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Thanks! My secret formula is lots of coffee, a poor sleeping schedule,  a very supportive girlfriend and friends who are happy to playtest. Strong combination! 

There's an indicator in the bottom UI that ticks down so you can see when the changes are going to happen. I had planned to add a sound for the last 3 seconds before the countdown reaches 0, but decided against it as I felt there were already too many sounds, in hindsight I should've just done it, I agree that it's not obvious :D 

Thanks for the feedback!

Loved it! The only problem I have with it is that in my opinion, the sound effects dont really match the rest of the audio. The music was nice and fit the setting and art well, but the effects stood out too much, even when I lowered them to be almost completely off.

Other than that: Gorgeous visuals, simple idea mostly well executed and overall a nice game. With some polish, a steeper difficulty curve and better audio balance I can see this becoming a nice game :)

Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree. Sometimes I wish a day would have more than 24 hours x)

Awesome idea! Outside of some sound effects being pretty sharp, there's really nothing bad to say about this. Nice :)

Thanks! I was thinking you used an outline shader (it does look pretty obvious), but since I never really dipped my toes into shaders, I have no idea how to properly use them. The site you linked does look really informative, I'll definitely check that out :) Oh, and the color palette works wonders, you're right.

Personally, I always focus waaaaayy too much on the programming part and leave the visual stuff for the last few hours, which I really need to improve on as I never have enough time to achieve the look I have in my head.

Thanks for your answer! :)

Oh man, bullet really do go brrrr with the powerup.

I like your game, but it has some rough edges. The music was alright, but too slow, the sfx was not really good imo, and it's really easy, especially when bullet go brrrr, but even without I feel like there was no real challenge. Way too many healthdrops and the enemies themselfs didn't feel challenging. The lighting is somewhat over the top, but thats a subjective preference I suppose. 

Other than that: I like the idea, it's simple and works well. Nice :)

Wow. It's hard to believe you made this in just one week, it just feels so polished. I feel like you could release this right now and release more content over time, this is awesome. If your game doesn't end up at least top 10, I'll be mad. Honestly, one of the best ones so far.

Mind telling me how you created the look for this game? Absoluetly in love with the artstyle.

I like this game a lot! The music slaps, the effects are great and your visual style makes it a complete joy to play. Kinda hard to get into for me personally as there were so many different control schemes used in this jam, but that's just a minor thing. Simple idea well executed. Nice work :) 

Yeah, that's really a problem, either you finish in one go or die over and over again in the first stage xD 

Interestingly, the sniper is actually the strongest weapon damage-wise assuming you dont't hit 100% of your shotgun-pallets each shot. But I feel you, it's so slow and theres no indicator about the strength, that would've been cool. 

Thanks for your feedback!

So there is the possibility that I'm just really, really bad at bullet hell games...either way, I found it really hard and died many times before giving up and being sad :( 

But it looks and feels really good, and the audio rounds it up so good. Really cool!

Nerf bounce plis! I do like bounce, but I think nerfing the tower if you choose bounce would make it more fun. 

Other than that I really loved the idea and your execution on it was solid for the most part :) 

Cute little game and a solid bullet hell. Somewhat on the easy side with the blue weapon seemingly being much better than the others, but still some good fun, allbeit just a short game. Maybe pitch down the shooting sound and add more levels and you have yourself a really cute and fun mini-bullet-hell. Nicely done :)

Cool concept, but a bit rough around some edges. Personally not a fan of having to move in the direction you want to shoot in. Still, a creative entry, good job!

Awesome idea! It's kinda fun to see your little blub grow into this weird moving spiderweb-thingy that shoots. Personally, the glow was a bit hard on the eyes pretty quickly and the audio too sharp. If you work a bit on the visual and audio balance as well as polish this, I can see this becoming a nice little time waste :)

Really cool idea! You used the theme really well and it's certainly unique. The effects alongside the audio felt good, just like the rest of the game. I do wish the player had a little more range, though, sometimes it felt like you really had to walk inside the turrets to hit them. Cool game :)

Pew pew indeed, friend. Pew pew indeed.

Simple, good execution, pew pew. Big fan.

Short, simple, cute, bees. 

Clever idea! You kept it simple and executed on your core mechanic well. It's fluid, the rewind sound and simple music make for such a great combination it's awesome. 

It's remarkable how much you squeezed out of those minigames! Most things feel polished, the idea is simple, clever, unique and well executed. The music sets a nice atmosphere that suits your artstyle perfectly. Great entry!

Really solid! I didn't really have a "wow"-factor, but there's also nothing bad I can say about this other than enemies blocking the timer. The music is fitting, the visuals go along very well with it, the gameplay is simple, gets quite challenging after a while and it definitely is fun playing this. Good stuff :)

I love this game! Simple idea, brilliantly executed. The visuals and the sound go so well together, I could play this for ages (and will, after I looked at some other games).

I wish there was just a tiny bit more time after the dash to not get hit because often times I found myself getting hit even though the character clearly wasn't anywhere near a bullet. Also, it's a little frustrating that bullets can be inside of the goal as I died a few times just walking into it.

But wow, this is such a nice game. Good job!

Nice game! Everything goes hand in hand, it's pretty fun, feels mostly polished and is extremely hard! The only thing I didn't like was the lack of variety in the SFX, but there's really nothing else bad about this imo. Good job!

If I download, it's literally only the .exe without any other data, player, etc. so I can't play it, but I would like to! :D Hit me up if that's fixed (or, if the issue is on my end, let me know as well) and I'll play it!

Those poor birds :( The bird in my profile picture doesn't approve!

I do, though, This is a nice game :) Definitely looks, feels and plays more like a puzzle game rather than a bullet hell, but that's not a bad thing at all. The bird sounds throughout game and menu are cute and really add a nice touch. Personally, I would like it more if the cages had a little more forgiving hitboxes as I had quite a few situations where it definitely didn't feel like I touched one but it still caught me. Nice little game! 

I like the idea and your take on it, it's simple and rather clear what's happening from the start, but most areas just feel stiff and somewhat static. I think some more polishing would have been great for this game, as I think the core of it is pretty good and challenging. Hit me up if you keep working on this, I'd love to play it again in the future :)

Good bare-bones bullet hell fun with main focus on the core mechanics, and executed pretty well on them. I often found myself loosing where my character is, but maybe I'm just too tired xD Audio feels a bit lacking, but other than that: Solid!

Damn, this is so much harder than it looks. I'm not sure though if that's because of the general puzzle difficulty or the movement that you really have to get used to. The theme integration feels a little rushed in my opinion and I think some audio-tuning could've done wonders. I like the idea, but I think this could have been a much better game if you doubled down on the puzzle aspects and ignored the theme.

Now, this comment sounds pretty negative, but overall I dont think your game is bad, just a little bit shifted in the wrong direction I suppose. 

Yeah, all those things were initially on my agenda and I'm a bit bummed that I wasn't able to work on those in the end. We started as 2 programmers, so we planned big and split tasks, but rather quickly I had to work alone, so lots of things had to be cut, pretty much all the things you mentioned and more. 100% with you, thanks for your feedback!

Really solid! The visuals, the gameplay, the idea, the execution - almost everything goes hand in hand and creates for a really fun experience. The only things I would criticise are the music, which doesn't really add much and sometimes was, for me at least, offputting and slightly distracting, and the feel of some enemies and their bullets. Everything was a bit "mushy", maybe, and the colliders too forgiving. Maybe that sounds bad now, but honestly, it's still such a great game. Really, really well done!

Damn, this game feels good to play. While not the most creative idea in general, you really made it your own and it just seems to be so polished. Audio is weird at times, but the fun makes up for it. Really well done.

There are no words to describe this. It's truly unique. I absolutely loved it, good job. 

Oh, I see! I wasn't really far off then, I think I had something like 550 or something. Going to play it again with that in mind now :D

I absolutely adore the look of this game and the idea - Simple, yet creative. The audio feels a little off in some places and I had no real idea of what to do, but I found your cat! But then I lost it again :(

I absolutely love your artstyle! It really suits the type of game you made well, good job! Personally, I found it a bit weird to have to set your own controls without knowing how the game plays at first, but once I was past that it was a good addition. The gameplay is a bit simple and it feels like getting hit is not really a consequence, so it gets a bit stale after a few minutes, but other than that I really liked it :)

Hey man, absolutely love this one (and your work in general)! I participated in the Bullet Hell Jam and used your pack, so I'm just dropping by to say hi and thanks :)

If you want to check it out: here's the link :)

Have a good one!

Hey! Did you already find a team? 

I'm working on this jam with another guy from my university, you can check my profile to see what kind of games I previously made if you like. We're both german, but english is not a problem for us :) 

If you're interested, you can message me on Discord: Lophee#4625 or on here. 

Either way, have a good day and lot's of fun when working on this jam!

I played the updated version, and it's a lot better now :) Simply the addition of the torch helped a lot. I still walked around for a solid 5 minutes before realizing that there are enemies, but after I figured that out, I finally understood the game's objective :D It was a little bit laggy for me and if there is more than 1 enemy, they can lock you in the GetDamage-Animation permanently, so you just loose instantly. But it was still a nice update, good job :)

Appreciate the feedback, thank you! 

Good point, I’ll probably add some more ways to control the character. The way it currently plays is what felt most natural to me and the people I talked to about it, but more options don’t hurt.