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Submitted by dk5000p — 3 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Good game idea. The squares arent properly accommodated. 


yeah, disappointed in myself


Simple idea that somehow works out pretty well.

The levels are too big in my opinion. Takes a little long to clear them at the moment.

Also it might be interesting to see some more interaction between game objects. What if monsters are slowed down by dirt? So the more dirt you eat, the harder the level gets. This could also help to make it a bit more climactic and raise the tension at the end of a level.

Moving diagonally gives you quite a speed boost at the moment, so it's clearly the best strategy. Maybe you can find a way to fix that.

In general I'd say you can be pretty happy with your result. Hope you had fun and thanks for participating. :)


Thanks for the responses.  Yeah, I could remove the speed boost for diagonal but it was a nice thing for players to find out.  The dirt slowing the enemies might be cool, that is a suggestion that was not suggested before.  I was happy with the game and enjoyed how difficult the last level was, included a screenshot of the final screen, indicating I have defeated the level.  TigerJ also beat the level on his stream.  Thanks for hosting the jam.


Maybe the monsters can sometimes add dirt back to the level.


Game play was a little tough. Maybe slow the slime guy down a bit at first, then speed up as you go through the levels. Overall good job.


I thought the difficulty curve was pretty good, I was leaning more to the difficult side.  Thanks for playing.


Unity Tip: use .normalized to prevent the speed increase when walking diagonally.


Ahh, thank you.


Very simple idea and somehow ive played it for a while :D

Maybe adding some particles and sounds as well as adding some texture to dirt would make it more appealing.

And next time  u r trying to lay down a lot of objects in a pattern keep ctrl down so it snaps to grid and set grid size in snap settings so it fits your objects then they will be nicely layed out.

Take care and have fun with your next projects. :)


Thanks D3nji, I always have problems laying the grid.  Probably should just do it in code.  Yeah, there is the music and a simple crunch sound every once and a while, but should have had a squish for the slime and probably a death sound.  I hope when you say sounds, you mean sounds, cause there is music in the game.  Yeah, thinking of adding some speckles to the dirt.  Definitely want to add some particle effects.  I am never sure if people rather more levels or more polish.  Still, I had fun making and playing my game and my bro also enjoyed it.  


Great game, really fun, although there are are some things I'd like to admit.

Fist, it would be nice if you added some juicyness, so particles and screenshake or so. Also, I don't know if it's expected, but sometimes tiles are offsetted a bit.

Also, in what kind is the topic used?


The slime can kill the creature, the creature dies to the slime, the creature eats the sand, and the slime goes over the sand.  They are basic interactions, also interact can be as simple as touch.  It was more inspired by the topic.  Yeah, if there was more time I would have added animation and probably death particles.  Thanks for playing.  I had a lot of fun playing the game.  Would love to add more enemies with different abilities.  It was fun to do.