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Mateo Ceballos

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Hey I really liked your game. It's a lot of fun because the concept is really great. Will you continue developing the game? Were you inspired by another game?

Thanks for your feedback! I really apreciate it.

My original idea was to make kind of a postapocaliptic city, but there wasn't enough time. As you said, if  continue developing the game, I'll surely work on that.

Nice game! It needs more feedback to know which type of ammunition your holding at the moment, and I would have loved some music.

I think the graphics are cool. Would have loved some music.

It needs some feedback for the enemies life.

Bro, haven't you used the unity standard assets for this submission? Because it seems like you used the first person controller, and premade assets are not allowed for this jam

Nice game! I liked the concept. Would have loved some music, though.

Nice game! I liked the concept and it was well implemented.

Nice game! The initial animation was too fast to read it. 

Nice game! Maybe it was too slow, and you should put some offset seconds before restarting so the player knows why he died.

Haha! Thanks.

Nice game! I liked the art and the music.

Maybe the birds AI could be better (they sometimes get stuck in the walls) and the collision with the dead birds sometimes didn't work.

Nice game. Maybe you can improve the graphics. I had a bug at a level that didn't allow me to continue, the square just spawned in an empty screen and it just falled into the void.

Great game. At the beginning it was a little bit annoying because I didn't understand the game, but then it was funny. Maybe the screens after you lose are too long, players want to be able to play again quickly.

Nice game! Really cool graphics.

The only bad thing I noticed is that sometimes the coins generated at the same place than an obstacle.

This is an amazing game! Very well equilibrated and the graphics are really nice. I really liked your game.

Really well made game! I really liked the music, the graphics and the game play! Sometimes the physics get a little bit weird, but overall it's a very nice game.

Thanks! Yes, I have to work more on the music.

Thanks! Yes, I have to get better at making SFX and music 😅

Hey man, Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback. 

I have to confess that I don't actually like the animations, I did some walking animations, but I couldn't export them to unity, so I ended up doing those animations. 

About the SFX and music, yes I have to get better at making them  😅.

About the difficulty curve, well the idea is basically that you have to try to get big combos, but if you acumulate too many shooters, they would easily kill all your zombies. Anyway, you're right, I have to refine it.

Greetings from Argentina! I really like your videos, and your game for this jam btw.

Thanks! I think you should try to make bigger combos. Try to get a lot of cops in the same point and you'll for sure beat the game. 

Oh, I didn't realise. Thanks! 

Hey, nice game. I really liked the boss fight. Maybe you could have put some instruccions.

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, making my own music was a bad decision. I ended up doing it at 2 am, its quality is definitely far from my expectations.

Jajajaj. No creo que seamos los únicos. Saludos desde Argentina

Hey man, congratulations on your first game. I really enjoyed the experience. And the pixel art is really nice.

Yes, I do. Actually, spanish is my native language. Why did you ask?

Thanks! I recommend you to make bigger combos; this way you'll realise that it isn't actually difficult. Of course I'll try your game 😁

Thanks! 😁

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, you win when you get 100 zombies

Nice game! Would have loves some audio. Maybe the instruccions could get better, and idk if its me, but Its difficult to chop the trees

I liked your game. Good graphics and game design

Nice game! I really liked it. It has a very well done difficulty curve.

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked it 😁

Thanks for your feedback! Sorry about the audio; if I continue developing the game that's for sure something that will change a lot. You can pause the game with P, sorry if that wasn't clear. Could you beat the game? 

Thanks for you feedback! Sorry about the balance, I didn't have enough time to work on it, but I think you should read the "tip" in the instruccions in order to win. And about the SFX and music, not even me liked them but I didn't have enough time.

Thanks for your feedback! About the main menu, I'm a programmer and I wanted to do something different for this jam, so I put a lot of effort in the graphics. About the theme, yes, I know... The idea was that size matter because the size of you group of zombies determines if you win or you lose, and which people appear. Anyway, glad you liked it 😁

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked it 😁

Good game. Why dont you add a restart button during game, i got bugged and i couldnt move anymore. And also the player is like teleporting when shooting and thats rare

Good game idea. The squares arent properly accommodated.