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Totally Huge Heroes!View game page

Combine your abilities to greaten your strength!
Submitted by CitybuilderStudios (@Citybuilder14S) — 11 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline

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This is maybe the game with the better graphics in all the jam. I really enjoied it. Maybe you can add sound FX and, music and more levels in the future. But for the jam its ok


Thanks, I hope to continue the game in the future!


One of the best looking color schemes of the jam for sure! A bit of a shame how short it is and I agree that the controls feel a bit laggy (you get stuck on walls and stuff like that). 

The graphics are super cute, though, and I imagine you could do some pretty interesting stuff with those 3 characters. Reminds me a bit of the game that won Ludum Dare 43. :D

If you have the time to do that next time, it would also be cool if you'd pick a font that fits the rest of the art style. The font is really the only ugly thing about your game art. The rest looks marvelous!

Good job! Might be worth it to keep working on it for a bit!


Thanks for the Feedback Jonas, the font was one of those last hour things you completely forget about already changed it in my project


Why did you copy Total Party Kill? Yes, Total Party Kill is a fun game, but you can't literally copy the characters and main game mechanic. The controls are also confusing. If I can move left and right using A & D, then let me jump using W or space not the up arrow.


Total party Kill was one of many inspirations but the core concepts of the games are different. I can see why you think this though and if I develop this game and have a chance to add more mechanics I hope it'll become its own unique game.

HostSubmitted (2 edits) (+1)

I didn't think it was a ripoff at all! There are plenty of games that use 3 characters. E.g. Trime. There are still a lot of directions you could take this. I agree that it looks similar so far.


Thanks, I really hope that I can take in one of those new directions post Jam


Nice artwork.  The jump felt a little unresponsive.  Didn't seem to be a reason I would want to use the knight, but maybe there would in later levels.  Nice start to a game.


Thanks I hope post Jam I can better balance the characters and maybe add more?


Visuals r super cool
Game is also ok
But jump feels weird sometimes
And luck of sounds makes it sad :(
(survived the endscreen :P )
Keep up the good work :)


Thanks I'm a programmer and spent lots of the Jam doing art wish I could have added sound just ran our of time :(


Really good! The topic isn't implemented that well, but it's fun to play and very polished.

One negative thing is there though: It's annoying to follow with every player. In bigger levels I imagine it a problem, but now it's fine.

But overall good game :)


I hoped to add more interactions but ran out of time.

Such as Arrows you can jump on and More interesting powers for the wizard


Color scheme, look, and feel are great. This game has possibilities. Overall good job.


Thanks I spent alot of time on the art and colours. Hope to improve the game in the future