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in this game any movment you do it will move the other with you but in the obsiet dirction
Submitted by SharkHead

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Submitted (1 edit)

I suggest doing it in 3D 2D for your first game(s). So you can work on the other thing like level design and sound effects.

The ball and blocks textures look really nice though.


thank you for your feedback

it is actually on 3D and yes i am missing a lot on designing and sound effects


Oops, I meant 2D :P


The same than Mika la Grand about that its difficult to see when the blocks are going to hit the wall. Maybe some backgroun music would make the game better. And you should explain that wgen a block hits the wall you lose, else its difficult to figure out by yourself


you are right thanks for the feedback


It is difficult to see when the blocks are going to hit the wall. Maybe more of a top down view would be better. In the second level you keep on dying when you move to the right, but I guess this is because one of the blocks is hitting the wall. The controls are also a bit to sensitive for me. I think this really depends on the player and I would implement a slider in the options so that the player can choose this for themselves.


Thanks for the feedback and i also tghout it is al little bit fast and the top down view is a good idea thanks


Really cool game
Lack of sound feels bad
And idicators on what actually kills u would be awesome (it took me a while to realise that bolcks cant touch walls) :D
Still very nice interpretation of the topic

Good job :)


Thank you so much for the feedback and i am gonna do my best to work on the bad parts on it and thank you for Encouraging me


Good job! Turned out better than expected. Even has a nice puzzle aspect to it!

It takes a while to figure out that blocks are not allowed to touch the walls, because you get no feedback when you lose, but once you do some of the levels are pretty smart.

It's no masterpiece but you worked really cleverly with the limitations you had. Well done.


thank you so much for the feedback and yes that something that i missed when i was working on it but i am gonna fix it

and here is the thing you are my guide and my master in Development and i am gonna do my best to become like you one day hope you have a nice life sir