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Cool chess-game like concept but it has a few flaws:

1. The board stays the same every time, this is fine with 2 players, but you can easily cheat the AI and win every game.

2. It can be confusing which safe is yours, you can fix this by making the safe a different color than the opponent

Other than that it is a great game!

The controls could be improved. It can be a bit annoying having to switch characters, but there is potential!

Great puzzler, that's just about all I have to say.

I updated the info page to make it easier to understand.

Thanks for the feedback. The challenge is to make the cities happy with a set amount of money.

Sorry for the confusion. I updated the info page to make it more clear. You cannot earn money, and happiness does decrease if you do nothing event after spamming the buttons, that's the challenge.

Interesting concept, but it's got a lot of bugs.