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Submitted by Polarcube1 (@PolarcubeDev) — 50 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#123.3643.364

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I really like the music but it gets too repetitive if you're bad (like me) and have to reload the menu then the game many times. It would benefit a lot from having the song continue between scene transitions :)

The window breaking is a really REALLY cool effect! Sometimes it would obstruct my view of the player too much though and I'd fall because I miss timed my jump or something. Plus it might have more *umph* to the break if it is flung out further than the player :D

The score being in the middle of the screen is also a little obtrusive.

And lastly, I think for this style of game it would feel better if the jump had some inertia to it (if you stop holding A/D you don't stop immediately in the air)

Overall the visuals are really cool and its a well done game! 


Thank you for the feedback!


I love the effect when the character runs into the windows. The gameplay is a bit repetitive, it could be interesting to add enemies to dodge or items to collect! Good job anyway =D


Thank you very much for the feedback!


Nice work. Love the aesthetic. Just the right amount of frustrating I'd want from an arcade game too. I had a lot of fun with it.

My feedback:

  • That bloom/light flashing effect is rough on the eyes.
  • I didn't even realise there was a swarm the first few times I played. Never felt challenged by them. I would change the start so the swarm starts on screen with you, so you can see them before you run away. Because they looked cool and should be seen! 
  • Also, I'm not sure if it's the pixel perfect effect, or whatever is causing the jerkiness of the buildings, but I'd definitely try and smooth that out.

That being said. Lots of fun. I'd play it again. Looking forward to updates post jam.


Thanks for the feedback! The bloom flashing was something i spent at least 2 hours on before deciding it would be wasting my time to keep trying to fix it.  

Anyways i'm happy you enjoyed it!


A completely reasonable position to take in a jam! Good luck solving it in the future.

The glass shatters feels goooooood!

Nice game, amusing and well done!


Thank you very much!


There is something very satisfying about smashing the glass. I recommend using a controller for this game.  Jump might need a little work, overall it's very fun, good job on the game.


Thanks for the feedback!


Great music, sound, and glass shatter physics! Movement felt very solid and responsive too. I also love what appeared to be an online leaderboard, which is a nice touch. 

Changes I'd make is to have music persist through reloads, make it so you can't jump high enough to get rid of the bottom platforms (causes a huge graphical issue when the bloom cuts out), possibly add in running and death splat sounds, and I'd try and make the menus controller friendly. 

Fun game!


Awesome! Happy you had fun playing my game.  And i will keep the suggestions in mind because i am planning to keep working on this game once the rating period is over. Thanks for the feedback.