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topdown shooter with random guns - wip
Submitted by Dlean Jeans (@DleanJeans)

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Game Description
a topdown shooter game (with guns shooting random ammo - not done yet :P)

WASD to Move. Left Click to Shoot. Pickup gun. Shoot. Repeat! (Also stay with your teammates!)

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Host (2 edits) (+1)

Opening Comments:

Nice, simple mechanics. I didn't realize I was supposed to move with WASD. I just stood there and watched all the AI players on my team run up for a few moments.

Theme: 3/5

I didn't realize that each gun had random ammo nor did I see the icon in the bottom right until about halfway through my first round. This somewhat fits into the theme of Hidden Within.

Design: 3/5

I must suck at these shooter games, because I didn't even make it to the left-hand side of the map. The wall placement allows for some cover, but you really have to use diagonals to get any leverage with them in my opinion. I think if there were more broken up walls rather than solid pieces of them, it'd make for a more interesting level. Other interesting notes:

- Clean pause menu. I love it.

- Would have liked to see a controls page or a delayed screen that told you your objective and how to move?

- A countdown timer for starting a round.

- To signify that each gun is a different type, have it change color once you pick it up? I assumed they were all the same until I read your info at the bottom!

Audio: 4/5

I love the sound effects with picking up a gun and shooting. It puts me in the atmosphere of the game. Good job on this.

Gameplay: 3.5/5

The gameplay was fun. I played a few rounds and found myself losing nearly every one! This AI is too good, man. I like that once you run out of ammo, you have to run back to pick up another gun. It makes you strategically use the bullets or hover around a gun spawning area. Also good that the guns spawn after X seconds. They aren't always there, and that was a good balance move imo. Love that it's team oriented in that it's not a 1v1 against AI. You have AI on your side! Would be interesting to see this as a multiplayer browser game...?

Originality: 2.5/5

Shooters are a dime a dozen for me. This game reminds me of something I would have seen on newgrounds and played for hours as a teenager. I think it's a great first project, though, and shows you have a variety of skills in the game dev world.


I really appreciate your immensely detailed feedback and ratings! ^^

Theme/Originality: The idea is that each gun is loaded with different and random types of ammo (spike, ice, air blow, fire) but I had overscoped this and only finished the base game. The lesson here is: account for the base for the idea. Also, this was not my first project at all. xD

Design: This is my first experience with level design so I tried to keep it simple. 

By "diagonals", did you mean diagonal walls? That would be tough to code, but would make for even more interesting levels.

Question: Not sure what you meant by "more broken up walls rather than solid pieces of them", could you elaborate on this?

Regarding Your Side Notes:

- This pause menu has well matured over a number of my previous games, which is included in my custom project starter. I recommend creating and refining a project template to everyone.

- I think I could easily create a simple tutorial level with one gun spawner and one enemy. I once did this with my most downloaded Battle Simulator game yet here - where you choose your team color then learn to move around and kill the other guy to start playing.

- There IS a countdown timer before the match at the top. It definitely needs to be more visible. Maybe a low pitched voice counting down xP.

- Well, the guns are actually the same, just random ammo counts - since I didn't get to work on the idea with random ammo types.

Audio: Could have been better with grunting death sounds but couldn't find any just yet. Perhaps I should record myself xD.


- AIs are actually for themselves but normally they just clump up together elegantly to create an illusion of teamwork. Also lesson learned: you don't need a complex algorithm for AI, even a Finite State Machine, a bunch of if-else statements will do.

- Multiplayer? It seems to me something far-fetched although it might just be my preconception resulting from people saying it's tough. Anyway, it's still a great idea and a goal to reach.

Thanks again for the feedback! ;)


That was very entertaining.
 I feel that it would benefit if it had grenades and land mine. Maybe a few health pickups here and there too.


Guns that shoot out grenades and land mines is a freaking great idea!

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

Paint me curious. I liked the mechanic and the overall idea. Felt like a multiplayer death match though I was missing some visual clues such as line of sight and a line that would show the trajectory of the perhaps shot bullet for more precise shooting.

Developer (1 edit)

Line of sight, you mean, like those in stealth games?

"a line that would show the trajectory of the perhaps shot bullet for more precise shooting."

Didn't bullet trail work?