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Oh! I got to 115, beating Bakenshake xP

I found a bug where I just spawns a ton of sweets at a time, probably when you lose and press start too quick.

Also do particles work for you on HTML5? It lags and freezes both in your game and mine.

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Feedback for Android version:

Joystick: is too small compared to its sensitive response. I tried 20 times without falling to hit into walls :( 


- Most of the time I would hit into the thin wall after turning around at the arrow. I believe the problem is the velocity got reversed when everything is flipped upside down.

- Another problem is the velocity is not reset when I died leading to immediate crash after respawn.


- The sound effects to me are pretty high pitched. Got startled when the first sound was played.

- I think immersion could be enhanced with the low humming sound of the engine moving through space.

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Line of sight, you mean, like those in stealth games?

"a line that would show the trajectory of the perhaps shot bullet for more precise shooting."

Didn't bullet trail work?

Guns that shoot out grenades and land mines is a freaking great idea!

I really appreciate your immensely detailed feedback and ratings! ^^

Theme/Originality: The idea is that each gun is loaded with different and random types of ammo (spike, ice, air blow, fire) but I had overscoped this and only finished the base game. The lesson here is: account for the base for the idea. Also, this was not my first project at all. xD

Design: This is my first experience with level design so I tried to keep it simple. 

By "diagonals", did you mean diagonal walls? That would be tough to code, but would make for even more interesting levels.

Question: Not sure what you meant by "more broken up walls rather than solid pieces of them", could you elaborate on this?

Regarding Your Side Notes:

- This pause menu has well matured over a number of my previous games, which is included in my custom project starter. I recommend creating and refining a project template to everyone.

- I think I could easily create a simple tutorial level with one gun spawner and one enemy. I once did this with my most downloaded Battle Simulator game yet here - where you choose your team color then learn to move around and kill the other guy to start playing.

- There IS a countdown timer before the match at the top. It definitely needs to be more visible. Maybe a low pitched voice counting down xP.

- Well, the guns are actually the same, just random ammo counts - since I didn't get to work on the idea with random ammo types.

Audio: Could have been better with grunting death sounds but couldn't find any just yet. Perhaps I should record myself xD.


- AIs are actually for themselves but normally they just clump up together elegantly to create an illusion of teamwork. Also lesson learned: you don't need a complex algorithm for AI, even a Finite State Machine, a bunch of if-else statements will do.

- Multiplayer? It seems to me something far-fetched although it might just be my preconception resulting from people saying it's tough. Anyway, it's still a great idea and a goal to reach.

Thanks again for the feedback! ;)

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Why not tag your window uploads tho? There's people who use the itch app to download games.

Just found out about this jam and found myself missing out on it.

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Cool! I'm downloading your game now from the itch app

6K comments · Replied to pataya in 6K comments

You need to setup the uploads in your edit page like this:

Your game currently looks like this in the app:

Yeah, that's a good idea. I was planning to enable the AI to guess your future position from your current position and velocity so that it would hit you perfectly. That would literally be a overkill :P

In case you didn't know, AI has been added. Might not  be perfect but there's still room for improvement.

Nah xD, it stands for Battle Royale 

Não, mas por que? (google translated)

Thanks for trying it out. It's still a WIP so try I'll try to get the AI done on the weekend :P

When it's done, I'll see if there should be more bullets to pick up.

Got to over 900 points! :P


  • A Start button should be used instead of counting down
  • Steering is slow/Hard to avoid obstacles
  • Obstacles are occasionally spawned blocking all the way

I got to 206! (probably not the highest :P)

I really like the combination of bomberman and endless runner. 

But I think the game could've used more (you know) speed so it's more rushy and more endless-runner-focused which would live up to the game's title.

Just a couple of points:

  • Like others have said, the footsteps are ridiculously loud but the thing is it doesn't seem to be the right sound of walking on grass.
  • I think the game's scope might be too ambitious to finish in a week, so you guys may need to scope down the next time.

Feedback: The player would get more control if the ball bounces at different angles depending on where it hits the paddle, instead of left/right at 45 degrees, like this:

Cool rewind mechanic! But it would be better to use it for some problem solving rather than just collecting coins.

Something that could use some improvements is the game size, I mean, over 300 MB for a little game?

But I like that it went back to lower rez graphics. I really thought that there would be another level where the graphics would even go lower.


  • I cannot use the mouse after game over so I gotta restart the game.
  • The Enter key doesn't work even though it says "Press Enter to continue" 
  • Once the ball bounces horizontally (right and left, not diagonal), the game's just broken.

Is it okay to be a bit lazy?

Really cool game! Not at all just a pac man remake but with a little story behind that.

The best I got was over 50 meters (lol) but no surprise waiting for me :|

Seems like I can only control my front limb, not sure if that's a bug.

And lifebar, too!

Next time, you should mark the upload as for Windows or something so people can download on the itch app if they have one.

Could you mark the zip file as for Windows in your edit page so I can download the game from the itch app? Thanks!

Thanks for spending some time playing this game and writing this feedback!

Glad you like it and all the small details you noticed! :)

I'll surely keep working on this after the jam.

Aw... It was such a nice game.

Did you made this with Godot? :D

Seems like the game won't load for me :/

Great ga... Hold on... those monsters I killed were other patients and nurses? Geez...

One of the germs' dying sound was hilarious. xD

Some Feedbacks:

  • The Mission screen should be skippable since it would be really painful going through that every time you die.
  • Too smoky, I can't see.
  • It would feel better if the camera on the last mission were zoomed out so I could see where the my bullets hit instead of spamming rockets at the boss.

One of the coolest game in this jam. Really juicy! And all the guns too.

Cool and potential concept!

Someday, you should come back and make this into a full-blown game.

I think you could try binding the shooting with the Arrow Keys so you could rotate then shoot at the same time.

The way the gun rotates made me laugh xD

Dang it. That was it? I was hoping for more...

Btw, Godot Engine!

This is a pretty elegant game. Looking foward to your updates :)

The aesthetics is really noice. Wish you had just something simple enough to play though.

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Neato game! Almost forgot dinner playing this.

Feedback Time!


  • The buttons: A bit awkward to select. I gotta click twice: Once to unfocus the currently selected button, another to select the button I want.
  • The healthbars: I think a different color would make it easier to know which are my minions and which are the heroes
  • A Hero Left count would be great: since they're all overlapping.


  • Seems like their top priority is to kill every minion on the level. Because of this, it's unlikely to lose since I can spawn one footman on the leftmost to distract the heroes from my lair.


  • What's with those minions lying on their backs?

Overall, the mechanics is pretty cool. A new kind of defence genre or something. :P

Edit: Fixing derpy formatting. Srsly, there should be a preview for comments.

For a moment, I almost stopped playing the game if it'd not been for the dialogues reading my mind:

- Ugg... There is so many...
- This is a torture.

or something along that line.

Also on my second play, I accidentally went back to the stair, all the files were gone and there's no going back so I no longer need to collect all the folders on that second floor. Freedom! :P

BTW, that shaky texts thing looks pretty cool.

I think the control would feel better and more like pedalling if there were a feedback like a speed surge or something like that.