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I really appreciate your immensely detailed feedback and ratings! ^^

Theme/Originality: The idea is that each gun is loaded with different and random types of ammo (spike, ice, air blow, fire) but I had overscoped this and only finished the base game. The lesson here is: account for the base for the idea. Also, this was not my first project at all. xD

Design: This is my first experience with level design so I tried to keep it simple. 

By "diagonals", did you mean diagonal walls? That would be tough to code, but would make for even more interesting levels.

Question: Not sure what you meant by "more broken up walls rather than solid pieces of them", could you elaborate on this?

Regarding Your Side Notes:

- This pause menu has well matured over a number of my previous games, which is included in my custom project starter. I recommend creating and refining a project template to everyone.

- I think I could easily create a simple tutorial level with one gun spawner and one enemy. I once did this with my most downloaded Battle Simulator game yet here - where you choose your team color then learn to move around and kill the other guy to start playing.

- There IS a countdown timer before the match at the top. It definitely needs to be more visible. Maybe a low pitched voice counting down xP.

- Well, the guns are actually the same, just random ammo counts - since I didn't get to work on the idea with random ammo types.

Audio: Could have been better with grunting death sounds but couldn't find any just yet. Perhaps I should record myself xD.


- AIs are actually for themselves but normally they just clump up together elegantly to create an illusion of teamwork. Also lesson learned: you don't need a complex algorithm for AI, even a Finite State Machine, a bunch of if-else statements will do.

- Multiplayer? It seems to me something far-fetched although it might just be my preconception resulting from people saying it's tough. Anyway, it's still a great idea and a goal to reach.

Thanks again for the feedback! ;)