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Cool game, I can see it getting more hectic as it progresses. It would probably make a good mobile game.

Thanks for sharing on stream.

Thanks for sharing on stream. I didn't get far but I can see lots of endless runner players check this out.  Although I did feel that the character on the opposite side of the floor should fall through the pits if you know what I mean.

Cool game, next time  make the controls a little bit more clear.

Normally I am not a fan of top down shooters but I can definitely see this game appeal to some.

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Cool game, I think it would benefit if the game had an easier tutorial and if the traps were not randomized and more predictable when being placed.

The presentation needs a lot of work but this was  a decent game. Thanks for sharing on stream.

Cool game, you could definitely expand on this. 

Cool game, more toy than game, but thanks for sharing on stream.

Cool game, I would like some more enemy types and levels and it will be great.

Cool game, I would probably make the level click and drag mechanic feel a bit more responsive. The puzzle are also kind of difficult but not impossible if you have the patience.

Great game! It could be its own game or a mechanic in a much larger game. I can see a lot of possibilities with this.

I don't know if you have enough to warrant a full game, but congrats on entering your 1st game jam. Thanks for sharing on stream.

Cool game, the strongest aspect is the level design. Please make more.

The game is OK but it is pretty buggy.

This is my favorite game out of the entire jam I have played so far. It's got everything, simplicity, difficulty to master, and a fitting art style. Five stars all across. I am afraid to suggest any changes because everything already fits together so well.

This is good. I would have liked more levels though and maybe more than just a few objects to swap with.

This is quite a goofy horror game! I enjoyed it a lot.


Good job buddy.

I actually really like this game. It reminds me of a game called Potionomics. I think it would be interesting for a standalone game or even as a mechanic for a bigger RPG. I didn't understand if the people you sell to stayed the same each day, but I guess it is OK to keep the player guessing. Please work on this game a whole lot more.  I streamed it by the way on my account on Twitch. Thanks for stopping by.

This is very interesting for a game. I think the controls are too precise and the difficulty us too steep, but if you fix those things, I may come back for more.

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Good game, I would suggest adding more mechanics and make a lot harder.

Not sure if you have enough to warrant a full game, but this was kind of entertaining.

Cool presentation though, I like how you have a game playing on the monitor.

Yeah, that's originally what I wanted to do but I struggled to get the pathfinding working correctly. I may make a post jam update.

Nice game, but I think the box placing is a bit repetitive. Maybe you could add more puzzle mechanics?

Ha ha! Very Funny. Mark doesn't have sponsors from Mark VPN! :)

It's OK. I felt like I was mindlessly spending money most of the time, not really strategizing.

Cool game, I would love to see you expand on it further.

Pretty neat. The controls for dragging the boxes are a little finnicky but it was a nice short game.

The game is interesting but the combat doesn't seem to have a lot of depth. I just spam the attack button and win pretty much. Although I am sure you can expand on this further.

Yup. Too easy. Wish I had more time to work on it.

I think this game has some potential. Give it some polish and more cards and I am certain it will be great.

Cool game. Add more levels and sounds and I am sure it will be great!

This is the greatest horror game of all time.

I like the game. Please add more mechanics and levels.

Great job! I can see myself playing this casually.

Cool game, I don't know if I saw everything, but I think this could be a cool concept.

Great game! Keep the humor and expand on it more.

I had to get an emulator just to play but it was OK.

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I think this game has lots of potential, but It's BUGGY for the wrong reasons unfortunately. The method of discovering the bugs is too cryptic, like the coyote time for example. Nevertheless, great job, please keep working on it.

Edit: The controls are slippery too.