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Pretty cool game. The only thing I would suggest is try to find a way to encourage some outside the box thinking. Try to reward players for exploring secrets in the original game. Also give the signs something to read.

Unfortunately I did not find the game to be as fun as I hoped. I actually found this game because of your devlog on Youtube, and my first impression is that your goals for this were too ambitious.

I didn't get very far in this game; I think I played close to ten times and I only found two keys.

The graphics are nice, and the video filter is neat. It's also cool how the enemy highlights itself in the horizon. It's cool that you added a new sound effect that appears every once in a while, but the repetitive horror soundtrack drowns everything out. When your making a horror game, sound design is SO critical. 

It doesn't help that the game is kind of like a slender clone, and the weeping angel like enemy is nothing new. I think its great that you wanted to make a game inspired from your D&D experiences, and I thought it would be an interesting take on the theme, but the dice mechanic which delays the monster feels more forced than being creative.

I don't like how easy it is to get lost in this game. Yes, getting lost in a horror game can be scary, but it can also be frustrating. The main way I tried to get around was by following the fence. It was more reliable than looking at trees.

Here are my recommendations if you want to take the concept farther.

  • Add more audio, crickets, running water, dice rolling, etc. Hold back a bit on the audio soundtrack.
  • Instead of rolling dice to delay the monster, I think it would be more creative to use it to change how it behaves.
  • Use more sign posting so the player knows how to get around. Remember that even though you might want the player to get lost in the game, it is kind of important to know they won't know the layout the first time playing.

That's all I have to say. Despite everything I said, I have mad respect for you being a solo dev going the 3D route.

Out of all the games I played in the game jam, I LOVE this one the most.

I have to admit, I thought it was going to be one of those games where people prioritized the art ahead of the game, but I am SO glad that I am wrong.

So many games in this jam had RPG's where you roll dice to do damage and that was just was too boring. Not a single one of them peaked my interest and I didn't think the concept was creative enough. But this game nails it! This game alone is proof enough that the concept can work. I swear if Mark doesn't talk about this game in his next video, I'm gonna be mad.

I think this was the only game with that concept where I understood how the gunplay worked without a tutorial. Rolling doubles makes you do double damage, and so does a straight flush of dice.

I love the damage modifiers in the gun barrels, and that their is additional dice that changes the effects of the dice loaded in your gun. I makes me think about how to plan my shots instead of brute forcing may way to victory. The more I think, the more engaged I am.

The atmosphere is also great; it's very dark and mysterious.

Yeah sure, the game looks a little janky and there is a lack of animation, but I just see this game with so much potential.  You could have a long story where the player collects new kinds of dice later in his adventure. It could be on par with the retro RPG's of the past and it has its own creative spin on it. Seriously, the amount of possibilities can keep a player hooked, and the amount of dice builds can be endless.

I almost said that I didn't know how to play, but I can see that it is a work in progress. 

The movement feels good and the art is adequate. I'd like to give a better review, but seeing that I don't know how the combat will work until its done, I will just leave as that. 

It's cool that you wanted to make a roguelike though. It's the first in the jam I have seen so far.

I think my main problem with this game is that it is too predictable. Yes, we know the die is going to get bigger the more we click on it, but what else?  I'm not a fan of clicker games because they all eventually cease getting fun for the same reason; we know that the number is going to grow forever, and because I know that is what is going to happen, why should I continue?

On the plus side, this game feels complete. It has art, sound, music, good player feedback, and graphics. The presentation is a solid 5. Yes, the game is therapeutic and relieves stress, but it feels more like I'm playing with a virtual stress ball than a game.

My score was 320.

Yeah, I probably could have just had the player role whenever he wanted in the ten second window to skip the boring wait.

Well, this is undoubtedly the best game I played so far out of the entire jam. It deserves the recognition.

Maybe the stun zones are too annoying with the pixel perfection but the way you use it is just super creative.

I like the presentation of this game. The minimalist quality and lack of GUI adds to the game. The sound of rattling dice is satisfying.

For me, clicker games are fun, but they are never fun forever. 

I have to admit; I don't remember everything about the combat since last time I played. 

  • Never underestimate sound effects. They make the game come to life.
  • Make impact frames so that people get feedback when they hit or don't hit something.
  • Have the combat interact with the environment.  Blood splatter, screen shake, etc.

Gameplay and functionality is always no. 1 priority, but is useless unless the player feels these things.

The lighting and shadows are nice, and the puzzles are pretty simple. Just add more mechanics, fix the bugs, and give it sound and it will be more enjoyable.

The music to this game has some kind of fever dream quality to it.

I like the concept of trying to platform to reach a higher ledge, but I kind of find putting the mouse at the right position to be a wee bit frustrating. 

Also, I know it doesn't sound like much, but it makes a world of difference to add some sound effects. The sound of a die hitting a casino chip, and a casino board, and whoosh when you kick the die into the air is all you need.

I would try and take this game a step further and ditch the casino setting and add some moving platforms, more obstacles, etc.

The art is very nice, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. I feel like a lot of games in this jam relied too much on rolling dice and doing damage.

You could have improved the turn-based combat and make it more readable, kind of how it works for the old final fantasy games.

I like how you just wrote in the main title menu "This game kind of blows".

This was the first FPS I played in the game so far. Obviously, the game needs some work but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. Still, I thought the game was kind of funny.


Thank you. I think the splatters were literally the last thing I added to the game.

This was a lot of fun. I really like the game; I think it excels in a lot of categories.

I may seem like I have a lot of complaints, but just know that they are very nitpicky.

There are a lot of times where I cannot see the dice. The game is unsaturated with colors and there are no highlights on the dice unless they are clicked on. Sometimes they are hiding behind a tower or just blending in with somewhere else. I would suggest giving the dice a bright green outline that appears in a GUI just so I know that it is out in the open,

I would give the towers some lights so that I know that they are loaded.

I cannot click and command on the dice when they are being rolled which is kind of annoying.

There is no prompt telling me that I have a new die available at my base at the bottom. It just appears and I don't know about it.

Fix those things and the gameplay will be much smoother.

Ah man, I wanted to like the game because the art visuals and lighting looked so good, and it is probably the best I've seen in the jam so far. But the actual gameplay was kind of meh.

Some people in the comments liked the sound effects, but I personally didn't. To me, it sounded too random.  I also spammed clicking the mouse button without any thought for strategy, and I didn't like the fact that your jumps were too short.

Instead of firing random projectiles, I would instead select a random weapon for a specific period of time. I don't care for the healing projectile one, I would just scatter health as the level progresses.

I would say keep the art, add a couple flying enemies and just work on the overall concept just a little bit more.

This is the first game I played where you could actually pick up weapons and swap them. You even have different kinds of enemies with different attacks.

I don't think that the theme was used effectively. Yes, the guns deal different damage every time, but so do a lot of RPG's. Why would we need to worry about how much damage you can deal if you can always outrun the enemy?

OK. I have to admit this was kind of funny.

You should have added "Monetization" to the list of removals and then be like "Youtube's gonna be just like Netflix."

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I will have to agree with Ryangatts's comment. My experience at first was me initially not knowing what to do. I was rolling the dice and couldn't figure out what was happening, but then I realized I had to balance it against the enemy's roll.

A better explanation on how the combat works would have been appropriate. All I focused on was on rolling big and just spammed all my spending on increased attack power.

I almost quit the game a few minutes in assuming that it was going to be the same combat encounter over and over again, but then I saw the tent and the shop. I realized I couldn't buy anything because I just kept upgrading my attack power. My remedy to fix this is to just in some way promise the player that something is going to change.

The dice mechanic is very nice and is creative in some way; it kind of reminds me of this minigame from that Bomberman game on Gamecube where you rolled which powers you used to fight against a creature. 

The presentation is decent.

This was a very cute top-down shooter. The 3D art is very good, and I especially like how the dice throws change the combat and objectives. I'm not sure what the 3rd die does though. The only thing I noticed was that it shrank the camera view.

Next time I would just give better feedback to the player, add more juice, and maybe give the different enemies more than just a magnet AI.

OK, for anyone confused on how to play the game, basically what you have to do is click on the villagers and then click the think balloon (with a hand icon I think) above them. Then you can click on the piles of soil and grow or build stuff with whatever you have on the right side of the screen. You can also feed them with the eggplant. Using the roses helps the villagers fall in love and make babies.

My main gripe with the game is sometimes the villagers won't do what you ask them too. I'm not sure if it is a path finding issue or what.

Other than that, it is a very charming game. Just give better feedback on what to do and what is going on and this game can have plenty of time sunken into.

The lighting is very nice, and the environments look really good. I almost thought it was an unreal engine game.

I think the combat is too easy and needs more oomph. Having the dice rolls dictate how many enemies will spawn in the next room in my opinion doesn't make the game more fun. In the future, I would suggest make more enemy types and have the dice dictate which enemies will appear in the next room.

This was very nice. It's too short, and maybe the puzzles are too easy. That is my only complaint.

OK, that is understandable. I can see why you would want to put philosophical meanings in a game. I respect that. If you want to work on the concept a little bit more, how about instead of using a teleporter that you put some kind of devil chicken (or a fox maybe) that thwarts the chicken god's progress, like maybe slow it down? Would that work?

Thank you very much. I would also like to say that the name of your game is very elegant and original as well. (Seriously, there are close to 100 games named "God does not play with dice" or "Dice Tower")

Going into this game blind I wasn't really sure what to expect. This is a pretty good game, although it is kind of short. 

I like how it forced me to use my brain in understanding how the die changes the environment. If I have any recommendations, I would say put in some more obstacles and give the game more juice. Give the torches light, sound ambiance, and put in maybe a spooky scrolling background. That is all I've got.

Pretty cool game. I would have liked it if there were more consequences to the gameplay other than staying outside too long.

Oh one more thing, I'm not sure if its a bug but I wasn't able to beat the game. The dice rolling stopped working after the third phase of the boss.

I like the presentation, but the gameplay wasn't challenging enough. I unintentionally speed ran a level when I threw a coin once in a level and I severed all the wires by accident.

I wouldn't recommend using ctrl as a key in a web browser because when I press control + W, I close the tab by accident.

One more nitpick, I don't think the game had to be in 3D. The intro with the casino machine opening was kind of cool, but with a game with this kind of gameplay, I would have preferred something more challenging.

Ah... another top down shooter.

There really isn't nothing wrong with the game. Maybe the enemies and gameplay is a bit repetitive but that's it.

I have a few nitpicks. The carpeting on the floor is too bright. I initially thought it was a wall. Also it is cool that your character changes when you play, but some of their abilities were more of a hinderance then a benefit (but then again, maybe that was the point of the game.) I didn't really care for the soldier and his spread shot. 

This is one of the best games I have played on the jam so far. It's so simple and elegant. I want to say that their is a game that I played just like it but I can't really think of one. I want to say it is like Quarto but the gameplay is completely different.

I like this game. If I had any complaints, they'd be super nitpicky. I would like it better if you dragged the swords onto the enemies and they gravitated towards them rather me having to pixel hunt to kill them. I think the snails should have a circle puddle shape too.

If you want to make it more fun, add more dice with new abilities not available at the start.

Nevertheless, great job.

My 1st thought was "why is he throwing hot dogs at me?" And then I realized I could go through the platform and then I thought "oh it's a boomerang"

Ahh... I see. I never noticed that the casket slowly lowered into the hole. All of my focus was trying all the dice outcomes. Maybe the game would be better if the game said to "wait for the casket to be lowered" and the player had to role and be forced to do the most appropriate actions. I think it would be more engaging than just waiting for something to happen. Just a thought.

The game needs a lot of work. 

The controls weren't too bad; I actually got used to them pretty quick. Still, they could be better.

It's cool that you have different enemy types; you actually have more than my game. However, they are very easy to outrun and kill. I don't think the dice mechanic is particularly creative, it didn't make the game more challenging or neither a cakewalk. The gameplay just didn't have any high or lows.

Give the game also needs more juice. I want more than gunshot sounds, I want explosions, and I want blood and guts on the floor.

Also, I think the game is bugged. I somehow couldn't fire anymore even though I had plenty of ammo left.

That is all I have to say.

Pretty good game. I wish that it had more than one boss though.

I like the game very much, but there is a problem.

At first when I tried to play, I was really frustrated because I was clicking on the die, and nothing was happening. I then started pressing buttons on the keyboard and noticed space made the die disappear and R made the die reset. I kept rolling the same outcome and kept getting frustrated, so I almost quit. I didn't realize I could click and drag the die to roll it. When I figured that out, then I started playing more and I started enjoying it.

I like the jokes. Especially the Modern Warfare reference.

My suggestion for the future is make the die smaller so it has more room to roll. Add a story with branching paths. Instead of using pips on the die, you can have icons on it, maybe something that looks like an emoji. Something happy, sad, evil, or funny could happen.

OK, so I revisited the game. It seems to run much better now. I guess it was an internet issue. 

So, I'm assuming that you have to guess the outcome of the dice and depending on whether it is above or below six, either something good or bad will happen to the planet.

I don't understand why the teleporter disappears randomly because there is not enough time to get to the place where you have to guess the outcome of the dice without it.

It's a neat idea, but I feel that the concept overstays its welcome. I would suggest making the rules of the game clearer next time. Also, I'm not sure if the game has a win state. I'm assuming that it doesn't because this feels more like a toy then a game.

This is actually kind of cool. I made it all the way to Wave 13. 

Finally, someone made a game without the word "dice" in the title.

I didn't play the game for long; I'd say I played it for about ten minutes before quitting. By that point, I felt that I had seen everything I needed to see.  I'm assuming all you're doing is collecting materials and surviving the night from just one enemy type.

I think my main problem with the game is that it is just severely unpolished. It's neat that you have a story and the art for the title screen looks very nice. Seriously, I wish I had a title screen like that for my game. The music is decent for a horror game like this too. The thing though is that everything else is lacking.  The die mechanic which changes the difficulty did not strike me as impressive; I was assuming all it did was change the number of enemies that spawned.

I am not really sure in which direction you can take this game. All what you're doing is surviving the night from some magnet AI. (Then again, my game has some magnet AI too so I probably shouldn't complain too much.) I would say add more enemies, more creepy sound effects, more hazards, and fix the jagged edges of the map.