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It would be great if I could play with the arrow keys and maybe hold space to turn red. As an alternative.

The ending is gorgeous.

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Awesome pieces of feedback, thank you so much! Sadly the audio is a cut corner because I didn't have enough time as I only joined for the last 24 hours...

The rest are really, really good points that were oversights. I feel like the explanations could have been done well with a slow start, where the player has time to experience what each thing does. Obviously the shields could have had a lot more feedback, the same applies to hit effect...

I tried to make a short intense game which really doesn't work well with lacking explanations AND lacking feedback, as it turns out.

This was really helpful, thank you for taking your time writing all that!

I also feel like I could have done a better job incorporating theme... The die was added this way after realizing I far overscoped, so I went for a simple way I can still implement the theme.

Thank you for playing and I'm happy you like the concept and the visuals!

That is really fair! For some reason it didn't even appear to me that I should explain it better. The correlation is basically that the higher you roll the better weapon you get.

Thank you for your feedback and I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

For me it's a bit overwhelming, I just cannot focus on the dice too, so I just end up randomly mashing the S key not to lose health... And so I ended up getting random power ups by chance.

If it has an end, then I definitely couldn't reach it, but it's a lot of fun. Might end up trying to get a new highscore.

Thank you! I really wish I didn't have to cut a corner and leave out the audio work.

It might be worth it to do a post jam update to actually address what is really missing.

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The game is a bit confusing, I have no why I get pushed back a couple squares sometimes, or when I get to roll...

It seems that I only get a roll after I spin? But in many cases it just pushes me back then. The spinning animation looks great, by the way.

Thanks! I was really in a rush and I could barely get the game to this state... So, sadly, I absolutely did not have time to add audio.

I wanted to try not to make it too difficult, but there really is one minute of content, so I ended up deciding on making it challenging.


It would be great if you could add the linux version too, please!

Yes, sure! As long as you only edit the credits it's fine.

But you can get more creative than that, :P

You can interpret the theme however you want it!

You can add reusable abilities, for example. :P

Make sure to be creative and just come up with something that is fun :)

It does spawn enemies with more complex patterns! It's just that I messed up some numbers, and harder enemies start coming way later than they should... Thanks for the feedback!

I cannot say much about this game, it's just a lot of fun. The bullet patters had great variety, it was the enemies and there combinations were really nicely scripted, the music is great, the sfx is fitting, and the visuals look really damn good!

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Great one! A lot of fun and definitely incorporates the them really well!

At times it does gets really hectic, which just makes it really fun. I do, however, wish for a longer invincibility time, since there were some times where the same enemy dealt me 2 damage in what felt like a second.

It's a really fun game, great job!

Edit: I feel like it would be a great mechanic if you couldn't stop. Since as of now there isn't really a reason not to just stop moving after you have collected an orb.

My first thought after opening the game: Astro bears? Happens to have the same main menu music :P

That gameplay loop is really fluid, has a great sfx, and a massive enemy variety! Not only that, but all the enemies feel distinct!
A lot of fun to play, a really well-made highscore-based game!

At first I thought the concept was pretty similar to mine, but the gameplay ends up feeling really different - not in a bad way at all!

Great job, had a ton of fun with it!

It's a pretty fun game, with great patterns. It puts a small spin on the basic formula, and it is implemented well!

Great job!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)

I like the concept and the visuals! The game is a lot of fun to play.

However there are some thing that I feel like could be improved. For example adding a short invincibility time after the player got hit. If there is one, then it was so little it felt like there was none.
Minor thing, but once there was an enemy I didn't see, since the HUD mostly hid it.
Also, somehow I got the game to play in slow-motion - everything happening at about half the speed. Might be that you temporarily slow down the time when an enemy gets hit, and it somehow stuck?

But over all, I had fun playing it :)

Since I forgot giving feedback when I was rating it, here I am now! ^^;

This game really feels like a whole experience - with a beginning, an ending and settings. A pretty straight-forward and well-executed implementation of the theme. The difficulty was well-balanced, and lunatic mode really does feel like lunatic mode! xD

The visuals are simple but look great as a whole. And the effect for dying is especially good!

A very polished, really well-made game, and had a lot of fun playing through it!

Immense enemy variety, and great graphics!

I would nitpick a little for the player movement, though, as it doesn't always feel that great... Might be partly because you move faster diagonally, then just horizontally or vertically.

Overall pretty fun game!

Very unique concept, I really liked it! I loved the difficulty, felt fair, while also took quite some tries. Only beat it till level 9, though.

The execution is great, the gameplay is fluid. I just wish the respawning of the white ball was faster. Also sometime it feels like the 8-ball gets hit stronger than it should be, but that might be just me.

The fact that this is the most I can nitpick really shows how good the game is!

The concept of a popcorn dodging heat is really unique! :)

Now this is what I would call a cinematic adventure! It's a ton of fun and great to see all that all the action is connected with a story and nice visuals!

It was a ton of fun! xD

Pretty nice game, looks good!

I played the web version since I'm on linux, and I think it either had a low FPS there, or I think the game would be more fun if it was faster.

Pretty straight-forward implementation of the theme, nice job!

It actually makes it really fun that you see other people also dodging it!

Some small feedback is that sometimes it wasn't easy to see which one I was, and the die sound of the other players might be too loud.

Had a lot of fun with it! :)

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The music is pretty nice, and the "level end animation" looks pretty good.

However the cursor is a little small, and sadly there isn't really a difficulty curve, it's a flat line: The difficulty is the same on level 1, level 5 or level 20.

Edit: The game is definitely not too difficult, rather it's hard to lose. :P But it's definitely good to make it welcoming for really beginners as well, this way

Woah! It's almost hard to believe that this was made in a week!

So far this is my favorite entry, by a huge chunk.
The visuals are just gorgeous, the music is great, and controls are tight and precise and it has a really fun mechanic for ten seconds!

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It's a really intense game, and it feels quite well balanced. Got the collectables for all but the one before last stage... I could barely complete that one normally :P

There were some stages where I had problems seeing the bullets, since they are the same color as the enemies, and there were a lot of splashes on the ground already.
Another piece of feedback would be to maybe reduce the camera zooms and shakes, since especially right after starting it made me a bit dizzy. Since before I start it starts zoomed out, and when I die it zooms out again. If I die quickly into a level, then it starts being nauseating for me...

The camera shake was otherwise pretty good, I especially like how the minigun had such strong camera shake that it was hard to see and aim. And that I would say represents handling a minigun quite well.

Overall a really polished game, had a ton of fun with it!

The first thing that stood out to me is that the spawn effect is barely noticeable. First I thought the enemies come out of nowhere...
Also, give some time at the end to see the final score :P

And I did not have problems with the sound :)

Definitely a unique concept.

It does show that the game is unfinished, since it isn't really balanced, however I do wish the remaining time was indicated :P

I'm curious how a full game like this would work out! :)

Well, I'm glad at least the start was comfortable. I really tried to not make it too hard :P

Well, I'm not that good at bullet hells, I guess... I didn't manage to get to the boss in 8 tries :P

But from what I saw the difficulty seems pretty nice, the bullets and enemies are easily distinguishable. However there is very little feedback if an enemy takes damage, or when the player does.

The game felt pretty fair, although I do wish I had a little more lives.

Over all, I had fun with it! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you for the feedback! :)

I really wanted to make sure that the game isn't too difficult, since many bullet hells end up like that! Glad I managed and that you had fun! :)

Thank you so much for all your kind word, and your critiques especially!

The spikes is something I was kind of worried about, since there were places where they indeed were hard to properly identify which side they were on.

But most importantly, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) 

I feel like the movement would have needed more polish. It wasn't bad, it performed well, up until you asked to do precise things. Then it start to feel like it doesn't do what I told it to do. Especially on the zig-zaggy level. It either didn't put down the mine or didn't jump, even though I pressed up and down, both. At least this is what it felt like. Yet again, it was happening really quickly.

The main mechanic, which is that you cannot kill enemies, only temporarily disable them, felt creative. However it feels like it could have been explored further, without presenting an extremely precise level, that feels more of a hassle than a challenge. This might only be because I'm not that good at it.

Sadly it does not follow the 84x48 resolution, otherwise it would follow the restrictions perfectly. Sadly both the enemies and the player breaks the resolution limit, they are most of the time between the "pixels". Another thing is that is should not use the mouse, hence the Nokia 3310 didn't have a mouse, only 12 buttons.

Overall, pretty nice game with consistent visuals! :)

The concept is definitely interesting!