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Submitted by Playimu (@playimu) โ€” 13 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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EASY TO GET INTO#134.4444.444

Ranked from 36 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Do you have any bullet or projectile in your game?


You added some projectile or bullet in your game

How does your game implement the theme? (If your game doesn't use the theme ignore this field)
Not in a very original way but i think it's ok

What was the size of your team?
Just me, one person.

Please credit the resources that you used during the jam (if you used any)
Sound effects obtained from
Background music from

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Real cool presentation, easy to get into and fun to play.

Eventhough it's a pretty classic formula i like the spin you put on it where you have to go for the targets in due time instead of just dodging, this gives the game a good pacing cause you have to pay attention to both enemy fire, and where you need to go before the target time runs out, player movement feels precise and i like how the difficulty has good progression as well it doesn't just throw you in over 9000 from the start.

Really like the spritework, your ship designs are super cool, and that 3D ish background is awesome as well !

Didn't have any particular issues with this one, good job :)


My first thought after opening the game: Astro bears? Happens to have the same main menu music :P

That gameplay loop is really fluid, has a great sfx, and a massive enemy variety! Not only that, but all the enemies feel distinct!
A lot of fun to play, a really well-made highscore-based game!

At first I thought the concept was pretty similar to mine, but the gameplay ends up feeling really different - not in a bad way at all!

Great job, had a ton of fun with it!


Great graphics and overall simple, but effective idea. I don't really see how it fits the theme, though, as I thought after collecting +10 seconds I would win. Also, the lack of a high score makes the fame feel a bit without a purpose after some time. Still, great work :D


That's weird, the highscore should appear at the right upper side of the death screen.

The game itself don't have a end, it's about seeing how much can you score while you survive. If you have seen a very big enemy that looks like a boss, thats probably means that you reached the final wave(created specifically to kill the player).

Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback :)


Weird. I just tested it again and did not see a high score anywhere - maybe it does not like me.

I'm sure that, because of it, I did not spend long enough to face the final boss. Going to try it again later then. Again, great work :)


Very nice game all around. The difficulty ramps up smoothly, though notably heavier on the base reaction side due to the randomness. From mid-game on the enemies get a bit tanky, so some way to increase firepower (at the cost of time?) to suppress specific enemies in your way / covering the target might have been great. Good work!


Due to the randomness of the "Enemy picker system" was a nightmare try to balance the difficulty. I agree, it would probably have been a better idea make the enemies more like a"popcorn" style and increase the spawn ratio.

Actually, thats a awesome idea, pressing a button makes you lose a bit of time but give you more damage, that would have allowed for more aggressive playstyles... now i feel kinda stupid for no thinking on that during the jam.

Thanks for the feedback and playing the game!


I really like this game. Finally a goal other than destroying enemies or surviving.
Both visuals and audio are great and the enemy patterns don't get boring.
Hitbox seems to be very tiny, so you can get very close to the bullets.
But I think the current score should be displayed. Also the punishment for getting hit isn't noticable (I think it decreases time by a second?).
Overall it's very good.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

The Score is my fault, i was a little tired and decided to put it on the death screen.

When you get hit the "Target" dissapears so you need wait until it reapears while the time still go down. Also i checked the code and looks like you lose 0.25 seconds on hit(Yeah, i don't even remember my own code)

Thank you for checking my game!


I'm a fan. The concept is so refreshing compared to other shmup, like you have to move your way through, instead of just barely moving left and right. The music and sfx are simple but effective (maybe a shooting sound could have been nice?). Overall I had great fun! Very polished, very easy to get into, great job!


The sound effects are a bit tricky for this type of games were enemies/player tend to shot a lot, so you need to choose a sound effect very carefully to not make the gameplay annoying. In this case I was about to make my own sounds effects but the time become a problem, so I ended up using some old sounds that i created a while back(Player damage and Enemy death explosion) and one that I downloaded at the last minute. But i'm glad you like it anyway, thanks for playing!


yes that's perfectly understandable, this kind of artistic choices needs a lot of thought, and we didn't have time for that x)


I'm not a fan.

Your game is not bad, it's just that I have played so so so many top down shooters that I don't find them interesting. Once in a blue moon I find one that is outstanding to play, but it's just not there.

It's greatest strength is its visuals and that it's easy to get into. You're visuals already put you higher than anyone else in the competition (or at least that I found so far). The psuedo-3D effect is a nice touch, and sprite work is outstanding. The quick tutorial is a nice touch too.

The weakest part of the entire game is definitely the audio. The music does get repetitive after a while, and the sound effects are incredibly underpowering. I almost wrote down thinking the game had just one sound effect.

The game isn't really creative either. Again, it is a top down shooter, I don't really find the genre interesting, and I don't think reaching the goal once every ten seconds has me sold on it.

Despite all that, your game is definitely a very well polished product that stands out compared to everything else in this jam, definitely in my top ten so far.


I like your sincerity.

The audio is definitely MY weakest part in game development, due to time constraints i just used royalty free music(but it's also my fault for choosing the most repetitive one). 

Sound effects are something that in my opinion I am decently good at, but as you can hear, there are only one or two due to, again, time constraints.

Overscopping is something that i really need to control, actually the original idea for the game was discarded by that, after two days started the jam, i come with the "current decent idea" for the game, which maybe isn't that bad but really needs more polish and complexity(there are some bugs in the mechanic).

Maybe the visuals is the strong (not that much) part of my game from what I can tell from the majority of comments, so I guess I did a good job on the art side.

I appreciate your feedback, I find it interesting what someone who is not a fan of the genre has to say. I Really appreciate you coming to take a look at my little game :)

(sorry for reading your commentary so late, for some reason everyone starts commenting/rating the game on my sleep schedule, also sorry for the spelling mistakes, my first language isn't English)


Yeah, scope creep is something I have had to deal with a lot of times. I've participated in six game jams in less than a year, so I think I managed to get under control. Good luck to you in the future.


I had a ton of fun playing this game! The controls are snappy, the fire rate is high, and it makes me feel like a ship shooting badass. I love the execution, and this is easily one of my favorite games of the jam!


Thanks for playing the game! :)


This is honestly so nice to play, the game feel in this one is out of this world, I love the visuals, the vfx, the implementation of the theme, honestly it's incredible that you managed to do all that in a week. One little merit I have though is the music gets pretty repetetive after a while, and some powerups or combo counters would fit this game really really well. Overall, a very nice entry!


Yeah, some people said the same thing about the music (I hope it wasn't too annoying).

Actually, the idea of receiving a acommulative score multiplier after collecting the "Target" was in mind, but I scrapped it due to lack of time(actually the whole game is in this state by the same reason).

Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated :)


This game has great controls, a fun and creative idea that fits the theme and a pleasing art style, so it is the full package.

The only things I could say is to add some sound effects for the bullets and to make a custom cursor.

Great job!


Due to lack of time i couldn't add them, but the game definitely needs more sound effects.

Thanks for comment!


I think that you implemented the theme very well! Everything is built around that core idea of moving while shooting, and polished and refined past that. The unit types are well-designed too, I like the amount of variation you were able to add in the short span of a week.


Thanks, designing the enemies was the most difficult part of the process, but i'm glad you liked it  :)


Dude, you made a very neat game. Controls are snappy and responsive, awesome pixel art and the shooting feels very satisfyng. Well done, really great job :)


Thanks! ^^


Nice game, highscore was 2113 because I'm not really good at bullet hell games. XD


If you're not familiar with bullet hell games, that's a pretty good highscore :)


Nice job! The life system takes advantage of the theme in an interesting way and the enemy types and patterns make it proper challenging as it ramps up. One thing I'd probably like is a focus key as things get more chaotic to be able to thread the needle.


The focus key was in my list, but then i noticed that the more you survive the  faster the bullets are, which would make the button less useful as you progress.

but it's a good idea anyway, Thanks for the feedback :)


Polished and fun. Looks great and is fun! I like your 'gimmick' where the player moves from checkpoint to checkpoint. A couple things to think about are you could add more sound effects for shooting, spawning, etc. and some screen shake might be fun to give the game more game feel. Loved your game and would love it if you could check mine out as well!


Nicely polished game.


Thanks :)


Really solid! I didn't really have a "wow"-factor, but there's also nothing bad I can say about this other than enemies blocking the timer. The music is fitting, the visuals go along very well with it, the gameplay is simple, gets quite challenging after a while and it definitely is fun playing this. Good stuff :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks, the enemies blocking the timer was at first a bug, but I left it because (at least in my opinion) it is better that the timer blocking the enemies.

But I agree with you, sometimes it's annoying to have enemies overlaping the timer. Thanks for comment!


this is really good, this really feel like the game already realesed, and how do u made all that rotating asset in one week??


Unity has a component that makes the game look like this

Thanks for comment :)


oh idk i thought jaggies would happen if u did that. but thx for the info, great game btw

Creative take on the theme topped with tons of polish.


Polished and fun!  Loved the graphics and color palette!  Excellent work! :D


Thanks! if you are interested in the palette:

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