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Green Universe's children

Green Universe's Children is an ongoing webcomic about entertaining adventures of unique Neohumans that are part of the Green Universes. Adventures as simple and ordinary as someone’s daily life to something that happens once in a lifetime. Made by Darkxception


Have fun, feedback is always welcome! You can contact me on my social media accounts, found in my profile!

More settings and feedback, and maybe a quick tutorial!

Fun and interesting concept, not too intuitive though. Great job!

Thank you for your feedback! I'll let you know if/when the game receives an update!

Fun game! I'm unsure if there are multiple endings but judging by the title, there'll be more updates after the jam. Looking forward to it!

windows 10 xd
i think that is fixed rn

Yeah, I did get lost haha!

Fun and creative game, clicking on the text box to type is a bit tedious though, but I like the idea.

Fun and creative game!

This is a fun game, couldn't get the controls to work at first but that's probably just input lag. Had fun playing, though!

Fun and creative game! The character movement is weird, though.

Fun and interesting game! Aerin though. O//O

Exactly XD! (Yeah you have to send a spider and hit when the thumbs up are showing)

They are nutritional and give you health, so that's a plus! Also you have to send a spider, kill, eat, repeat. You know, life.

Fun and interesting game!

Cool game, a bit confusing though.

Interesting concept, unique name, fun game. The font in the battle is a bit weird, though.

That's an interesting and creative game! A bit hard to get cheese, but it's fun.

Creative and fun game, unsure what the spinning is for, but it's cool.

Nice and fun game! Music would be good though, and I was unsure if something else was supposed to happen after the boss died. The boss is also a bit tedious to kill, too.

I didn't have time to make an eating animation xD

Amazing and difficult game!

It looks a bit dull, the lack of audio and confusing UI are bad things but it's a decent game.

Interesting game.

Looks good, too bad it has low performance on the web build.

This is a great game! Pong has never been so much fun before!

Fun game, a bit slow though.

Interesting prototype, but there's not much to do since there's no score or no indication you're actually doing good.

More of a prototype XD

Interesting game, I couldn't see the health bar even while in fullscreen mode, though. And I'm unsure if defending yourself counts as Tower Defense.

Fun and challenging game, I loved it! (plus, it's darkxception-friendly.)

Fun and challenging game! I had fun playing it but I wish I could turn sounds off, though.

Fun and creative game! I loved it.

Interesting twist, I wish the game was longer, though... I hope it'll get an even better version after the jam!

Fun, unique and creative! The audio was a bit weird though. Music and gun sounds only played on the left side of my headphones.

Interesting game and concept! 

Looks fun but confusing. Or I simply suck, lol.

I couldn't get the spells to work, and the gameplay is a bit confusing.