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Made for the WomieJam : Everything interact with Everything 02/03/19
Submitted by Exkyo — 14 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

The game should automatically transition to the next level after the orange arrow turns black. I thought it was a bug and waited a while for nothing to happen.

The music is good though it stops after a while, you should put it in a loop. Also the pop sound was a bit too loud. But the sounds are fitting.

The texts in tutorial need a bit more contrast, I think.


Hey, first thanks for thoses feedbacks !

I will change the transition for the next level it was a bad idea you are not the first to say that :P ! I will add other nices music and loop it of course :) And i had to do the tutorial pretty quick but i could make it better ^^ Thank you for telling me.


May I ask how comes you get so many ratings compared to other entries? One jammer said because your entry has eye-catching thumbnails.


I have no idea, it's my first jam, sorry xD

I thinks what he said is that the picture of the game is good so more people play it than the others games ? I have no idea as i said it's my first jam and my first game x)


Weird huh




I really liked this game, the graphics were very well done. Hope you add more levels in the future


I'm actually adding levels  :) thank you !


Overall pretty excellent game with not a lot to complain about. The dors open a bit delayed after hitting a switch. Would probably be more satisfying to see an immediate impact there.

For future levels I recommend adding movement to the grapple machine. That will allow you to do a lot more interesting levels! Looking forwards to more content. 


Hey, happy to hear your feedback :)

I'm actually doing a real game with this idea because i get many good reaction with this "prototype" i made for your WowieJam.

So i hope i can give you it so you can try again in some weeks :)

i'm upgrading the graphics looks for now :P


Some of the grapple latches are tough to see.  I do like if you miss it doesn't use a grapple but it turns the puzzle into a little bit of rapid clicking and getting the extra grapples as your earliest move I think was correct in every puzzle.  I liked the mechanics, the gates opened way too slowly.  Good sounds.


thanks for the feedbacks, i take them in consideration for the game !


This was a cool idea, quite ambitious so well done for completing it.

Would've been nice to have more puzzles but all round it was a good game :)


Thank you, i'm doing a real game with it now :)

It was just a prototype for the jam ^^


Thank you all for your feedback : faster speed, better next level transition, and the others, i'm happy of the feedback so iwill give more and more time to this project so i can out a real game with many new levels, new mechanics and a better design.

Have fun :)


It's "Wowie Jam"   ;)     Good mechanics here, just needs a little more polishing like hit boxes already mentioned. I would be happy with faster grapple speed, too. Lots of potential in this game for a post-jam version!


Hey, i'm french so i didn't knew what mean "Wowie" i though it was just the title, so i made a game for the them "everyting interact with everything".

I just saw right now that Wowie mean like, juicy or fast game with action ? Missed that info :P


I only meant that you twice spelled it Womie instead of Wowie. That's all.


Great puzzler, that's just about all I have to say.


It is really promissing, hope to see new features soon! Keep working on it


Awesome game but too short!

Need more levels!
And fix the rotation please :D


I can see a hit puzzle game for mobile, PC, and all the platforms here! The next World of Goo is here! You got to make this into a thing!


Great game! I love the visuals and sound, it's really polished, although something annoyed me a bit is the grapple isn't centered perfectly.
Because you are using construct and I know when the dimensions of the sprite are even, you can't center it correctly. Try adding an extra row or so. (Why was this part so detailed? It's a little thing that doesn't change gameplay at all :D)

But now the important things:  Sometimes I shoot on a switch but I barely missed it. Try making the hitbox of the switches a bit bigger so that this doesn't happen.

Also, please don't make the player click on the exit if you shooted on it already. I always think "I have shooted it, next level. Wait what? Oh, I remember, I need to click on it once." Open the next level after the animation is done.

But overall, great game. I love to see more content!

Developer (1 edit)

Hello there, sorry for the grapple not centered perfectly but yeah, i never find solution for this on Construct2 xD

I really love your idea, if i make the hitbox of the swith bigger, we can just grapple the wall and the switch will turn on, but yes missing the switch slow down the action so i will find a solution. Just like the exit button, that's a good idea to change level after the animation.

Thank you for your ideas ! I will fix that :D


Its really polished! I enjoyed it, can't wait for more levels.


An intersting take on the theme, an even if the production quality is not top notch, it is a fun little puzzler and if you spend more time on it, i'm sure the concept can make up for a cool experience !


I have really good feedback so i will give more time to add level, changes somes things and uprage the look of the game, thank you !


Good puzzles. Fun mechanic. Look and feel of the game is exactly what it needed. Good job.