrating.

Overall a nice entry that needs a bit of polish on some aspects


Thank you for the feedback. I'm experimenting with art styles, so thank you for your input. The background was rushed in the end as I was focused on everything else, so it doesn't look as consistent with the other elements. Glad the visual novel aspect works for you, and I understand the runner portion could use some more work. I do hope to incorporate more engaging gameplay in future projects. Again, thank you for playing my game and the constructive criticism.


It's a very cute game. The concept and title pun made me laugh, and the art is very nice. The gameplay bit was a little bland, but if given more time I'm sure you could have given us more girls and mechanics. It's a shame you had to take out the music, that probably dampened the experience. Overall nice work, haven't seen anything like it in the jam!

Also, are you a cop? You legally have to tell me if you are a cop. I ain't sayin I did anything wrong but the lifespan of these bugs is at most, like, 10 years. 

Developer (1 edit)

Haha I aint no cop. I do want to expand on the gameplay and add in more girls in the future. Also, after the rating period, I will put back the music version. Thanks for playing and glad you liked it.


I can swear I rated this before so ignore this if I did, but I really really love the art in this game there's nice feedback to the shooting and the girls are just adorable I love the concept I just wish there was some kind of meaningful progression I understand it's a jam game but I was hooked and just wanted more, great job


Thank you for the comment. Yea, my submission was temporarily removed due to the music rule, and I do want to expand on the gameplay more and hopefully add in more characters down the line.


Yeesh, sorry for that. More characters would be great I really see a lot of potential in it


The drawings of the girls is so cute! I wished I could shoot more than 3 bullets but I figured it's because you wanted to make the level harder. :P Maybe Instead, as the bugs gets bigger you'll need more bullets to kill them?  Just an idea to make it more relevent to the topic~

I enjoyed playing it, it was really fun :D