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Okay, thanks for your feedback! I'll fix the thing with the rooms and make the platforms better so you bonk against it less commonly.

Also, i'll be doing level design.

Seems like you are using the runnable, right? I forgot to update it. You should use the webgl version instead because there many things should be fixed. The thing with the place where you get stuck, that's an easy fix, I need to move the wall down because in the new version you turn around by hitting a wall.

Thanks for your feedback! To the not responsive input, please describe it a bit closer so I can fix it, I don't really know in which way.

About the level design, thank you, gonna do that.

For the collision bug, I didn't notice it so far but I'll see how I fix it.

Making the camera following the player is an easy fix, as well as the checkpoint. It will be included in the new version I'm just about to publish.

Great game! I love the art style :D

First I didn't understand how to crack coconuts but then I looked into the comments and saw you need to click on the tree

Besides that, great game!

Great game! There are no levels yet, but I'm really looking forward to it! Also it's really polished.

Some things to improve:  First, add WASD controls; that shouldn't be too hard. Also, if you hit a wall while rotating, multiple bounce sounds will be played at once. Maybe make a variable that is to false by default and if you touch a wall, it gets set to true. If you don't touch the wall, set it back to false. If it's true, you can't play bounce sounds. That's a solution I just came up with, idk.

Also, movement is a bit jittery. I had this in unity because I used a lot of loops in my main script, but you are using gm, so the reason can be different.

Although there isn't much gameplay yet, it's satisfying to play and I'm looking forward to see what that other dude does :D

Took me a while to get that idea.

So, after one complete turn, so if every character has done a turn, nothing happens. Also, the players don't shoot, really

The game isn't really enjoyable yet, but you were sick during the jam, so I forgive you! I hope you make more out of this.

New version is out!

New version is out!

For some reason I didn't destroy anything

now, once, there was a text like 'To destroy the bed, press enter' so I pressed enter and then a screen appeared where I need to click a destroy button

but I didn't know how I did that and I was never able to do that again

Okay, thanks for your feedback, I'll make it more clear :)

Thanks for your feedback!

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Great game!

I never was able to fart because it's so hard to keep full stamina. M

okay thank you. I'll make it better :)

Thanks for your feedback! Describe your problem closer please because it's hard to understand what exactly is wrong with the input. I hope i can fix it soon, though! :)

Thanks for your feedback, I know it's a bit difficult because you can't move against your velocity to stop moving, although that's what I thought there. But thanks for your feedback, I'll try making it not so difficult

I don't quite understand the concept. It's just trying to click as many things as possible.

How do the two menus differenciate? The only difference I saw was that in the negotiation menu sometimes when you click it gets declined.

Also, how do you earn money?

The game doesn't have enough interaction posibilities to make it fun. You basically spam in the build menu and wait. If your approach is to make a mobile game, make it a mobile game. Add visual buttons for the actions and make make it portrait.

Really good! The topic isn't implemented that well, but it's fun to play and very polished.

One negative thing is there though: It's annoying to follow with every player. In bigger levels I imagine it a problem, but now it's fine.

But overall good game :)

Great game, really fun, although there are are some things I'd like to admit.

Fist, it would be nice if you added some juicyness, so particles and screenshake or so. Also, I don't know if it's expected, but sometimes tiles are offsetted a bit.

Also, in what kind is the topic used?

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Great game! It's really satisfying. There are however a few things I'd like to mention.

First, make the walls visible and also let the enemies collide with them. Sometimes I wondered why I can't go right even though there are enemies. Also, warn the player if he is low health. It happened to me a lot of times that I was shooting and suddenly the death count down was seen. Make a warning noise if the player has low health and tint the healthbar red.

Also, please add a score counter so the player wants to improve more and more if he died.

Other than that, it's really a great game and I just couldn't stop playing because it was SOOO satisfying!

Great game! I love the visuals and sound, it's really polished, although something annoyed me a bit is the grapple isn't centered perfectly.
Because you are using construct and I know when the dimensions of the sprite are even, you can't center it correctly. Try adding an extra row or so. (Why was this part so detailed? It's a little thing that doesn't change gameplay at all :D)

But now the important things:  Sometimes I shoot on a switch but I barely missed it. Try making the hitbox of the switches a bit bigger so that this doesn't happen.

Also, please don't make the player click on the exit if you shooted on it already. I always think "I have shooted it, next level. Wait what? Oh, I remember, I need to click on it once." Open the next level after the animation is done.

But overall, great game. I love to see more content!

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Could you please tell me which ones so I can fix them? thank you

You can restart with 'R', maybe I should make that more clear

How can I use a gamepad?

In the bossfights you actually do nothing except for watching. Maybe make it a turn based combat system.

Also, in the bossfights please show the status bar while the message how many damage was dealt appears.