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Thanks for playing. Really appreciate the positive feedback!!

Thanks for playing!! Those are good ideas! I have an onscreen map, to help with those issues, in the menu panel.

Thanks for playing!!

Pretty cool. I think other comments have pretty well summed up any feedback stuff. So I'll just say...I beat the Boss!! Made me work for it too. lol.

I liked the squishy little guy. It has a nice casual feel at first, then it it gets tough fast. Some feedback, I would love to have "W" or "up arrow" for jump. Good job.

I really liked this game. The rolly polly bouncy bugs got me. The only feedback I can think of, is I would of appreciated a few more flags, lol. Great game. Good Job!.

Big thanks for playing my game!, Thanks for the positive feedback. I was worried the dark lighting was a bit too much. But it's a cave, it's gotta be dark right?

The art style has a nostalgic childlike feel that takes me back to when I was a young artist drawing video game designs in school. Ignoring my teachers and school work, while daydreaming what my games would look like if they where real. Good job.

Appreciate you playing my game. Thanks for the feedback! Sorry about the finger numbness. lol.

Thanks for playing my game. And thanks for the positive feedback.

I liked the intro.

Good game. I did better with gamepad. It's tough but addictive. Good job.

Level 4 - 155 Enemies I think. 

I enjoyed playing your game. I got pretty far I think. Game play was fun, and easy to figure out. Really liked the menus and the feel of the game. Good job. 

Thanks for playing my game! I appreciate the feedback. 

Thanks for playing my game!! Glad you enjoyed the art, sfx, and music. I had a tough time balancing buggy powerups and jump distances, so I understand your frustration. Basically the powerups compound every time you collect them so they can give you extreme jumps and you can make the difficult jumps much easier. But if you drink a potion they all reset back to tough jumps.  

Thanks for playing my game!! I'm glad to hear you played all the way to the end. I was afraid the last level was a bit too hard, but also wasn't sure who would make it that far. Sorry about the sweaty hands, lol.

I played this for quite a while. It takes a bit to understand what is happening. I'm still not fully sure I get it. BUT, I couldn't stop playing. Very good game. Highly addictive. Sure it needs a solid tutorial, some polish, but overall this is FUN!  Good Job!!

This is a good start. I really liked the character and art. Some feedback, the jumping sound is cute, but it needs to be less intrusive. It is a jump and wall grab game afterall, so you hear it a lot.

I enjoyed the art style, and the Monster genre. It was fun blowing away mummies and ghouls!.  Some feedback, if the player hits an enemy, and the enemy is red, the player should't get hurt by the enemy. I think that would give the player an advantage, but it would feel good.  

"You can not do that!" - My favorite part!

Really enjoyed playing this. Overall great game.

The sounds go great with the cuteness of the game. Good Job.

Looks Great. Plays Great. The Game design is well done. You teach the player how to play and quickly. While still having fun.

Really appreciate you playing my game. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Good Job, great game. Controls feel good. Art and sound are top notch. I can tell quite a bit of polishing went into this project.

Thanks for playing my game.   After getting some feedback, I have decided to make a post jam game. It will have multiple levels, better speed system, player on the left,  and more object interaction. After reading your feedback I have decided to put in a icon explanation screen. Thanks for your feedback. 

Thanks for playing my game. I'm glad you liked it.

 After getting some feedback, I have decided to make a post jam game. It will have multiple levels, better speed system, player on the left,  and more object interaction. Thanks for the feedback, it helps me and the game a lot.

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Thanks for playing my game Jonas. I'm really glad you liked the colors. I followed your advice on picking a color scheme to mesh everything together. 

Thanks for your feedback! After getting feedback, I have made some changes to the game. The post-jam game will have the player on the left, slightly smoother controls,  moving objects that interact with each other, and multiple levels. I'm working on it right now.

Also thanks for hosting this game jam. I wanted to try a game jam, but didn't think I could do it. You made me believe I could do it, and I'm glad I did. I never expected to make a great game, I just wanted to finish a  game. So I completed my goal, and learned a lot along the way.  Again thanks.

Thanks for playing my game. I suppose you are correct in your criticism,  it doesn't fit the theme very well.  This is my first game jam, and I have learned so much.  I now have a bit more understanding of theme interpretations, and hope to get better next time.  Thanks for your feedback.

First off, thanks for playing my game. You have some good ideas, for further development. I really like the idea of a dynamic camera that reacts to input. 

Thanks for playing my game. Glad you liked it.  More levels would be cool.

Game play was a little tough. Maybe slow the slime guy down a bit at first, then speed up as you go through the levels. Overall good job.

This is a good work in progress. It needs some more text direction for the player. Possibly something to show you what your doing wrong. Maybe start with something super easy and get harder as you go. Overall good job.

Main character is super fun. 

Characters are super fun.  Art is playful with good colors.

I'm great for feedback. Let me know if you need more feedback later on. Or if I can help in any way.

The game was fun. The shooting and moving mechanic made for some interesting game play. Suggestion: More crawling through tunnels, it gave a nice reprieve from the constant stress of possibly falling. Overall good job.

Lots of good enemies.  Made it to level six. Conveyor belt action/puzzler, cool idea. Main character is cute. Overall good job.

Jumping and shooting was kinda tough. But the balloon and shooting was fun. Good job.