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Thank you for all this great feedback! I totally agree with everything you've said, and so I've already made fixes. I fixed camera jiggles when tapping arrows, I added a feature so you can look down. (And fixed a lot of visual bugs this has caused.)

I will upload it soon, so if you have time to give feedback if the fixed camera is better, please do so! It is highly appreciated! :)

Once again, thank you for your amazing feedback!

Hey, update's out! Hopefully everything is fixed.

The intro was really great, but the gameplay was like a simple balancing game. The fact that I didn't notice I can spin the car didn't help either! :D

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Can anyone explain me why this works? xD

I had no idea I can move the gray blocks, so I did it without moving them.

But nevertheless, interesting idea, executed well! There are some inconsistencies, though. Like in the example above, I'm pretty sure they should not behave the way they do, but mostly everything works as expected.

Great job, had a ton of fun playing it! :)

Oh, thank you for letting me know! Now this makes a lot more sense!

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I think this could be a really amazing game with some changes - This is only my opinion, and please do not take it as if I thought I know this a lot better than you do. I'm not trying to do that.

So, I think the most fun difficulty was "Difficult", because all the others had controls that change super fastly. But still, I think if you gave the player time to at least look at what changed would make a huge difference. Maybe splitting it up into waves, and the controls only change between waves, and so the player has a few seconds to look at the new controls. The current way, you have pretty much no time to look at it, since you would be dead almost instantly then.

I enjoyed the game nonetheless, I would just like to have a mode that is not this insane on control changes. Since this made me look like I suck at games even on easy difficulty. :D

This is a great concept, although it left me wondering what does what sometimes.

For example on the first level I though I was pushing the key.
Or on the last level I still have no idea what the red door did.

Also, I don't think there was a single level requiring [W] or [S]. :P

But nonetheless, the game looks great, and this is a nice mechanic! I would love to play it again if you make more levels for it and have time to clarify some stuff in-game! This has potential! :)

Wow, this is such a solid game. First looking like an action-platformer, but turning out to be rather a puzzle game. However I wish the mechanics were explored a bit more. In my opinion the moves had enough flexibility to provide for more interesting situation.

But nonetheless, I really enjoyed playing this game, even with how frustrated it made me at some places. But overcoming those felt great.

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Wiw, this is such an amazing game that I accidentally misspelled "wow".

The graphics is a amazing, with some great audio! Also the gameplay is really fun, trying to impress my date with "I would buy a mansion, because I love my money." Great job!

This is a really clever idea of interpreting Out of Control, by also making every control have two states, and by this, also two double the use cases! Great job!

PS. The graphics looks really smooth.

Well, I did not expect it to be so challenging, but I loved it! Great work!

Only bad thing I can say about it is that the font is barely readable.

Other than that, the music, the visuals, the sound effects, the gameplay... They are all right on the spot!

This fan art makes me go YES.

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"So what do you think?"
"It's... you're... uhh..."

"So good you cannot speak?"



It's a really good Idea though, and I really like the visuals and audio! :)

Yes, thank you! I already fixed this stuff, but sadly I cannot update.

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Yes sadly that is a softlock I somehow overlooked. If you feel like completing it, I will publish a fixed version right after the jam ends.
But it is avoidable if you switch jump instead of left.

But more importantly, Thank you for this feedback, and I'm really glad you liked it!

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As boring it may seem for someone watching, it is just as fun playing it.

From an outside perspective all you are doing is assigning different stuff to every solider everyday; while you are making meaningful choices, and taking risks, and are trying to dig a tunnel. 

I really miss audio, it would have added so much to the game. Also the jump fells really floaty.

Over all, it's a decent infinite runner, with the twist of random - out of control things - happening.

The enemy spawning, without any warning... there are times the literally spawn on me... Interesting take, making it psychological-ish, however, the second look of the guys were a lot more creepy than the original.

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What a great game! I really enjoyed this game, the movement felt amazing. Although some levels would need a difficulty balance.

Overall just a great game!

I meant that almost every FPS and TPS uses mouse X to control Yaw. And so most of the people are used to that instead.

Also, I would recommend to include a GTA V styled control scheme as well, which uses only buttons. (Left - Roll left; Right - Roll right; Up - Pitch up; Down - Pitch down; A - Yaw left; D - Yaw Right. Or something similar.)

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I'm really sorry about you getting stuck, sadly I was really in a rush finishing the level, so some pesky soft-locks made in (The one you could only get out of by restarting the game.)

By the way, the solution would have been that you can wall jump up even on a single wall.

Thank you for playing nonetheless, it really makes me happy you liked it! :)

PS: If you are interested you could check out the game again after the jam, since I've already changed these, and got rid of a lot of bugs and soft-locks, but I cannot update it on the page, yet.

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You mean got soft-locked and stopped? xD

Jokes aside, I did see, and I'm happy to have heard the feedback!

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Okay, first of it starts with an overwhelming guide. I think it should really be changed to explaining it in-game one way or another. That way it would be a lot easier to take.

Next up, gameplay: The gameplay has so much potential, but the controls are just bad. I understand it might be meant to feel less in control, but making the Mouse X the roll instead of the yaw is just annoying. Although, the main concept is really good, managing the power to stay in the sweet spot, it really does feel like I'm operating a Nuclear Power Plant, and am trying to be in control, whilst that is impossible.
But then the heat gauge messes me up. It's already hard enough to manage - especially with such strange controls -, but the rising temperature is nearly impossible to deal with. I thought at first that one ice-thingy would cool down the gauge by half, or so; but no, it cools it down by a barely noticeable amount.

Also, when the game over screen shows up, the mouse cursor doesn't, which makes it a huge pain it the butt to restart.

Overall, this game has a lot of potential, and would love to play it after the jam, when these get fixed/changed. However these really make the game not that fun to play.

The part where I needed to jump on blocks on the same side. Maybe the hitbox felt too big, or something, but there I fell down way too many times.

Thank you si much for the feedback!

Sadly I only realised there were some places you could get stuck - and you need to reboot the game - until after 1-2 hours of the submission deadline... I've already fixed some, but I cannot upload it...

Nonetheless, thank you for playing, even though you you had to reboot it! :)

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! :)

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Thank you so much for you kind words!
Although, I fell pretty embarrassed that those pesky soft-locks made it in. I thought I steered clear of them, but turns out, I did not...

The arrows had an underline to show which way it actually is, which was meant to solve this issue... But it wasn't as noticeable as I hoped it will be.

Once again thank you for all this feedback! And I was planning some other mechanics to use in the game, which are already more or less implemented, but I realized - even while planning - that I will not be able to add those to the game in such a short time (especially with polishing). I might come back to this and improve it. 

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Thank you so much!

But gosh, it was a close call! I finished the level 10 minutes before deadline! :D

Once again, thank you; and I will check out your game soon! (Actually it might be tomorrow, it's really late here.)

Nice game, after a little time it really does feel like you are completely out of control! :D

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Wow, nice game! At first I thought that the whole game will be the first level. I'm glad I was wrong.

However, the texts - mainly in the first level are just so long that if I read them I run out of time. Even though they are pretty short sentences. Maybe you could have been even more generous with the time on the first level?

Also, the controls are not as snappy as I would like them to be. But don't get me wrong here, it didn't feel bad to control the character, in most cases it felt good. But, sadly, there were some tighter jumps, in which just didn't feel that great.

Overall it was a pretty good game and it was very original! I had a lot of fun playing it!

Thank you! I'm really glad I can participate! :)

Could you like allow people with other engines, but like they cannot win or something?

I would really love to try make a game in 100 minutes, but if I try to learn Gamemaker at the same time this would be a complete failure...

For example, I'm thinking like: Can I use a not-seamless scrolling-background (from let's say an asset pack) if I make it seamless myself?

Woah, looks great!

Just... Wow! Made a great game, good job! :)

"I think it would be a lot better and less frustrating to just stop this from happening all together. " I tried to fix it, quite some times, but it is (sadly) an engine bug which I couldn't find a good workaround to. So I ended up just killing the player when it happens, instead of making them stuck...

I'm really glad you liked the game despite its flaws, and it makes me really happy that you especially pointed out enemy types! :)

I just realized that I forgot to comment when I rated... SO

Oh, is it a bullet hell game. It is really intense, maybe a bit too quickly, but since it is an arcade style game, I cannot blame it for that.

The main mechanic is really creative and fun to play with. It wasn't obvious what the green enemies do, but I managed to figure it out after playing for a bit. (First I though they still attack me) (^^;)

It is certainly difficult, I only managed to see a/the boss once, and even that was while I was dead...

Overall, I really enjoyed the game, it's as fun as hectic, so you really did a great job! Amazing submission!

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Although, you can only have one button assigned. you can still do this. :)

Step 1:

except... don't put it in quotation marks here... my bad! Sorry

Step 2:

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I would have really needed to prevent that from happening in the tutorial... (^^;) But sadly it is partly an engine bug, for which I couldn't find a workaround... Other than completely rewriting some stuff... (I was hoping this glitch wouldn't happen in the tutorial...)

I mean... it is corrupted, it was intentional. :D jk

More importantly, thanks for your kind words, I'm really glad you liked it so much! :)