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Game made for the Wowie 2.0 Game jam. Theme is intentional bugs
Submitted by Aizin — 34 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
WOWIE! (Overall)#613.4643.941

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great experiment !

It is crazy that you did such a game in 3 days, great job !


Wow! Really creative game with intuitive concept and executed well! I just really like what you've done. But that in 3 days? What the heck?
Overall, An amazing game, had tons of fun playing through it! :)


Nice job! Great game mechanic and quite inspiring! 


Not bad at all! Like sound and music. Especially like the level design where you have to time the jump perfectly to get it right. It felt rewarding and not unfair until I got to the spikes where you die instantly. Maybe make that a part a bit easier or at least closer to check point. Anyways, good job! :)


Really well made and I loved the concept of the integer overflow! Great job!


Hey this a pretty creative idea! Maybe you can make it a bit more clear that you can kill enemies when you double jump onto them. Some more checkpoints and a bit less enemies would also be nice. I got to this part in the second level where you need to jump over a hole with the eating plants and the yellow bubble just below the edge of where I start from, but I can't figure out how to get to the otherside.


More checkpoints were definitely something a couple people mentioned. I had creator blindness from some of the harder sections and unfortunately getting play testers in a couple day game jam is kinda hard. But thanks for the feedback! 

And as far as where you're stuck at, if you fall off the ledge without jumping then hit the yellow bubble, you will get 3 jumps and can make the jump across the gap!


I love this game!! The level of quality is insane for a jam game. This is on par with commercial games! Reminded me of Shovel Knight haha

Well done, and keep making games! You definitely have plenty of talent.


I really liked this game. The rolly polly bouncy bugs got me. The only feedback I can think of, is I would of appreciated a few more flags, lol. Great game. Good Job!.


A super cute game with a weird but well implemented mechanic :3 Well done!


That's another way to do it...

Excellent game... The visuals, the music... Simply a masterpiece... There in nothing that i don't like in this game... I think you managed to explain to people the concept of overflow better than I did... 

Also, i never ask usually, but i REALLY like if you check my game, it's not a masterpiece like yours, but... However here's the link:


You two have a similar concept, but a wildy different execution; which is pretty interesting to see.


Great NES style game, awesome! My favorite jam game for now!


Fun and fitting music :)


Really cool graphics and very creative! Nice work!!


Super creative. Nice game feel. Nice work!


The integer overflow is a really great mechanic. Love the artstyle too :D

Very epic