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Make the world happy!
Submitted by Agira — 11 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline

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When you start the game just build like 3 or 4 parks to get the meter going. Then just check what the people want every 15-30 second and build that.

I think the main issues are that you don't earn money, the city doesn't look any different and there is very little interaction with the game. You just ask what the people want every once in a while and build it.


Looks nice and rising numbers are always fun. :D

You should give us more information about what all of the actions do. As a player you have literally no idea which action has which impact, so you can't really strategize properly. Also would have been nice to see a bit more impact of your actions on the screen. As far as I can tell I didn't see any changes.

Still good job creating this in just 3 days and I'm happy you managed to do this as a team! We need more teams! :D


I don't quite understand the concept. It's just trying to click as many things as possible.

How do the two menus differenciate? The only difference I saw was that in the negotiation menu sometimes when you click it gets declined.

Also, how do you earn money?

The game doesn't have enough interaction posibilities to make it fun. You basically spam in the build menu and wait. If your approach is to make a mobile game, make it a mobile game. Add visual buttons for the actions and make make it portrait.


Sorry for the confusion. I updated the info page to make it more clear. You cannot earn money, and happiness does decrease if you do nothing event after spamming the buttons, that's the challenge.


U lack a lot of things to make it more entertaining.
Its just trying to click as many things as u could before going into debt and waiting for the win.

U have only set currency that u can spend on things which u have no idea on how they work.
U can make it so it grows
U can make thieves traveling from townA to townB and if they enter townB currency is lost and to prevent it from happening just click on him while he is running.

Adding timer or telling player how long it took for them to win would be a good indication on their decision making and effectivness of buying cartain things

No indication on happyRatio when u buy stuff, u have no idea how much its gonna improve your happyGaining.

A and S windows r so similiar at first i didnt notice that they differ.

Lil something from me
Keep on improving :)


Thanks for the feedback. The challenge is to make the cities happy with a set amount of money.

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It looks nice, but i have no idea how to play it. I can randomly select any option and i will eventually win.


I updated the info page to make it easier to understand.