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Submitted by D3nji — 4 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline

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Really cool main Mechanic its something we constantly face in the real world but is never in games



Thank u :)

HostSubmitted (1 edit)

What a great game. It's very intuitive and easy to get into, but still has a lot of interesting interactions to offer!

I think the artwork for the player character should probably use thicker lines to make it match better with the rest of the assets. The player character is the only thing that feels like it doesn't quite fit in there for me.

The parallax effect in the background is interesting because it's scrolling faster than the foreground. Feels a little strange, but probably also helps to make the movement feel faster. Was that a conscious decision?

The music is super catchy and I like the humor. The game controls well and is well balanced. Fantastic submission in my opinion! Good job. 

Developer (2 edits)

Thank u for your comment!
About player: It was the 1st thing I drew and after scaling it down so much I havent even noticed that I should've thicken his outlines so yeah rly good point and ill fix it after the jam, thanks :)
About parallax: HHAHAHAH that was last thing I was working on and tbh I was almost asleep so it wasnt 100% conscious and for sure I made a mistake but if it helps Im glad I did :P

Thanks for my first Jam!


The music keeps on cutting in and turning back off at the beginning of the level. The score also change up and down around 50. I thought it was funny that the healthy guy bounced on the bus, while the fat guy crushed it. In the end I managed to get a score of 363.


Ye i didnt have time to fix music issue
But the 50 points is a bug or an interaction? :D  I would reccomend checking it out again ;)

Thanks for feedback and  good job on your  score :D


i love it, it is cool


thanks :D


I love this XD The music matches the tone, the sound effects are great, and it overall just feels silly and fun. The interactions are comical. :D


Thank u:)
Glad u liked it :D